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Welcome to a very unusual, one of a kind spiritual coaching and guidance sanctuary that offers all services in the spirit of love, kindness and life’s rich experiences!

Here our vision is to work towards a more enlightened global community and we need you, our leaders to step up to the next plateau at this time!

Dr. Cha~zay’s ambition is to help you by delivering a powerful message of unconditional love, which needs to reach thousands or millions of others, through you, then it is our job to work together. You see, by working with Dr. Cha~zay not only you benefit, but everyone whose lives you touch! Your family’s, your employees, your community, your fans, and eventually the world.

It’s really simple. By encouraging you, guiding you, helping you unfold and grow, you will undoubtedly carry your own beaming light and bring hope to those who follow you or look to you for strength and guidance. The end result is a better world with many more who are growing kinder and more loving as a result of having you in their lives. This is the magnificence in all of her clients, which Dr. Cha~zay unshakably believes in.

So whether you are a celebrity or a company CEO, people look up to you (or down on you, depending on how you are choosing to live your life). By helping you grow onward and upward we help the world at large.


We are dedicated to the evolution of the soul.

Dr. Cha~zay specializes in working with evolved, influential and high impact individuals and business executives. If your work is globally impacting and affecting the masses through your leadership, then working with Dr. Cha~zay is ideal for you.

Many of Dr. Cha~zay’s clients are authors, successful entrepreneurs, celebrities, CEOs, healers and coaches and many other individuals who carry the torch of light for humanity.

If you do not fall into these categories, no worries; we believe that you are here not by coincidence but by synchronicity. Contact Dr. Cha~zay’s office to schedule your first free 15 minute session to see if working with her will be in your best interest.

Not sure if working with Dr. Cha~zay is right for you? Fill out our contact form to get in touch with Dr. Cha~zay.

Dr. Cha~zay says:

“While most see a man or a woman or an animal, I see a speck of light that is desperately wanting to burst into a burning inferno of passion and compassion. It is this speck of light that I cater to – the evolution and glow of the human soul.”

Cha~zay, Ph.D., C.H.

Private Community

Consider joining Dr. Cha~zay’s private community where each member is hand-picked, to surround yourself with like-minded invdividuals.

Clients We Serve

Many of Dr. Cha~zay’s clients are authors, successful entrepreneurs, celebrities, CEOs, healers and coaches and many other individuals who carry the torch of light for humanity.


Individual sessions by phone, Skype, eMail and more. Grounded consulting based on decades in the business world, combined with the lessons learned in the School of Hard-Knocks. You get the best of both worlds.

Philosophy, Ethics & Religion

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1. Do No Harm; Do Right

  • We work for the highest good and empowerment of all concerned; we believe in the philosophy of “do no harm.”

2. Non-Discrimination

  • We do not advocate or express hatred or discrimination towards other people or classes for any reason.

3. Disclosure and Informed Consent

  • We represent ourselves, our qualifications, fees, and advertising truthfully, and we gain informed consent before practicing on our clients.

4. Client Confidentiality

  • We preserve client confidentiality under all circumstances unless otherwise required by law.

5. Professional Integrity

  • We maintain the highest standards of professional and personal conduct in the metaphysical field, and never exploit, control, manipulate, or mistreat clients, colleagues, or anyone else; nor misrepresent research data.

6. Professional Discretion

  • We practice with full presence of mind, never practice beyond the scope of our training, qualifications, and abilities; we uphold the right to refuse or refer a client if necessary; and never diagnose or prescribe medications.

7. Professional Presentation

  • We maintain a professional and orderly appearance of ourselves, our staff and our practice.

8. Professional Boundaries

  • We maintain professional boundaries with all of our clients; and avoid conflicts of interest, over-familiarity, and have a zero tolerance for sexual harassment.

9. Legal Conformity and Insurance

  • We comply with all laws on a federal and cantonal level and abide by strict Swiss laws; we maintain Professional Liability Insurance and legal counsel for our practice.

10. Record Keeping

  • As a general rule we do not maintain written records. If a client requests to have a session recorded we will supply him or her with an electronic version and retain a copy for one to two weeks in case the client was not successful in downloading the version. We maintain absolute control and are overly protective of our internal data. Under no circumstances do we ever reveal client data, unless required by law. Neither our clients nor Dr. Cha~zay are permitted to record sessions whether they are held via telephone, Skype or in person, unless permitted and agreed upon by both the client and Dr. Cha~zay.


  • Client confidentiality is of utmost importance. We never share, sell, rent or otherwise make available confidential information, except if ordered by a court of law. We do not discuss our client sessions with any outside parties.

12. Continuing Education and Contributions to the Field

  • We maintain a positive attitude toward life-long learning and are dedicated to further our education on a continual basis.


Celebrating the Evolution of your Soul

Dr. Cha~zay’s teachings are based on her three near-death experiences and two near-fatal diagnosis. With literally one foot in this grounded life and one foot in the non-physical realm, she vulnerably and gently assists other souls on their evolutionary journey and the expansion of their consciousness. She works with the perfect patterns of masculine feminine balance while integrating the two polarities to a vibrational frequency of wholeness and bliss – Oneness, the center, the stillness of the soul where all sound and movement seize to exist, is where true love and healing are found. And yet as human beings we ride the rhythmic balanced interchange of masculine feminine like a pendulum – it is knowing how to so work with and ride the waves of change while staying grounded in this material world that brings love and peace from within.

The Intolerable

“In the bigger picture of the oh-so illusory sense of time – life is over in the blink of an eye. There are a few things I have zero tolerance for: bullshit, excuses and unnecessary drama. Life dishes us enough of that, why create more of it.” Cha~zay, Ph.D., C.H.

Unconditional Love 100
Dedicated to your Soul 100
Confidentiality 100
Neutrality 99
Metaphysics & Business 90
Grounded Companionship 85
Coaching 80
Non-Beneficial Excuses 3% 3
Unnecessary Bullshit 2% 2
Self Created Drama 1% 1


“After having some concerns about the ups and downs of my relationship, I spoke with Cha~zay and she was able to see so much and be that rock that confirmed my own steadiness and intuition that I am continuously and exponentially developing into a full on trust and inner knowing. She again saw that my twin flame would contact me in a very specific way. The next morning it happened in just the way she said she saw it.”
Andy, Client & Community Member
“Cha~zay has amazed me every time with her intuition and the way she is able to see energy flow. She was able to see that I was about to meet my twin flame although I had no concept of what that was when I first met her as I came to her for information on a completely different matter. Eventually I met my twin flame unexpectedly around a month later.”
Zetsyuk, Client & Community Member
“I cannot thank you enough for all the interesting things we discussed this afternoon. What a wonderful opportunity. I have to tell you every time I speak with you I feel so good. You have such positive energy and enthusiasm. It’s contagious.”
Diane, Client
“After having two separate session with Cha~zay, I feel more than confident confiding in her as a dear best friend who listens to me and relates to me with pure unconditional love! I am able to be open with her about anything and it feels like she is well aware of everything I tell her. Her level of innerstanding is beyond anything I’ve experienced regarding one-on-one sessions, be it with guidance counselors, therapists, and the like. I truly appreciate Cha~zay and her beautiful work and feel she is an angel in the flesh.”
Andrew, Client & Community Member
“Mentoring with Cha~zay has been the absolute key to turning my dream life into a reality! I have shifted from feeling overwhelmed and intimidated, to feeling confident and excited about achieving my goals. Cha~zay is definitely “The Real Deal”. Her inspiration and guidance has been priceless to me. She has great knowledge, is genuine and a person of integrity, and is incredibly thorough. Every moment I have spent with Cha~zay has been extremely valuable to me! I really can’t say enough about how excited I am to be working with Cha~zay!”
Carry M., Client
“Since I started the mentorship program with Cha~zay my life has changed! Cha~zay has always been there for me, I could not have done it without her help. Its been a privilege to have Cha~zay as my mentor and coach. I look forward to continuing with mentoring with Cha~zay.”
Pamela Z., Client
“Thank you so much for the mentorship program. It has been enormously valuable. In the past I have made the tactical mistake of trying to do things on my own, learning lessons the hard way. Many Blessings and lots of love.”
Warner N., Client
“Thank you for once again meeting me with open-heartedness, love and understanding. I can’t thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your mentorship group! It has been an incredibly positive and inspiring experience for me!!! Love you.”
Rebecca U., Client
“Cha~zay is masterful at presenting information in a grounded, engaging manner. I learned more from her than I have from many other ‘experts.’ I left feeling encouraged and inspired.”
Gail K., Client
Through the speeches and presentations I have witnessed, Cha~zay has proven to be a gifted professional speaker as well as a spiritual leader. She speaks with clarity and power, eloquence and a confidence that compels rapt attention. I can recommend her to any organization that is looking for a professional speaker who knows how to captivate the attention of any audience.

About Quantum Love: Twin Flames

“Your voice is more than captivating… You have me longing for more! It’s so much more than a story of survival, it’s inspirational, spiritual. You have this gift, a way of making people get in touch with the unknown reality of what life is and the fact there is something else around us and in us that you help people uncover; it’s repairing old wounds that shed sorrow physically, mentally and spiritually. You are absolutely
Sebastian A., Client
“I highly recommend Quantum Love for all those who truly desire to fathom the real experiences of Twin Flame reunions. The author gifts the reader with a great service as she challenges myths and reality associated with the truth of Twin Flame relationships. We are reminded of the true purpose of such relationships and that they transcend ego thereby birthing a new paradigm in relationships. Out with the old and in with the new. Dr. Cha~zay offers the reader of Quantum Love an opportunity to create their own Twin Flame story… are you up to the challenge?”
Vesna, Client & Community Member
After reading every book on the topic I must say this is the most thorough and in-depth book on the subject yet. Not only that, but I got so much more than I bargained for. This is a book that not only explains this confusing twin flame relationship thing in depth, it explains in detail as to why these relationships are so rare and yet so powerful. At times a tough read because the author really calls us higher by translating her own channeled messages. An absolute must buy for anyone who is fed up with mediocre relationships and wants to create that divine partnership with a special life partner. Can’t recommend highly enough.”
April, Client & Community Member
“I just ordered your new book two days ago and I can’t stop reading this book and I am actually in tears right now over what I am reading. THANK YOU for writing this book! You are amazing. You are such a blessing to those of us almost there, and reaching for the top. Thank you!”
John M., CEO
The twin sole concept is very interesting and a new way to look at your relationship or relationships to come. I found the information about masculine and feminine elements useful as it was a way to think about the world that I had never considered before. Quantum Love uses a variety of historical documents and quotes to emphasize the points being made, all of which are educational and informational. A very powerful book for any person regardless of their spiritual maturity. The conversations between Michael and Alessia were a nice addition and showed how the twin flame connection progressed between the two.”
S. Coyne, CEO

About I’m Dying, Shit! Not Again!

I downloaded this last night and it’s absolutely phenomenal. I appreciate not only the time line but your honesty in talking about what must have been a difficult childhood. And yet somehow you managed to make it the best childhood ever, and look at where it got you today. Not playing the victim truly is important and knowing how to protect our soul is THE most important task of today. Thank you!”.
Wildhoney, Community Member
I just started reading your book and it is amazing, I am so excited to finally read something responsible that makes sense. The truth should make sense after all. Thank you.”
Melinda K, Community Member
I downloaded this last night and it’s absolutely phenomenal. I appreciate not only the time line but your honesty in talking about what must have been a difficult childhood. And yet somehow you managed to make it the best childhood ever, and look at where it got you today. Not playing the victim truly is important and knowing how to protect our soul is THE most important task of today. Thank you!”.
Wildhoney, Community Member
“I think this is a perfect place for this post, as it pertains to reminders. I have spent the last few days reading and reflecting your books, and I have to say they have brought an incredible peace and comfort to my heart. So thank you, forever thank you! There is a mantra you shared with your readers, “I am divinely guided and protected and always in the right place at the right time. It is a mantra that has really brought me a new heavenly peace I have never felt before. I see purpose in everything, everywhere. It brings me a happiness and joy that brings me to tears. Just yesterday, I found a ring in the shape of angel wings, and it is something I will continue to wear as a reminder of the peace in this mantra. I looked down at it a few times today and it brought me back to the awareness of the Divinity that envelops me in every moment. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”
Ava, Community Member
I find your book extraordinary. I feel deeply touched by your story, by what you went through, and also I can relate to several things that you were feeling when you were younger: the forest, the fact of knowing things about people, the lack of love, the feeling of being disconnected… And I am so happy, so admirative and proud of how you managed to Love yourself. To me, it is a miracle. You have in you the energy which produces miracles.”
Jody, Community Member


“Mentoring with Cha~zay has been the absolute key to turning my dream life into a reality! I have shifted from feeling overwhelmed and intimidated, to feeling confident and excited about achieving my goals. Cha~zay is definitely “The Real Deal”. Her inspiration and guidance has been priceless to me. She has great knowledge, is genuine and a person of integrity, and is incredibly thorough. Every moment I have spent with Cha~zay has been extremely valuable to me! I really can’t say enough about how excited I am to be working with Cha~zay!”
Carry M., Client
Dr. Chaszey Dejay is a passionate and dedicated metaphysician and teacher who excels at everything she chooses to do. Seasoned by her many years of business and life experience, she is committed to discovering sensible solutions that help others to reach their full potential on a personal, spiritual, and secular level. I whole-heartedly recommend Dr. Dejay as a knowledgeable and competent professional whose work has and will continue to benefit humanity in the years to come.


Your video has affected me so deeply. I cried buckets listening to you articulate what I feel is the real truth on the nature of genuine relationships. You articulated so perfectly my feelings on the purity within relationships and friendships.  It was wonderful to finally have the light of clarity through your words on deep feelings I have held to for quite a long time now. Thank you so very much.  Your video was truly a gift.
Millie, Client & Community Member


Cha~zay, Ph.D., C.H.

Cha~zay, Ph.D., C.H.Metaphysician, Author, Speaker

Some of my highlights

Dr. Cha~zay is a metaphysician, holistic life consultant, spiritual companion, mentor and a paradigm shifter. Her passion is unconditional love. Her soul’s mission is to help reawaken the endless fountain of love within each and every Being.[/fusion_person]
      • Expert at failure
      • Pro at bouncing back
      • An all around awesome woman
      • [/fusion_li_item] [/fusion_li_item]
      • Three near death experiences at the ages of 5, 15 and 25
      • Three near fatal diagnosis at the ages of 30, 40, and 42
      • Moved out at age 15
      • Business failure – lost millions of dollars
      • [/fusion_li_item] [/fusion_li_item]
      • Customer Service Degree from the Government of Switzerland
      • Bachelor in Business Management (98% complete)
      • Ph.D., Metaphysical Science
      • Ph.D., Holistic Life Coaching
      • Certified One-Year Program with University of Science and Philosophy
      • Certified Coachville Teleclass Leader
      • Certified Grief & Suicide Hotline Counselor
      • Non-Denominational Reverend
      • Reiki Master
      • [/fusion_li_item] [/fusion_li_item]

        Above all, I excel at failing and pulling myself up by the boot straps! 🙂

        • Swiss German
        • German
        • French
        • Italian
        • English
        • Spanish
        • Sign Language
        • Language of Energy
        • Currently learning Hindi
        • [/fusion_li_item] [/fusion_li_item] [/fusion_li_item]


About Dr. Cha~zay

Dr. Cha~zay’s teachings are based on her three near-death experiences and two near-fatal diagnosis. With literally one foot in this grounded life and one foot in the non-physical realm, she vulnerably and gently assists other souls on their evolutionary journey and the expansion of their consciousness. She works with the perfect patterns of masculine feminine balance while integrating the two polarities to a vibrational frequency of wholeness and bliss – Oneness, the center, the stillness of the soul where all sound and movement seize to exist, is where true love and healing are found. And yet as human beings we ride the rhythmic balanced interchange of masculine feminine like a pendulum – it is knowing how to so work with and ride the waves of change while staying grounded in this material world that brings love and peace from within.

Before embracing the metaphysical aspects of her work Dr. Cha~zay spent over 25 years in the grounded world of U.S., Swiss and Italian corporations. Her expertise in the corporate world, especially the Silicon Valley start-up technology arena is serving her clients well. After leaving the Silicon Valley technology arena to build her own real estate new development company, she became a multi-millionaire building new construction homes and running year long mentoring courses to teach others how to run their own creative real estate business. She spoke in front of 1,500 sharing the stage with Robert Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad).

Cha~zay has worked in the following industries:

          • Swiss Government (Customer Service)
          • Private Banking Industry in Switzerland (Customer Service)
          • Oil & Gas Industry in Italy (Independent Auditor)
          • Medical OEM Manufacturing (HR & Operations)
          • Start-Up Technology (HR & Operations)
          • Software (HR & Operations)
          • Independent Consulting (Real Estate & Teaching)
          • Independent Consulting (Start-up & Business Planning)
          • Metaphysician, Online Community Leader

A tragic business partnership cost her nearly everything, including her assets, her clients, her entire business, including her health.

After reinventing herself she started her own consulting business teaching low-income women how to write business plans and start their own companies. Her consulting business has grown and is now including one-on-one, holistic coaching that includes not only the left- and right brain functions of our daily lives, but spirit as well.


Dr. Cha~zay grew up in the Swiss Alps and came to the U.S. at the age of 23. She arrived with only two suitcases and speaking no English. She learned English while watching Oprah. After getting married and raising a family in the San Francisco Bay Area she accepted a consulting job in the oil and gas industry and moved to Italy. She then moved back to Switzerland, where she completed her PhD in Metaphysical Science. She completed her second PhD in Holistic Life Coaching in Sedona, Arizona.

  • Today Cha~zay finds joy in living the mobile lifestyle
  • She spends her time between Switzerland, Italy, San Francisco and Sedona

  • Picture 1: Eiger, Monch, Grosse Scheidegg, Switzerland
  • Picture 2: San Francisco
  • Picture 3: Lake Como Italy
  • Picture 4: Bell Rock, Sedona, AZ
  • Picture 5: Luzern, Switzerland
  • Picture 6: Paradiso, Switzerland
  • Picture 7: Sedona, AZ


Cha~zay had three near death at the ages of 5, 15 and 25 and three near fatal diagnosis at the ages of 30, 40 and 42. Please don’t try this at home! You can listen to a one hour interview here where she describes her 2nd near death experience in detail and read about it here. Some people just need an extra helping from the Universe. Cha~zay is often asked if she is psychic and while she doesn’t like the term, which has unfortunately been tainted by so many, three near death experiences don’t come without ‘consequences.’ While she does not do ‘readings,’ she weaves her insights given into her coaching and consulting sessions. The soul can hear and understand more than the ears can, so it’s not only not necessary to give people readings, it’s actually injurious to a person’s journey because it takes away their ability to think and choose.

  • Cha~zay’s greatest gift is to help guide you to your own door of infinite wisdom
  • You are all knowing – even if you don’t believe you are


Dr. Cha~zay frequently appears as guest speakers on radio shows. She is a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator. To hire Cha~zay for your next radio show, please use the contact us page here.

  • Dr. Cha~zay has spoken on stage with Robert Kiyosaki in front of thousands of people
  • She was a Learning Annex and Learning Exchange instructor for many years
  • She has taught 3-month business planning courses
  • She has taught men only, women only, and men and women classes
  • She has taught courses lasting an hour, a day or two all the way to 3 month programs
  • Cha~zay also teaches teleseminars, one time classes to one-year mentorship programs via teleseminar; she is a certified Coach Ville teleclass leader
  • Cha~zay is the creator of 6-Figure Teleseminar Blueprint Intensive, an 8 hour study-at-home program that teaches people how to create their own teleseminar business using their own authentic message
  • She teaches webinars

Dr. Cha~zay is a passionate and dedicated metaphysician and teacher who excels at everything she chooses to do. Seasoned by her many years of business and life experience, she is committed to discovering sensible solutions that help others to reach their full potential on a personal, spiritual, and secular level. I whole-heartedly recommend Dr. Dejay as a knowledgeable and competent professional whose work has and will continue to benefit humanity in the years to come.

Through the speeches and presentations I have witnessed, Cha~zay has proven to be a gifted professional speaker as well as a spiritual leader. She speaks with clarity and power, eloquence and a confidence that compels rapt attention. I can recommend her to any organization that is looking for a professional speaker who knows how to captivate the attention of any audience.[/fusion_testimonial]


Meta means ‘beyond’ and Dr. Cha~zay’s work includes not only this grounded material world we live in but also the realms beyond what the eyes can see. She is includes her extensive business start-up experience with the unseen realm and her holistic coaching and consulting approach includes not only Nature’s laws but also various laws of the Universe. She reaches extensively into her three near death experiences for wisdom, which she openly uses to bring about healing on a core level.

Dr. Cha~zay’s gift is through her healing words, her unmatched understanding of the laws of the Universe and her ability to live with one foot in this material world and with the other foot in the unseen realms. She is a true paradigm shifter.

      • Her uncanny ability to merge the analytical world of mathematics and science with the unexplainable unseen realm of the grand Universe is what sets Dr. Cha~zay apart from other metaphysical business consultant and holistic life coaches.
      • Dr. Cha~zay’s gift is through her healing words, her unmatched understanding of the laws of the Universe and her ability to live with one foot in this material world and with the other foot in the unseen realms. She is a true paradigm shifter.


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About Intuition

People often ask me how I ‘see’ and hear the ‘other side’ as I try describing my inner visions. I am  not a good painter, even if I drew a stick figure you’d probably ask: “what’s this?” So I will spare you the confusion. I have, however, collected various pictures throughout the years, which made me go: “this looks similar to what I see.” Hopefully these pictures can give you a little more insight to how I ‘see.’

I am also placing a medical intuitive reading I did for a friend who is an MD and another friend who had doubts about deepening a relationship with a man. Private details, such as name and locations, have been changed and both are published with their permissions. These readings are here only to give you an overview of how I ‘see,’ not because I give readings.

Important: I do not, under any circumstances, do intuitive readings and I do not give predictions. Please do not call me for such appointments as I will have to disappoint you. I use ‘what’ I see to help you without telling you what I see but by guiding you to your own inner guru. I am not you, you are. Being clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient or any of the other ‘clairs’ comes with great responsibility. There are way too many people quick to give you a free (or paid) reading and in doing so have just prevented you from finding and carving out your own path. Much of what I see, future wise, comes as a potential. I could see three or four different futures, with each being of a different density (with the most dense being the most likely one you will choose, unless you change your mind). While I would never give you all versions, if you ask then I will place questions back on you that will guide you to figure out each outcome, each path, yourself. You must come from a place of drawing your own conclusions and making your own powerful decisions. A decision made by you also enables your higher self to come up with the tools you need to place your next step. If,  however, I or any other intuitive, give you the answer (which are only potential answers anyways), then we have just prevented a plethora of other outcomes that may be much better outcomes for you.

We cannot play with your future and the power of your magnificent mind and we must always remember that we can only help empower you as the client to find your own way, to increase your own intuition. I truly believe that you are all-knowing. Sometimes all you need is someone to believe in you so your own intuitive pipeline can be set free. Intuition is not something you have to learn, it’s not a gift and it’s not a skill. Intuition is as natural as your gift of outer sight, outer touch, etc. All that is required to set your inner vision is to remove the obstacles that are preventing you from accessing that part of you.

When I started to ‘see’ energy as a child (after my first near death experience), I would see colorful vortexes and funnels in the sky. They were twirling and dancing and creating all kinds of beautiful symbols. I didn’t know what they meant and still don’t. During my second near death experienced, which I talk about in my book and there is a write up and video here as well, the visions intensified. Today, decades later, the visions continue to expand and yet they are so hard for me to draw or explain. I often talk about holographing the hologram. Meaning that the entire Universe, everything that exists in the seen and unseen realms, exists within one and the same tiny little hologram and all one has to do is find an energy strands and just follow that energy strand to see its past, present and future. So as you are watching these videos and look at the slide show of these pictures, know that this is not exactly as I see (because these have been collected from the Internet over time), but they resemble visions. Pay in particular attention to the ‘lightning bolt’ type energy strands, waves, and cubes or spheres. One more thing. Most pictures and drawings I find are quite chaotic and not according to the golden ratio. The Universe’s energy is chaotic too but there seems to be order within the chaos. Don’t get hung up on the details. May my sharing my visions help you start seeing your own energies as well. Remember, energy is a language like any other. In order to read energy you don’t have to learn a new vocabulary, you simply look at energy and then learn to understand it as its own beautiful language. The language of love. Enjoy!


Slideshow of Visions

You will recognize many of these as actual pictures from our galaxy, brain cells, cymatics, astronomy, lightning bolts and some fantasy pictures created by super talented artists. Enjoy!


This was a medical intuitive reading done for a friend of mine who is an MD. Her patient had been seeing many doctors before her who clearly saw that she was ill but they could not pin point what exactly what was wrong with her. With this reading all I received was the first name and the initial of the last name. I was not given her age or a picture and no information about her condition whatsoever. When I do a reading I never know what comes up. I have no idea what I’m looking for; I simply relax and let the Universe show me what comes up. I could be physical, emotional, mental or all of the above. After I ‘tune into’ the energy strand I simply follow the strand and let the Universe guide me. I ‘see’ as I type and I flow and flow until the visions stop. This particular reading took me approximately two hours to ‘flow’ and type. More often than not even after the reading is over the person’s energetic hologram shows up with more information.

Hello Dr. Smith,

Here is the promised reading of your patient, Jennifer T.

Again, take it with a huge bolder of salt. Since I am not well versed with actual names of diseases, I can only almost verbatim give you what it is that Spirit is showing. You will have to connect the dots and see if any of it makes sense, or what tests you may run. Some may turn up some things now, nothing at all, or may be things that took place in the past or will take place in the future.

Jennifer T…The first thing I notice right away is shallow breathing, mostly upper chest, constantly holding her breath. Totally not enough oxygen in her blood, cells or tissue. Feeling like either oxygenating her water or actually drinking oxygenated water would help. Also taking baths in oxygenated water.

I get anger and frustration about something quite ‘old,’ something that happened a long time ago. Feels like two things. One in childhood, some abandonment thing and then later again in a marriage. Not sure if she is still married or divorced yet. I sense a woman who has great sense of strength but is depleted and has started to feel defeated by life and her grand dreams she had for life. As if her life is coming to an end slowly but surely and none of the things she has envisioned have come to pass. A sense of bitterness.

I get split visions of a woman in her 50s or early 60s. But this could also just be energetically, not in human years. One woman is rather fragile and timid and the other is quite fierce and assertive. I don’t know if this means that she is both, one on the inside and one she projects to the outside world, or if she used to be one and has now become the other. What I get from this is a sense of restlessness, no peace within herself, not in love with either of these sides of herself. One part wishes she was more assertive and the other part wishes to be more gentle. I hear “tired of being a door mat” and tired is exactly what I would call this body. There is a sense of anger that is actually eating away at her tissues and nerves.

When I look at her energy pattern I see a thick wall that is very dense and jagged (remember how I explained this to you?). She wants closeness but there is an abrasiveness either energetically or in reality, which pushes others away. There is a sense of deep, deep loneliness. Her body is ‘hard.’ Both physically her tissue feels hard, and energetically the wall around her is almost not movable, not shiftable and not flowy at all. It makes me sad to see her feel the need to protect herself so much, when all the little girl wants is to be held and loved, she longs for closeness, real intimacy, not necessarily with a man (only), but with the world around her. Nothing can get in, and nothing can come out. So no matter what she tries, I feel her walls being too thick for her own good. This means also her vessel, her tissues, her cells, her blood.

When I look at her blood I see it very thin, very runny, almost diluted. It does not contain the life force it should. I hear “eat more red.” I see beets, red bell peppers. And for some reason egg yolks, one a day for blood building. I do not see diabetes, her blood runs red but it just looks so thin. It almost looks like she doesn’t have enough of this stuff. I see light headedness. The red food and egg yolk will help.

What will help most is breaking down the emotional walls and letting in sunshine to warm her body and warm her blood, and build new cells. She feels cold inside, like the LIFE force is not able to get through to her, even though the life force is within us, what I mean is that the life force also draws nourishment from our surroundings, the smiles we receive, the sunshine that warms our skin, the nourishment and healing we get when we sit under a tree – she doesn’t get any of these because the absorption through her physical body never takes place, hence her feeling cold inside.

When I scan her bone structure I am immediately drawn to her knees and see white specks of some sort. Looks almost like white bubbles, some round, some oval shaped, looks like deposits somewhere around the bone tissue. Does she have breast implants or has she had them in the past but removed? The substance at first blush feels foreign, i.e. silicone deposits? Not sure why they primarily show up in her knees and shin area. Could be calcium too? Or has she had knee surgery and it could be scaring? I feel that she has pain in her knees because of this. There is an immediate sense that she also is missing a sense of direction in life. Her life is so-so, she wants more to look forward to, life seem ‘boring’ or uneventful, a sense of stuckness.

As I am traveling down her feet I see the same deposits or white spots around her toes, especially her two big toes. I have absolutely no clue what they are.

Scanning upward towards her hip I immediately get a sense of sexual abuse. I see massive scaring in that area, I do not know if the scaring is symbolic or if the white, milky area is an actual substance that seems to be clouting her pelvic bones. For some reason I don’t see a uterus, I don’t know if she had a hysterectomy, if she’s planning one, or if this is just symbolic that perhaps she had aborted a baby (i.e. uterus is missing in my vision). I sense deep pain connected to this uterus missing or whatever this emptiness is. Perhaps she has lost a child?

As I scan her bowels I get an immediate sense of a rock hard pipe, like a plumbing pipe going through a concrete wall. I do not like the lack of flexibility at all. I sense that life has dealt her a tough road and she has not been able to let it go, instead it has made her hard. I.e. her excretory system is equally as hard. It would not surprise me if she either had diarrhea or chronic constipation (which I feel may be more likely). And that the texture of her bowel eliminations are either oversized and hard (and hurting her) or they are rock hard bullets. Not hurting her, but still not in the right softness. I also see dark stool. I get that her stool stays inside of her too long, she is not eliminating the food quickly enough. Sense of staleness.

Moving up to her stomach I get a deep sense of sadness. I want to cry, I want to scream. Her stomach wall seems rock hard. The message I hear is “no one will ever hurt me again.” Gosh I want to cry so badly. No self esteem. Perhaps false confidence towards the outside world, i.e. the assertiveness, but inside very self protective and guarded now. There is HUGE pain in this area. I look at the solar plexus and I see a shriveled up ball of energy strands that are barely functioning, and the color is light grey. I do not like this color for these countless nerves. I get that there is serious lack of blood flow to her solar plexus. There is no connection between her solar plexus and the sun at all. There is not much breath, if any, going into this area at all. I hear a loud voice saying she needs to work with her vagus nerve and sigh 50-60 times a day. Deep sighs that use the sounds haaaaaa. The ‘h’ is important as it is the release of the hormone that then can travel through the vagus nerve (oxytocin maybe?). Do not have her say ‘aaaaah’ without the ‘h’ at first, that is the male hormone to pick up energy, she doesn’t need more energy. She needs more bliss in her life.

Her pancreas and liver look okay, not very well nourished with oxygen, but I don’t see a huge problem with them with the except of the liver being too contracted. As if even the liver is tensed up.

I look at her heart, which feels too large to me and working over time. Most of the activities so far I see in the 4 chambers of the heart, lots of red. The heart is working really, really hard. I don’t like it. I do not see blockages in the heart but when I ask to see ahead in time I do see that there is a chance her heart just stops beating one day. Not sure if this would be considered a heart attack without any blockages. I feel more that the heart would stop because it feels so broken and it desperately tried to do the job of all the organs, which are sheltering themselves from feeling and doing anything. As I see the intense red in her heart, I see her heart trying very hard to produce healthy blood. It looks healthy leaving the heart. I have no clue where blood leaves from the heart but it looks clearer and richer, or more red, going upward. Whatever is coming in from below is darker and quite diluted. I have no clue if top and bottom are symbolic or if this actually how it works.

I look at her lungs. Did she ever smoke anything at all? Her lungs look like they have an outbreak of the black measels, tiny, tiny black spots. Strangely enough I don’t see black vortexes with them, which is what I would usually see if life was drawn out of that area, in cases of cancer. When I meditate on these dots I hear the word ‘fungus.’ I hear ‘black mold’ and ‘mushrooms.’ Does she eat a lot of mushrooms? I hear mushrooms are not good for her. (I do kinesiology, if you ever want me to help you with specific foods or medicines for patients, I would be happy to help). For Jennifer, no mushrooms whatsoever. I am being urged to have her stay from too much moisture or a moist environment. Weird, I get a vision of her standing in the rain forest. I have no clue what this means. You?

When I ask if there is anything we can do for her lungs they show me a hand that uses some scraping method to scrape off the outer layer of the lungs. It comes off easily and underneath I see healthy, pinkish tissue. The layer being scraped off feels old and ready to be let go off, as if it has been there for a long time, it feels mucusy also. Does she have a chronic cough, wheezing, allergies, post nasal drip? Something is building in her lungs. She is not getting any oxygen past her lungs. It’s like the mucus is blocking the oxygen from going through to the rest of her body. I have goose bumps asking the severity of the lungs over the other issues and am shown that this is one of the major concerns blocking oxygen getting into the rest of her body and blood. I have never seen this scraping vision and don’t know what it means. There is no cutting but the hand does have surgical gloves on. I have no idea if this is something that should happen, will happen, what this procedure even is, if it even exists, or if it’s something she went through in the past.

As I am looking at her lungs I see the same white deposits in her elbow area and some of her fingers. I don’t know if this is what arthritis would look like, something rheumatoid or silicone deposits, calcium, etc.

When I look her throat area I get the same hardness I got in her bowels. It’s just a steel pipe, no movement. Hardness that can’t be penetrated. She has lots to say but either doesn’t say it or when she speaks it comes across harsh or abrasive. Or perhaps she has stopped speaking her truth? No, I feel it’s more her way or the highway….

Her head, wow – I see several pieces making up her head. I’ve not seen this before. It’s as if some of the plates are made of steel, some are made of wood, some are made of candle wax. These are the bone structures within her head. Her right cheek is metal, her left cheek is wood, there are quite a few spots that are just candle wax. Not sure what this means but I get a sense of having been hit on the head, maybe even beaten, or tragic accident with head trauma. Her eyes look like blue marbles, glass, not really alive. I don’t know what this means either but sense that she has seen some things that have made her hard. Things she should never have seen and have made her hard. I hear that she’s seen it all and nothing surprises her anymore, and at the same time she is extremely tender and fragile.

I just got a split second vision of the very back of her tongue being black. The part that pulls way down into the throat. I didn’t see that before since the throat looks just like a steel pipe. I don’t know what this means but I hear to keep an eye on this…

When I look at her brain I see a milky white brain that is the color of tapioca. I have not seen this before either. It feels way too soft and wobbly to me. This surprises me because it’s the softest part of her. Everything else is so hard, the brain is way too soft and the color is off. It also gives me the taste of sugar or sweetness of some sort. What in the world is this? Has she done heavy drugs when she was young? Is she on drugs now? I don’t know if this could be a premonition of how her brain is developing (into mush). I hear the word Alzheimer’s. 🙁 Then I hear that she would rather have Alzheimer’s than remember her life, especially her childhood.

I see some hair missing or her losing her hair.

I want to just hug and hold this woman until her walls come crumbling down. But that’s not how it works. I know. 🙂

Self care, self care, self care is what I kept hearing over and over again. And mostly it’s about loving herself. I don’t see that she loves herself at all. I feel that she is trying to convince herself that she loves herself or she wouldn’t be seeing a doctor. This is her pacifier. But the self care she needs is to truly love herself and forgive others. I sense that there is an older man in particular that needs forgiveness. I don’t know if he is still alive. He looks like a grandpa. Could have been from her childhood and now past on. He is with her and he is very sad to see her state. He constantly tries to reach out to her and talk to her, comfort her. And I don’t know if it’s because he is feeling guilty and seeking her forgiveness or if he truly sees her sadness and just wants to be there for her. He has grey hair and a green vest. A little bit hunched over but not much. Dark eyes. I get a pipe on occasion.

If she was my friend or my client I would ask her to get a colon and later a liver cleanse. I am concerned about her heart working way too much and I do not like the lungs and the brain and the diluted blood. I also don’t like the grey, shriveled solar plexus but feel that this is just a symptom and can get cleared with more oxygen and right breathing techniques. I keep hearing, more oxygen, more oxygen. Breathing exercises. Oxygenated water, lots of water (no coffee for this lady, it’s hardening her stomach walls and draining her bowel walls). I get a sense now that the brain thing may be a premonition, but I almost didn’t write that down because I don’t do premonitions. Maybe you can check into this?

Wow – Old wounds for sure and a massive refusal to let go and forgive, no matter how much she says she has forgiven.


Here is Dr. Smith’s response. As you will see the reading was quite accurate even though I had never met this person. In summary, the patient had knee surgery (white tissue in her knee area), she had severe bowel problems (bowels shown as pipe), a histerectomy. She had arsenic poisoning (pipe as esophagus), and she had the onset of dementia (tapioca-like substance in her brain). The patient has three children, with whom she had no contact. Three of her husbands died and she had severe stomach problems.

Hi Cha-zay,

Thank you sooooo much for your amazing reading!!! I really appreciate the help and the multiple insights which I will share w you.  Here are the facts as I know them:

Jennifer T is a 72 year old white female who looks younger than her age and is near normal weight. 

She is widowed three times and has three children from her first marriage I believe.  All her husbands were well educated and very interesting as I remember. She lives alone and is not in close contact with her children for various reasons.  She is retired but I do not think she worked much out of the home although she comments about a job she really liked with an investment company and was involved in a research project.  She is very wealthy either from birth and/or through her marriages, so lives very comfortably and has a beautiful home which I had the honor to see because of a home visit last winter. Her father was a sculptor and his works grace her home.  She talks fondly of him and his accomplishments.

She moved here about 2 years ago and is thinking of moving again although I do not know where. Is not happy here – hard to make friends and is very lonely.

I started caring for her last fall.  The other doctor just did not know what to do with her or she needed to be seen right away and I was most available.

Her initial complaint was her abdominal pain – turned out to be acute diverticulitis and she needed three to four weeks or more of antibiotic treatments (this was triggered by  several colon cleansing treatments she had received).  It was strange though because she had so much pain radiating down her right leg.  I got the sense it was from the colon inflammation – but we did do CAT scans to verify nothing else was brewing or being missed.  She was very needy and concerned and she had multiple visits before things cleared up.

Finally got her in for more general info and found out she was treated for Lyme disease with actual documentation of the infection and possibly incomplete treatment.  Has been seeing a specialist in Lyme and was planning to go back this August but had another bout of her GI symptoms of late…….but not clearly the diverticulitis.

In the mean time she’s had colonoscopy to make sure nothing else was there and only showed the diveritculitis.  She still needs to have an EGD or upper scope and she keeps on putting off but chronically has epigastric tenderness on exam.

Chronic Shortness of breath which I can never document an abnormality – no wheezing etc.  Did see an allergy doctor and getting allergy shots and is now on inhaled steroids and inhalers for her lungs.  Told she has reactivated asthma from childhood – could be the allergies developed here. I think CXR and pulmonary function test are normal but may have to check again. Also right before the GI symptoms coming back she had a fairly severe reaction to the increase in the allergy shot medication and I have asked her to stop this for awhile until we figure out whats going on. With your observations I think she needs anti-fungal treatment which can be done with all herbal supplements.

Other history:

Hysterectomy with one ovary remaining

Right and left knee surgeries from falling and fracturing her knees in 1996 and 2006. The last she developed a leg blood clot (DVT) and also had a pulmonary embolus from that blood clot (blood clot traveled to the lung which can be life threatening).

Diagnosed w Lyme about 2009-10 with the typical bite and rash.

She states that she may have been poisoned by a housekeeper with arsenic who had been put in her ‘will’  (still has low level arsenic levels but not above abnormal range by conventional medicine standards.  Was getting chelation but did not complete the treatments.

Other surgeries appendectomy and Gall bladder removed and tonsillectomy

Breasts – mammo clear and will have to ask about any implants.

With these new bowel complaints I have done a Stool evaluation and found exposure to three parasites in the past and maybe one recent(antibody positive with no parasites observed in the stool).  Also sensitivity to gluten, eggs, soy and dairy.  She is following the diet and I started her on a mild anti-parasitic treatment with diatomaceus earth – for one parasite that is difficult to pin down.  Before even starting this she wanted antibiotics which I did start with a low grade fever etc but she never completed the course and I really was not sure if she needed them this time or not.

Anyway before the stool results were back she finally started to feel better. 

Her symptoms were vague on and off stool issues and abdominal pain and the next or when she came in looked fine.  But she would complain she just did not feel well.  Always complains of shortness of breath too.

I might add her memory is starting to be an issue:  Brain scan results showing spots more pronounced for her age.  One questionable TIA in past (mini-stroke).

Some supplements suggested:  Probiotics, colostrum, amino acid, electrolytes;  and memory combo (on hold w GI symptoms) On others like Vit D3 and B12 and MVI but have streamed lined with her symptoms.

Your evaluation will help in directing her care. Do you feel the lyme treatment should be continued? 

Thank you for this amazing reading. You have confirmed her symptoms and given me new direction to look for things.

Dr. Smith

Hi Dr. Smith,

Glad to see I picked up so many things. Interestingly I got a vision of a older lady in her 70s at first but then with her will to want to live her face turned younger. It’s good to never doubt the first hit, I’m learning.

You didn’t say anything about her heart. Is that okay? Yes, her stomach ache I felt right away, I just wanted to cry and cry when I got to that area. This is the seat of our self esteem, relationship with self and how much we love ourselves, or not. She has major issues in this regards.

I do feel that the lungs and the tightness, and shallowness of breath is crucial in the transportation of oxygen, which I do not see happening and there’s almost no oxygen in her bowels.

Interestingly, however, her higher self communicated very clearly that she is not really interested in getting better. This is now a choice of her getting some heavy duty notice and attention, which she can talk about with anyone who is willing to listen, which gives her a tiny bit of a connection with others. This is better than her getting healthy, which would mean that she has to take responsibility not only for herself, but for her entire life. And this is too much for her. There is a lot of anger within her, especially anger towards herself (it’s that abrasive piece I was saying earlier).

I check in and she won’t go because it’ll make her better and deep down she doesn’t want to give up the attention she is getting from all of you (doctors). Most of all she needs to make the decision to really want to get better. Many of her symptoms would then relax her body and her breathing would become more relaxed. And also see the other things I suggested in the previous email.

Peace with her children would be another major, major thing, which would help her stomach as she is carrying huge guilt around pushing them over the edge (she is too needy).

The lungs are gasping for the breath of life and she is unwilling to take that breath in as she really doesn’t want to fix her life, she feels quite betrayed by life. There is a medication that is really hurting her lungs, I don’t know which one it is but it is attacking her lungs, not making them better. If the woman was on just about a great diet, exercised, met with friends, especially female friends, did the vagus nerve breathing, and took “pretend” medicine, she could recover beautifully with the exception of the tapioca brain. I have not seen that before and don’t know what it means, the words “like mush” comes to me. Not sure if the poison is what caused this, the Alzheimer’s or if it’s a premonition of her loosing interest in life completely. If she does, she’ll go into a nursing home or convalescent hospital and she’ll have all the care and attention she needs. I don’t see her having any great reason to live…If the heart doesn’t suddenly take her out, she’ll veg away slowly (i.e. brain).


Update: The patient was prescribed some alternative healing methods, such as Reiki, guided visualizations, and some other natural methods to help her body heal. She did get a thorough heart check up and it was determined that her heart was struggling with many of the medications (conflicts). The last that I heard she was doing better, although her emotional and mental state remained the same.


This was a reading done for a client with both her and his permission. She felt something was ‘wrong’ and didn’t know if she should commit but didn’t know what to do exactly.

Again, I didn’t know what would take place. All I had was his first name and his last name initial. No picture, no age, no location, no profession, nothing else but his first name and the initial of his last name. Again, names, locations and details have been changed.

Hi Angelica

Okay, here is what I get on John M.. Please take this with a big bolder of salt. I have no clue who this person is and this is not about judgement, this is about reading YOUR energy in relationship to him (not his). I may be way off, some things may be right on and other stuff may be completely off. Only you will know.

I right away sense a busy person. Not only busy in terms of schedule, but mostly busy internally. Handsome, hairy somewhat, dark hair, gorgeous skin, attractive in his own way. Comes across confident. Thinking a lot, wondering and contemplating a lot. Very much in his head trying to make sense of things. I get somewhat of a troubled soul or persona. Something went ‘wrong’ and he’s trying to figure out how to either make it right or how to make it go away but hasn’t quite figured out how to make it go away. I get a person who wants to be spiritual, longs for it, but is so much in his left brain that he finds it hard to stop the human thinking process to just ‘be.’

He is desperately seeking women or the feminine part in everything and everyone that can be that pressure cooker release for him. I sense a very strong personality with some specific weaknesses. Wealthy or at least well-to-do, although it’s never quite enough. Very much living from the first three chakras but feeling the urge and the calling from the higher chakras to take it up a notch. This is his struggle, hasn’t quite figured out how to let the higher energies trickle down to the lower three chakras, and instead is trying to force the lower three chakras upwards towards the spiritual (this causes huge frictions between Spirit and his highest self).

Somewhat of a control freak. Not over people, but over his own life and his own accomplishments. Definitely has the potential to move out of the way and let Spirit show him the way, but I sense a huge fear that it may come at the cost of everything he has worked for, and sadly I don’t see him willing to do that, at least not yet. I sense a female in his life, someone that he either is trying to ‘cut loose’ or someone that is a burden, and yet there is guilt of some sorts (not sure I can put the finger on where the guilt came from, affair maybe?). I sense multiple flings or casual friends with benefits just to take the pressure off the task at hand.

Physically I feel either a swollen prostate or a tender colon. Nothing serious yet but if he can’t relax from Spirit-down and continues to use  his body to experience the ultimate peace, his body will take its toll. As I scan further up I do get the urgency to tell you to have him go see a doctor. He feels too young to me to be ‘this sick.’ I see him in his mid to late 40s and gosh, I do feel he really, really needs to see a doctor as soon as possible. I don’t want to scare you but if he has not gotten medical care for a while, please have him get a thorough check up.

I also sense a tense heart. Way too much to do, always on the go. Even when he is so-called relaxing, his mind is always going and his blood is rushing too fast through his veins. Deep, slow breath work would do wonders for him, as would meditation in silence, solitude and sitting underneath trees to help him heal. I sense a kind soul, kind heart, really wants to be of service, wants to do what is right and can – if he just starts letting Spirit work through him instead of him forcing his will on Spirit.

If I tune into you and him I get that you would be a rebound project eventually if you got involved now. He is not ready yet even though he may want to be, or you may want it.

I hope this helps. Love,


Wow, Cha~zay, I think you are dead on.  I am so impressed with how well you read John! Yes, he is 49 and is a very busy attorney (can’t get anymore left brained than that). At dinner, I gave him our email exchanges regarding him.  He was very impressed with your accuracy. He has stage 3 cancer and only found out for sure on Friday. He has been practicing Eastern meditations daily for 8 years. I always knew there were other girls but never really made it my business. I will send you a picture of us and then you can see how accurate you truly were with his physical appearance.

I would say you are a very strong intuitive Cha~zey! Thank you!


Hi Angelica,

Yep, that’s him (after seeing picture).

Where is his cancer? The very first thing I saw was also pancreas but then I was guided to go ‘lower.’

In either case, dear Angelica, this is his journey and yes, he is holding on hugely to old crap, which is where most of his prana energy is going (to sustain those defective cells in his body). Hence, most of the pranic energy is not going to build new cells but going to tend to the sick ones, which he is holding onto so dearly.

If he does not want to live (because he says it’s too late), then his journey now is to make peace within himself for what is coming next…the letting go process and ultimately the dying process and transitioning over into his new reality. It is his choice… and the best thing you can do for him is support him if he wants to die. If you don’t, they you only add to his already sick cells because then you become just another person he will feel like he has let down…

If you were to ask me if his body has physically given up or if he has a chance to make the cancer transmute into nothingness, then I would say that his body has what it takes to let go of the cancer completely. Sadly, this has to start with his 100% intent to actually want to live… It can’t be 99.99% as that tiny fraction of doubt will push him over to the other side. He knows this…and it’s that tiny fraction of a possibility that makes him not even want to try.

I hope he will have a change of heart. There are many healing modalities that could wipe out the cancer in no time. But he needs to get out of his scientific mind and let Spirit heal him from ‘above.’

I hope I helped in some small way…


July 2013 Update: John’s cancer has spread. He has metastasis in many areas of his body now. Angelica decided to remain his friend through his journey but not be involved with him on a romantic level.


Here are a few more medical intuitive readings. I am specifically focusing on the symbolism of how I ‘see.’ Please note that your inner guidance system may work similarly or completely different. There is no right or wrong way. There is only figuring out how the Universe communicates with you and then trusting your own spiritual dictionary so the Universe and you can continue building a system that is forever expanding.

7 Year Old Sickly Boy

Female client asking for best friend’s little 7 year old boy. He had been sickly all his life but they didn’t know with what exactly. I saw his blood run “too liquid,” something was not right with his blood. After insisting to test his blood they discovered a rare blood disorder.

20 Year Young Man Who Couldn’t Feel His Legs

Twenty year old boy was driving in the backseat of the car when he suddenly couldn’t feel his legs. They immediately took him to the emergency room where he was admitted to the hospital for additional testing. Doctors said that he had something wrong with his lungs and he was scheduled to have a part of his lung removed. His friend called and asked me to check. Without seeing him, only knowing his first name and that he was twenty year old I was shown his blood run yellow everywhere except his head. I was ‘told’ that his blood was affecting his physical body but not his ability think (hence, why they didn’t show the yellow blood affecting his head). It was a mere symbolic vision. I told my friend to have his doctors check for a rare blood condition. Even though he was already scheduled for surgery, she told him about the reading he was testing and they found him to have sickle cell. He is fine today.

27 Year Old Dying Woman

I received an urgent phone call from my neighbor’s sister who said that her sister was in ICU and expected to have her arm amputated after a severe allergic reaction to an immunization. The patient had already survived a rare type of bone cancer at the age of 18 and the immunization at age 27 caused her to lose consciousness within hours of receiving the shot. Her sister said that doctors were not hopeful that she would survive the operation but that it was her only hope to remove the ‘atrophied’ effects of the immunization. She asked if I would visit to bring her healing, which was not necessary. After checking in with the patient’s higher self and her spirit guides, who were clearly awaiting to usher her soul to the other side, I was granted permission by her higher self and her spirit guides to help her heal from within. While sitting ‘with her’ in spirit and healing her body at the same time at the hospital the patient went in and out of consciousness fighting for her life repeating again and again: “I’m not ready to die yet, go away.” After about an hour she had calmed down and her ushers left as the poison started to lose effect. To the utter surprise of the doctors and the mother, she made a full recovery without needing the surgery. After the patient woke up she told her sister that a group of angels had surrounded her to usher her soul to the other side but that she was not ready when she suddenly saw a bright light that she knew was there to help her heal. This was five years ago, she has been in splendid health since then.


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