Around the time that I was 40 years old, I noticed that I would get increasingly irritated while listening to music which used words. At first I thought it was because most song lyrics are just irrational. No big deal, I simply switched to instrumental music. But I still felt a certain uneasiness about it.


Finally I turned off the music all together and for more than a year all I wanted to hear was sounds of nature. I was drawn outside into the forests where sounds consisted of the wind ruffling the leaves on the trees and where I could listen to the birds, crickets and frogs singing their symphonies. And I felt at peace.I also stopped listening to music in the car and found that the humming of the car’s engine had a wonderful meditative effect on me. Most of my inspirations come to me while I’m driving. Music was just a distraction.One day a note popped up on the internet, which had to do with the sounds of nature vibration at 432Hz and the sound of our recorded music vibrating at 440Hz. That’s 8Hz difference, “what could be the big deal,” I wondered.

After extensive research and experiments, I realized that this was much more important than we could possibly imagine. It’s like using honey versus artificial sweetener. The overall purpose is the same: to sweeten your tea, but the difference in the long term effects on the body are enormous. Sounds recorded in 432Hz versus 440Hz may sound similar or the same to the untrained ear, but the long term effects on the body and mind are astounding, as you will see from this article.

Since most of us are visual, here is a picture showing the Cymatics of the 432Hz sound vs. the 440Hz sound. Your cells can feel the difference. Can your ears hear the difference? Let’s find out.

432 hz vs 440 hz

432 hz vs 440 hz

The best way to judge this for yourself is to listen and most of all FEEL the difference yourself. It’s important to remember that we have been exposed to 440Hz all our lives and given that we are creatures of habit, you may be inclined to prefer the 440Hz versions. Over time you will notice that 440Hz feels jagged, harsh. As if you’re being poked with the sound waves. If you give it time and if you give your feelings a chance to express themselves, you will notice that your body and mind will calm down with 432Hz music. You feel more relaxed and at ease, less stressed and less frantic when listening to 432Hz.

Let’s Test This – Put On Your Headsets!

It’s best to listen to these examples with your headset and to close your eyes. Lean back on your chair and just listen and FEEL the music with your body.

Let’s start with an example of a heart beat. I will increase the speed and impact of the music samples as we go.

Heartbeat – Sample 1:

Which one do you think is the 432Hz version? If you guessed the second one, then you’re right!

Why 432Hz?

So what is this 432Hz vs. 440Hz hoopla all about? And why is it so important to your health and spiritual evolution?

Simply put, Nature produces sounds in 432Hz. The sound waves of Nature are round and pleasant to our emotional body. Along come a couple of people (more details in a minute) and decide that we need to be bombarded with harsher, more jagged sound waves, i.e. 440Hz. If you want to learn about the nitty gritty technical details of this you can read about the Pythagorian soundwave here:

432Hz on Wikipedia
440 Hz on Wikipedia

Let’s Do Another Sound Test -Headsets Please!

Let’s listen to another two samples, containing some music this time. Remember to FEEL more than you actually listen:

Venus Isle – Sample 1:

Venus Isle – Sample 2:

Which did you pick as the 432Hz sample? If you’ve picked number one, you’re correct!

Divine Guidance

I started this research a few years ago when I realized that suddenly I wouldn’t listen to music with words anymore. I felt annoyed but couldn’t figure out why. So I started to listen to instrumental music only, at least for a while. But in a short time I felt just as irritated. Listening to music, instrumental or vocal, simply felt too harsh on my system. I felt restless too, no matter how ‘relaxing’ the music was supposed to be. So I stopped listening to music all together and bought myself a Native American flute, which, I’m embarrassed to say, I simply didn’t have the time to learn.

Entrainment via Music

My intuition and soul were guiding me to something much more important: The matter of entrainment via music.

When I learned of the 432Hz vs. 440Hz issue I researched the topic thoroughly. I got confused, researched some more, got even more confused and decided to just not listen to music at all. Eventually I got back to researching and then I decided to do a test and hire someone who would convert my 1,000 piece digital music library into 432Hz. I wanted to listen to converted music for one year and see what would happen to me on all levels (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually).

I learned that one can’t just convert one mp3 in 440Hz into a 432Hz mp3. It’s much more complicated than that. One audio on a forum said:

“Converting files originally recorded at 440hz to 432hz is futile because the idea of recording music, say for example a guitar at 432hz means you have a sympathetic range of intervals that work on a ratio of 3:2 (perfect fifths) which result in whole numbers that resonate with each other and are mathematically harmonious. Music originally recorded at 440hz will not have these harmonic qualities to begin with so converting them to 432 achieves little other than further degrading the sound quality via time stretching algorithms. It’s analogous to converting a 4 megapixel image to 8 megapixels in the hope of improving picture quality. It is a conceptual fallacy. Not to mention that if you are even thinking about attempting this with mp3 files you are wasting your time because of the bitrate and compression quality is designed to compromise between file size and audio integrity. Hope this helps clear a few things up for somebody.”

So over time I hired a composer and decided to have him create my own music. He records the music in 432Hz (not 440Hz) and I receive the file as a wav file, not an mp3. I know this is super complex and also expensive, and not everyone’s cup of tea. It is also limiting to only listening to a few pieces of music rather than listening to whatever you want.

Another Sample – Take Out Your Headsets!

Here is another piece of music with a bit more rhythm. Can you tell which one is the 432Hz?

Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam – Sample 1:

If you said number one is 432Hz then you’re correct!

What’s The Overall Difference?

I gave my converted mp3 library a chance for a year to listen to both, my converted 432Hz files and 440Hz files. I could feel a HUGE difference in my state of internal peace. I meditate quite a bit and am generally speaking quite peaceful. My cage doesn’t get rattled easy with things like noise, traffic, bad news and such. That doesn’t mean I’m liking it, it simply means that I know how to transmute and rise above those types of noises and energies. Listening to music, however, should not cause us such feelings as irritation, annoyance and feeling restless. And that’s exactly what I discovered 440Hz did to me.

What’s fascinating is that we grow up listening to 440Hz music. It’s all around us. Our cells and our ears would have gotten used to the harsh, jagged sound waves by now. And for the most part, because we’re creatures of habit, we can’t even tell the difference.

Take Out Your Headsets – More Music Samples!

Here are a few more music samples for you to test yourself and how you feel.

Crimson Fly – Sample 1:

If you’ve picked number one to be the 432Hz version, then you’re correct!

The Driving Force – Sample 1:

If you’ve picked number two to be the 432Hz version, then you’re correct!

Warrior by Kid Rock – Sample 1:

If you’ve picked number 1 to be the 432Hz version, then you’re correct!

Now that you’ve listened to these samples, can you feel how the 432Hz sound waves feel rounder, more gentle, even in the last song by Kid Rock? I put that song in here on purpose because I wanted you to feel that even with a song as “strong” as this one, the waves can feel a lot more pleasant to our cells.

I would love your comments and insights! Please comment below.

A Word Of Caution!

You will find many ‘fraudulent’ places that will try to sell you their services to convert your current library to 432Hz music or even to the vibration of love. The vibration of love is so high that if you actually converted it (I tried), you couldn’t listen to it at all because it’s like putting the music from 1st to 20th gear – impossible to listen to. Please do your own due diligence and don’t fall for scams.

My 3-Step Process

Here is my 3 step process of what I do.

  1. I find my music from Pandora. I listen to a few minutes a day (in 440Hz),. I have nearly 100 stations from music all over the world.
  2. When I find a song that I like, I hop over to Amazon and buy it for $0.89-$1.29 per piece. I download it to my library.
  3. When I have 20 or so songs, I send them to my audio guy (I hired him through oDesk) and he batch-converts them from 440Hz to 432Hz for $5. When I converted a 1,000 I paid $20 (batch conversion is the same as converting one song). It’s super important to extend the length of the song with the conversion or the conversion is useless.

I have an iPod Nano which I use on flights, in my car and to work out. All the music on my iPod Nano is 432Hz.

To test if your songs have been converted you can purchase a cheap instrument tuner from Amazon. They’re around $10-$15.

Here is an interesting 16 minute video that gives a summary of why we went from 432Hz to 440Hz.