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Computer Trouble

After I wrote my last two articles I was in the middle of making final edits to my newest book, The Art of Alchemical Dowsing, when suddenly my computer just shut down and showed me its lovely black screen. The computer immediately started back up, shut down, started back up, and continued to what is known as a BIOS loop. It's not a good thing! Long story short, it's now March 29th and I finally managed last night to log back on. Not being able to write and check-in with my readers during such a difficult time was an exercise of patience in itself. I'm sorry for seemingly being absent!

Taking It Down a Notch

Having said that, I was far from absent. On the contrary. I spent about 4 hours a day between talking to tech support, watching Youtube videos with my little iPad on how to take apart my laptop (and then put it back together) and researching a new laptop to purchase. I do not have a TV. So, the rest of the time I focused on meditating, writing, filing, baking, cooking, cleaning and talking to friends. Oh, and yes, I got all my ducks in a row for tax season. Yay! So, while not necessary productive in the truest sense, I was still able to check some seemingly important items off my list.

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Life On the Italian Border

In my article from March 11th, which you can read HERE, I talked about the number of pandemics we have experienced over the past 2,000 years. It's well worth the read, especially given the current situation. As you may know, I live 1 mile from the Italian border and am in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak. Switzerland's highest number of cases are located right here in my backyard. Since I also deal with a condition called Myesthenia Gravis, a neurological auto-immune condition, I am quite house-bound these days. Getting the Coronavirus would most certainly mean death for me. I'm sure you too have your own worries or at least someone you worry about. Here is the thing. We are just at the beginning of this wave, even though it looks like a couple of countries have managed to ‘flatten the curve,' as the saying goes.

We Haven't Even Scratched The Surface Yet

While meditating these past couple of weeks it has become so clear that people have not yet comprehended just how unmerciful this Coronavirus truly is. We must remember that it is a living ‘thing‘ that wants to survive like any other living being but it cannot do so without a host body. Sadly, humanity, although mostly kind and considerate, which has been shown in great spades these past few weeks with all of the volunteers who are showing up to help, much of humanity is also very selfish and egotistical. This has been shown again and again by people who do not self-isolate, continue as if nothing had changed, and don't give a crap about those around them. Their motto is: “You only live once.” They still don't know that it's not just about them but about those they infect while being out and about living like nothing is going on. Here is an example.

Let's Have a Grill-Fest

Last weekend the police had to show up to break up a grill fest that was put on by Italians. Mind you, I live in Switzerland. Somehow they entered the border, even though right now only Italians are allowed in who have the necessary papers and are essential, such as hospital workers. Certainly not to throw a grill fest! The entire parking lot on top of the mountain was filled with Italian license plates and the locals had to call the police to have them break up their little grill fest. This particular mountain town of less than 300 people is home to mostly elderly people. So, this self-isolation that we are asked to adhere to is not just for our own safety but for others' safety – especially for others' safety!

The Power of Compound

You most likely understand the power of compounding your money. If I gave you 1 penny and you managed to double it every day, by Day 30 you would have a whopping $5,368,709.12.

While in the above case we double the penny by 100%, the Coronavirus thankfully does not have a 100% death-rate! After watching the numbers over the past few weeks, however, it looks like the number of infected people grows by roughly 10% each day, which will increase as time passes, and of the number of infected between 5-10% die. Various countries show slightly different statistics. We must, however, not grow arrogant and think that “in our country this could never happen, since our current death rate is below 1%.” Italy's number started out at 2-3%. Now they are over 10%! This is the power of compound – all be it a terrible way to compound something with such dire consequences!

I am showing you these numbers to help bring home a point to not be arrogant, to not stick our heads in the sand and hope or pretend that this could not happen to you or your country, or to avoid talking about it and hoping that by avoiding the subject it'll go away on its own. It doesn't. Not unless we all do our part and we honor everyone's life, not just our own.

Today's Stats

Here are today's Coronavirus stats. Pay in particular attention to the last two columns (total cases/1M and deaths/1M). These are the really telling numbers!

Worldometers Coronavirus Stats, March 29-2020

This morning I talked to a friend who follows Vedic astrology. She got a reading from a well-known Vedic astrologer who states that Vedic astrology indicates the ‘flattening of the curve' by mid April and the normalization of life by June. I'm not a Vedic astrologer but I am fairly intuitive and sadly I don't see this to be the case. Not even close. About three months ago I published this article called Shake-Up Ahead. It was a heads-up of what our celestial travelers had to say. With Saturn joining Pluto in January, accompanies by others in the house of Capricorn, I warned that this would be a year for massive change. I also talked about Uranus in Taurus, who rules money. Uranus is the planet of sudden change. This means big gains and big losses – quickly, earth-shatteringly so. If you're familiar with the term of “those who have lots will get more and those who have little will lose even the little they have,” – well, this normally correct statement is up for grabs when Uranus comes through the house of money. It's more like: “Those who have will lose it all and those who have nothing will get windfalls.” Of course, it's not quite this predictable. In fact, Uranus is the very definition of unpredictability. Now, to make this all even a bigger deal than it already is, we have Jupiter rushing and meeting up with Saturn this coming December, and if you know anything about Jupiter, you know that he makes everything BIG!

Possible Future Ahead

While I do see the flattening of the curve, I also see this to be a temporary illusion with another curve right behind it. People are too restless and they are not trained or equanimous enough to sustain self-isolation for months on out. Unfortunately, without a vaccine ready now, the only other alternative is to self-isolate until a vaccine can be safely administered. It will be at least 2021 before a safe vaccine will be available.

Having said that, remember that I told you HERE that I see this virus as man-made and that I also see a vaccine already in existence. I'm not accusing anyone, I'm merely stating what I see. The vaccine was made at the same time as the virus was made. A person or group smart and evil enough to create such a virus in the first place, would also build-in a fail-safe by creating an antidote at the same time. They would, however, withhold it from the public. Why? The end goal is always power, money and world dominance. And given that over-population is a significant problem for those who hunger for that type of power, any antidote presented will carry with it enough side effects to lower the immune system so the next bio-chemical weapon will be designed with a lot more precision and have the exact negative impact that will make human death toll and control over humanity a slam-dunk for those on the helm.

Vaccines Are Like Computer Programs

To give you an analogy I'm coming back to my computer. After I replaced the hard drive and I turned on the computer, it kept going straight to BIOS, while giving me a message that said: “No boot device found.” Long story short, what was missing in order for my computer to go back to my desktop was the Microsoft Operating System. Once I created a bootable USB flash containing this MS OS system (a kind friend did this for me since I was without a computer), my computer would show me a brand-spankin'-new desktop. But oh no – where did all my software go!? Everything was gone, Outlook, Word, Excel, all my software programs – gone! I attached my portable hard drive containing all of my files, but the computer was not able to read any of my documents since the software pieces were missing. Once installed, the computer had no problem reading my files.


Unlike a computer however, our body is the most complex and most perfect chemical laboratory in existence. If we just gave it a chance to do its thing, rather than interfere with it constantly. A vaccination is a chemically altered poison that affects the body in more negative ways than we can imagine. With each vaccination we insult our most impeccable chemical laboratory (our bodies) and weaken our system with each shot. It is estimated that there are hundreds of thousands of viruses in the world today. In the last 10 years roughly 2,000 of them have been researched, with hundreds of thousands more to go. It's a futile task to search for viruses and to create vaccines against them, because Nature herself is at the helm of her creations and she will maintain her balance at all cost. This is her right and her work. We also have to remember that the problem is not with the virus, the problem is with how humanity behaves on  this planet. Almost all pandemics known throughout history have started in China and are related to eating an animal or an insect. When humanity will stop behaving based on might and switch to honor-based vegetarian/vegan living, is when less and less diseases based on viruses will wreak havoc. Insects, bacteria and viruses are directly related to the number of people and animals living on this planet. The choice of when we make this switch is up to each of us and the collective human race. As you can see, we have a very, very, very long time to go…

The challenge with what's going on right now with this unnatural Coronavirus is that it works like a program inside of people who get it. Any vaccine in and of itself is like another malware program that gets installed onto your body's hard drive. Given that the entire population is now at risk of getting this Coronavirus (how convenient for those who designed it), and with the rise of this curve with hundreds and thousands of people dying daily, people will soon be begging for an antidote – ANY antidote – to make the suffering go away. The vaccine will be announced once 90% of the population have been brought to their knees and at least 80% can be manipulated into taking a vaccine, which means to get injected with a computer program. This is all about the law of Entrainment (explained in The Art of Dowsing). Gain the trust of the majority and the rest will follow like sheeple. Unfortunately, the next time we face a similar situation everyone who stood in line to get vaccinated against the Coronavirus will have a much harder time to staying strong and healthy to fight off what's coming next. Especially since what is coming next is part B of part A. The negative reaction within the body for the next man-made virus can only be triggered in people who will have been vaccinated… (hint, hint). They are linked!

Prepare Yourself

I shared with you before that this Coronavirus is child's play compared to what's coming next. You must be vigilant and prepared. This means not only physically, but also mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually. NOW is the time to practice and get good at self-isolation, and working from home, living modestly and having a healthy lifestyle. NOW is the time to cut out meat, smoking, alcohol, drugs, and any other degrading habits that diminish your mental, emotional and physical faculties. You will need all the strength and mental endurance later.

Enjoy The Quiet – Go Inward

Today is Sunday and it seemed like yesterday was Sunday too. Everything is so quiet here! The air is fresh, the people are quiet, there are no trucks or helicopters working. No airplanes overhead and trains and buses are adhering to their Sunday schedule, even during the week. There is no traffic, no angry people on the road and life has completely relaxed and drawn inward. This is the beautiful side of this period. Thankfully, we also still have internet and technology, which makes it easy to connect via phone or computer. Imagine if we were closed off and also without internet and without phone (hint, hint)…

Re-Structuring of Government and Economy

The stock market, the economy, your very job and the employer you work for may tank or even be non-existent when all this is over. There is one thing that will be there when all of this is over – YOU. Whether you are in body or out of body, you will always take YOU with you, wherever you go. Connect with yourself now and take the time to go inward where all the treasures await your discovery. Focus on what you want to do in life and then come up with a plan on how to create it for yourself. When we are ready to leave the house again – be ready to bring yourself out into the world in the most powerful way possible. Now is the time to look at this! As you plan ahead, make sure that your new life will endure unforeseen future changes such as these. Make yourself and your business ever-green, drought-resistant and one that thrives in good times and not so good times. You'll figure it out!

Future Time Line

As far as predictions go, the future time line, as far as I see it, always changes. With several paths ahead, the one that looks the most dense is usually the one that turns into a reality. As of right now I see somewhere between 10 to 20 million people affected by this virus with an average of 10% dying by the time this is over. I don't see yet if this includes ‘both phases' or just the first one. I'm in particular concerned about India, which doesn't get much attention now but will in just a few weeks. I'm also concerned for the US, more so because of the changes that are way overdue from a political point of view. As I stated for a few years now, I still see Trump getting re-elected, although there may not be an actual re-election but simply a continuation of his presidency; although I see him unable to complete his turn due to health reasons, which could be due to an attack on his life, or other health reasons that prevent him from continuing his term. The US has been overdue for a governmental re-structuring and this is hopefully going to cause people to rise up and demand positive change. Sadly, much of the US population will rise up and take control by might, rather than through elder power and true wisdom that come from a sincere heart and experience. Gun sales in the US are through the roof, which shows the lack of maturity and restraint of the people. Guns were made for one purpose and one purpose only – and this is not going to end well, unless all people will rethink this strategy and stop placing their hope and faith in guns, and instead focus on kindness they are capable of.

What Next – EFT Course to Help Specifically with Coronavirus

While I keep a portable hard drive as my back-up, the days before my computer crash I was working on my completed 634 page book, The Art of Dowsing. While the book was finished, I lost all of my edits! If you've ever written a book, which is harder for you – the writing of the book or the editing part? For me it's definitely the editing part, which I do not enjoy very much. So, I will focus these next couple of weeks on catching up on emails and to finalize the editing of the book. I also want to create an emergency EFT course on how to apply EFT during this trying time. You can truly help yourself by tapping your way to a more calm and healthier you. I will show you how. For now, visit THIS LINK to participate in any other EFT courses that are available right now. It will give you a great foundation to work with and you can get started right away to getting your immune system strengthened.

Until next time, stay safe, calm and at peace.

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