Our services included tranquility training, inter-connectedness practice sessions, intuition development and strategic forecasting, as well as crisis management, confidential consults and more.

Dedicated to the evolution of the human soul our mission is to provide you with tools and services that promote maximum transformation.

We help you build a bridge between opposites.

We facilitate the process so you can merge the inner with the outer, the left brain with the right brain, the head with the heart, and so on.

As a result you experience more harmony, inner freedom and tranquility, while expanding your worldwide impact in the most honorable ways.

If you’ve been searching for practical, grounded and Spirit-based inspiration where confidentiality and neutrality are the corner stone of the work we do, you’ve come to the right place.


One-on-One Consulting:

  • Due to the nature of work and limited time available, our practice is closed to the general public.
  • Our one-one-one work is ideal for the top 3-1% income earners.
  • We generally work with a maximum of five clients at any given time.
  • Our clients are highly influential individuals, executives, celebrities.
  • All potential new clients are screened by application. Click here to apply.

Corporate Work:

  • Custom programs can be created, such as mindfulness training, daily meditations and guided visualizations, etc.
  • Other services are available to assist corporations with their employees.
  • Contact our office here to tell us more about you to see if we’re a fit.


Online Courses:

  • Our online courses are available to the general public, with the exception of a few custom programs that are by-invite only.
  • 47% of our audience is in the United States; 10% in Canada; 11% in  Australia, 9% in the United Kingdom, and several other countries.
  • To date there are over 40,000 students enrolled in our online courses. We serve students from 166 countries.
  • To view a list of courses available to the public, click here.


“Dr. Cha~zay is probably the most “present” person I have ever met. Her unique ability, her gift, gives her insight and understanding that transcend traditional intuition and professional training.  I am more “awake” personally and professionally than I’ve ever been. I have learned more about myself and the possibilities available to me from Dr. Cha-zay than any workshop, book, individual coach or consultant I have encountered.”

Dennis Thompson, Managing Partner, Thompson Associates


  • The nature of our work is incredibly delicate and confidential.
  • We therefore do not take notes and we do not record our sessions unless we’re asked to do so by the client.
  • One-on-one work can be accomplished in-person, by telephone or via the internet.
  • Generally speaking 80% of our work is done online, 20% takes place in-person.
  • Corporate work varies and is on a case-by-case basis.


We do the work we do because it’s time for leaders to make a positive shift towards consciousness.

The world is hurting and you have what it takes to contribute towards its healing.

We can guide the process and accompany you along the journey of expansion and evolution.


I have had the great privilege of working with Cha~zay in a number of capacities. She embodies the rare combination of deep intellect, knowledge and intuition. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of the human condition in all its facets and how people and companies interact.

Cha~zay doesn’t deal in hypotheticals, as she has the real-life experience of heading a multi-million dollar international company, and a wealth of shared experience with C-level execs. Her intuitive tools are unrivaled and she can provide deep, detailed intelligence on anything she’s given as a subject that is otherwise unavailable.

As a consultant and coach, Cha~zay’s empathy, compassion and process are incredibly nurturing. She is the only person I’ve worked with, as a coach or associate whom I can talk to without filters. In whatever capacity we engage, I know she’ll have an absolute understanding and empathy I haven’t found anywhere else. Her process is deceptively easy: she creates such an easy, open rapport that you find yourself generating your own solutions. She creates the space for you to have the a-ha moments you so desire.

I cannot recommend Cha~zay enough and am privileged have her support and collaboration!

Joshua Abramson, eBay and Paypal Consultant


Cha~zay’s background makes her uniquely qualified to be your spiritual advisor and your company’s consciousness consultant.

  • She has lived in several countries, speaks several languages and lived nearly half of her life in the United States.
  • Her career began working for the Swiss government and the Swiss private banking industry before moving to Silicon Valley to work in the technology start-up arena.
  • She had three near-death experiences and only began integrating her knowledge of the energetic realm after a tragic business loss in 2006, which caused her into homelessness for seven months.
  • Since then she wrote several books, created a worldwide online community, launched The Core Freedom Show and the Core Freedom Academy, home to over 40,000 students with over 5,000 five-star reviews.
  • She became a non-denominational Ordained Minister, Grief and Suicide Hotline counselor, certified Hypnotist, Reiki Master, and she obtained a PhD in Metaphysical Sciences and Holistic Life Coaching.

Her uncanny ability to explain spiritual concepts to the left-brained, logical business person has helped her clients’ spiritual expansion.


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