Dowsing Success Made Easy

I love dowsing. I am fond of its simplicity and the speed by which I see results. Powerful results too!

Sadly, many see a dowsing pendulum as a toy and their conscious brain can't fathom just how powerful this little tool can be. My students have achieved much success with dowsing.

For everyone else who is new to dowsing or perhaps frustrated because dowsing sometimes seems to work for you and other times it does not, here are 5 simple must-take steps in order to assure your accuracy levels and consistency.

First, let's talk about your pendulum's material.

Free E-Book – What Crystal Should Your Pendulum Be?

what-crystal-should-your-pendulum-be-book-coverStudents often ask if it matters what type of material their pendulum is. I've written an eBook about this topic with pages of pictures of various pendulums and explanations of different crystals. Students get this eBook for free when they register for the Basic Dowsing Starter Course.

The answer is, yes, crystals hold different energy signatures and when you get into transcendental dowsing, the material can matter. However, when you first start out, even a paperclip on a string will do. Don't get too focused or obsessed about the pendulum material, be more concerned about the five steps listed in this article, then the material doesn't matter so much.

And finally, remember that Spirit is much greater and more powerful than any earthly material ever will be.

Dowsing Pendulum Step 1: Cleanse Your Dowsing Pendulum

Crystal pendulum divination tools, as some call them, contain the energies of everyone who ever touched the tool. This includes the person who mined, created and shaped the tool, and the person who delivered it to the store where you bought it or the mailman who brought it to your door. You must clean your pendulum. To find out more, enroll in a few free sample lessons of this Basic Dowsing starter course.

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Dowsing Pendulum Step 2: Charge Your Dowsing Pendulum

When your dowsing pendulum is ‘clean‘ of unnecessary and potentially non-beneficial energies, you must charge your dowsing pendulums with natural resources. There are many ways you can do so with sunlight, moonlight, etc. Your intuition will let you know when the pendulum is fully charged. If you want to follow my sequence and learn what I do, click here.

Dowsing Pendulum Step 3: Program Your Dowsing Pendulum

crystal pendulumThis is one of the greatest areas for improvement with new and seasoned dowsers. I continue seeing people who ask the pendulum what yes/no/maybe answers are, rather than tapping into the powerful entraining energies of this Universe. Mother Nature uses these energies, why wouldn't we? Instead we go to the dowsing pendulum to ask it to show what a yes/no/maybe means. That's not only counter-productive but it also prevents you from later tapping into the real powerful energies when you want to apply transcendental dowsing techniques. So program your pendulum to what nature uses to represent yes/no/maybe, before you go on dowsing important questions.

Dowsing Pendulum Step 4: Ask the Right Questions

A significant reason as to why people get inaccurate and inconsistent answers is that they are not asking the right questions. They ask leading questions, questions with too many loopholes and questions that they already know the answers to. Often times people ask a question when they've already made up their mind about the answer. Questions of a romantic answer come to mind. People are reluctant to really get the answer and there is a wishful thinking agenda behind the whole session, which is so counter productive and will without fail provide inaccurate answers.

The end result is that people put down their pendulums saying that it doesn't work for them.

Let's shift this reality into Truth, not your truth but Truth of Spirit. Here is how.

  • Dowsing is not a tool to be used to doubt Spirit or to force Spirit to give you the answer you want. It will give you what you need and it will give you what you ask for (whether you're aware of what you're truly asking or not).
  • Dowsing is a tool that serves as a mere extension of you, to show you that which your higher self already knows. When you then see the answer by means of your dowsing pendulum's swing and you doubt the answer, Spirit retracts because it sees that you are not ready to hear the Truth.

There is a great scripture that applies here: “To him who has a lot, more will be given. To him who has little, even the little he has will be taken.”

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Ego, Faith and Trust

In other words, when you doubt Spirit's answers, Spirit loves you enough to not give you too much to deal with, and it will retract until you're ready to hear more. When you accept Spirit's guidance and show faith and confidence in the answers you receive, Spirit will give you more truthful answers quicker and with more power, because it sees that you take its guidance seriously and that you act on the guidance you are receiving.

Add to this the fact that ego sits in your 3rd chakra, where also confidence and self-esteem sit. Stomach problems are a worldwide problem for many, and it's so easily fixable. High self-esteem and confidence means no stomach problem, which in turn means more trust in self as well as Spirit's guidance. Not believing Spirit's guidance and no believing that one has everything one needs to get insights directly from Source means discombobulated and scrambled responses. Not only from a pendulum but from the people and situations around us.

Know that Source always has your back and that your intuition is constantly in communication with you, even when you're asleep and especially when you reach for a dowsing pendulum to get answers. LISTEN, believe and act accordingly – and don't forget to apply common sense. Asking your pendulum if you should divorce your husband is not a question for your pendulum and will backfire 100% of the time. Such a question is first and foremost to be discussed with your husband.

Learn more about asking the right questions in this Basic Dowsing starter course.

Dowsing Pendulum Step 5: Practice, Practice, Practice

green pendulumBar none, hands-down this is the technique that will get you and your pendulum to work in sync like the amazing team that you are! The longer you use your pendulum, the faster you will start to recognize the answers within you before you even ask the question or see the answer in the swing of your dowsing pendulum.

However, if you didn't do the cleansing, charging or programming correctly, than no matter how much you practice, your pendulum will remain inconsistent and inaccurate, sometimes working, sometimes not. And who needs that!?

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This is the glorious moment when you have come to the place when you no longer need to pick up your dowsing pendulum to get answers, you just know and you know instantly. The pendulum's job has been achieved and you can put it to rest, unless you want to pick it up for transcendental dowsing sessions where you change energies of the past or future events. But that's a whole other article and a whole other course.

For now, these 5 steps will get your basic dowsing foundation rock solid. As you build on your foundation with a high accuracy rate and a consistency that you may not have experienced before, you are then ready to apply transcendental dowsing techniques. That's where healing on all levels can take place: physical healing, financial healing, emotional and spiritual healing. This is where you can tap into past lives and transmute non-beneficial energies that have been haunting you or preventing you from moving forward. This is where you can pull a future event into the presence to heal any obstacles that may lay ahead, so that you can approach that upcoming event with confidence and certainty.

Here is what one students said about transcendental dowsing:

Before you put the cart before the horse, set your basic dowsing foundation on solid ground by enrolling in some free lectures. Or enroll in the Basic Dowsing Course No. 1 course here if you're up for it. I look forward to welcoming you there!