7 Practical Steps To Living a Productive Life

Can you believe the first quarter of this year is already coming to a close?

It seems like just yesterday I sent you an email about New Year's Resolutions – and how they statistically have been proven not to work.

So, let's take a quick Q1 review.

How did you do?

If your response is “not so great,” no worries. Below are some steps to help you move into Q2, 3 and 4 with more confidence.

Doing the work I do for as long as I have, I continue to see the same pattern in most people's lives: year after year their life looks pretty much the same. For some it improves ever so slightly, for most it gets worse and for only a very few their life takes on new heights with positive changes that last for the rest of their lives.

Why is this?

Are these few just lucky or did some fairy god mother descend and touch them with some magic potion that makes everything they touch turn to gold?

Of course not.

To help you through the rest of this year so you can look back and say “what an amazing year!” here is a very simplified step-by-step plan to helping you create the lay-of-the-land flowing with milk and honey. Also be on the lookout for another email from me later today.


Step 1:


Be fed up with mediocrity. Enough is enough already. In other words, when you've hit rock bottom you're in a perfect spot to rebuild. So get the support you need and rebuild!

Step 2:


Start rebuilding your confidence first. Confident people have it all. Even if they fall, their confidence helps them right back up.​ When I was homeless sleeping in my car, my confidence was as low as it ever was. Rebuilding my confidence in spite of homelessness (and the stigma that came with it), was one of my greatest personal accomplishments. You don't need to become homeless to work on your confidence, but I strongly recommend that you find the real source of inner confidence, rather than outer confidence. Outer confidence is fleeting, superficial and makes a person look fake and behave in the most arrogant ways possible. These are also the ones that fall the hardest when those outer things are disappearing. Real inner confidence is unshakeable, no matter the outer circumstances.

Step 3:


Find “the thing” that makes your heart go pitter patter. In other words, find your mission, your purpose. It's the thing that makes you feel like your life matters (to you as well as to others). Knowing and walking your life's path means you're not aimlessly wandering from this to that. Yes, you may make detours, everyone does. But these detours are not a waste of time, instead they are presented to you so you can collect (or deposit) an important piece for the journey ahead.

Knowing your mission is your “what.”

Step 4:


Understand the true dynamics of wealth and prosperity and let go of clinging to money for dear life. It's not the holy grail, even though to someone who can't pay for food or life saving medicine it becomes just that. Release this false sense of attachment to money and see wealth for what it truly is: a utensil always present to helping you bring your medicine to an aching planet.

PS: When you've found step number 3, step number 4 will become automatic. How great is that!

Step 5:


Understand how to set up passive income streams – the foundation of it, the mechanics of it. It's a simple recipe. Once you have the recipe in place, all you need to do is rinse and repeat. One of my favorite business philosophies is: say it once, set it and forget it.

PS: You cannot truly enjoy this step without first having completed step number 4.

Step 6:


Decide what vehicle you want to use to bring “your thing” to an aching world. Are you an artist, a writer, a course creator? Do you feel better in front of the camera or behind it? Do you want to get paid talking on the telephone? Do you prefer a live audience or do you want to create life changing courses at your own time, from anywhere on the planet, and from the comfort of your own home?

This is your “how.”

PS: You cannot complete this step without first having completed step number 3.

Step 7:


Assemble steps 1-6 and make this beautiful new-found freedom and purpose of yours available for a global audience to participate in. If you've chosen to write a book, make it available on Amazon and/or your own website. Perhaps you're a communicator and want to build your own forum and community. If you've chosen to create online courses, find a third-party platform to help you host and market them and/or create your own online school.

Or maybe you want it all – create your own online school, become a best-selling online instructor, and really become the expert in your field?

Marketing your digital content is a must-do, or your creation is like a lemonade stand in the desert. You have the cure to quench the thirst, but no one knows you exist.


And come next year, and the year after, and so on, you will re-define what makes you happy and your audience will let you know what they need. Adjust, change, fix or update yourself and your material – all while enjoying passive, residual, generous and multiple streams of income.

I call this FREEDOM while being on PURPOSE and all while enjoying EXPANSION, your own as well as those whose lives you touch.

PS: Another word for ‘purpose' is to be intentional. Rather than dragging your zombie-like, tired state through miserable traffic every morning just to make some boss happy, it's now your turn to wake up happy and do work that helps not only you, but everyone whose life you come in contact with (directly or indirectly).

Are you ready?

Whatever you do, don't stay stagnant or you'll petrify and become stiff and inflexible. Keep moving and evolving to help you stay limber and flexible in all ways.

Here's to a wonderful rest of the year – and beyond.