Yesterday my thermometer on my balcony showed 33 degrees Celsius (in the shade) and 43 degrees Celsius in the sun. And that was at 5 pm in the afternoon.

I took the opportunity to dry my (very clean) laundry out over the railing of my balcony – for all to see. I even took a picture of it, just so you get a visual (see above). No worries, my delicates remained indoors as otherwise I'm sure the gentle wind would have carried them onto a not-so-happy neigbhor's balcony instead. That would be borderline scandalous.

Airing out your laundry to dry for all to see is kind of what's going on planetary wise right now. And everyone is affected.

Something you think has been safely tucked away in your past, either forgotten or a secret, all of a sudden becomes a visual feast for nosy onlookers.

Here it is, staring in your face and you have to deal with it. Not dealing with it is not an option.


Maybe it's an unpaid bill that has been festering in silence, dragging your credit score lower and lower – unbeknownst to you. Now you want to buy a house and the bank is presenting you with your own dirty laundry, asking: “What happened? And how will you fix it?”

What will you do?


Or maybe some old relationship that you thought was done and over with is coming back for you to deal with some unresolved issues. Maybe things you need healing for or maybe you're the one having the opportunity to heal the other person instead?

How will you handle it?


Or perhaps your body is breaking down because it is not getting the tender loving care it needs to keep running optimally. Your health is not what it used to be and you're wondering: “How did I ever let it get this far?”

When will you say: “Right now is the time to take responsibility for this?”


Things from the past (this past or a previous life time) always come back full circle to re-present themselves so we can take that moment in time and fix it, bring healing to it, build from it.

What's in my face these days is how I've structure my business. I've been building and building and building – using several platforms, all held together by external miracle helpers that keep things running for me. My work is experiencing radical growth and my original setup worked great at the beginning, but is now due for an overhaul and restructuring. Technological growing pains!

These days I often think: “Oh, I wish I knew this when I started.” Or: “I wish I had it set up more efficiently from the start.” 

I too am going back to look at what I did, how I want it, and what's ahead – and from this place creating a new structure that won't be a technical challenge to grow into in the future.


In astrological terms this is called “retrograde.” Planets seemingly going backwards (although they're not actually going backwards), and in doing so, bringing forth all of the unresolved “stuff” for us to look at, deal with, heal, refine and rebuild.

Right now we not only have several of these wand-holders (as I call them) in perfect position to giving everyone the opportunity to repair and rebuild things, we also just had the full moon and the eclipse (whose effect lasts months), which are perfect companions to retrogrades that scream:


It's like having the Universe handing us the master scissors to prune away all that has served its purpose.

All in the spirit of making room for the new, of course.

Do you know how exciting this is (in spite of it actually feeling painful)!??

This means – a fresh start and redesigning your life how YOU want it this time! Why wait for Spring cleaning? Do it now!


So how do you know what needs to be let go of?

While most people want to let go of things and stuff, I prefer to focus on character traits that prevent me from achieving what I want.


For example, most people would ask to let go of unnecessary weight or to let go of debt. With this method the focus becomes the weight or the debt, which only creates more of it…

I prefer to let go of laziness and focus on generating an interest and passion to get my butt in gear to give my body the exercise my body needs. The weight is not the problem. It's an effect. Fighting effect with another effect is futile. If on the other hand I let go of my laziness and step into a truly empowered place, my own diligence and hard work will make weight loss an automatic effect. I shift the focus from the weight to a desire to move my body and feel healthy. This also means I'm not obsessed with a scale (I don't even have one), counting calories or dress sizes, because the focus is not on those things but on my character instead.

See the difference?


The same applies to debt or anything else that matters. While people will focus on the debt, they continue to rake up even more debt by buying things they don't need. Instead I would focus not on debt, but of the need to fill some void that shows itself as excessive spending (or excessive eating). Again, the debt is just an effect. You can't fight effect with another effect.

If I want true resolve and be done with debt once and for all, I need to let go of the need to spend. Spending habits, much like eating habits, are often related to unsatisfied emotions.

Wrong relationships, no relationships, wrong job, no job, working for someone else when you really want to work on your own, feeling trapped when you really want to be free, having too much clutter when you really want to be a minimalist…

I could go on.

All these unsatisfied situations are only symbols (in your face) showing you that a change is in order. When those planetary rock stars come around (retrograde) to give you the opportunity to focus on what you really want, take them up on their help. Making positive changes is never as easy, all be it painful, as when you can tap into their waving wands.

For today, go back to my previous newsletters where I gave you some tips on writing out a list in a specific method. Do it, then get to work.

As for me, my laundry dried in less than 30 minutes. I took advantage of our strongest influencer in the sky, the sun, and he graciously dried my laundry so I didn't have to make a spectacle of them for too long. And nothing blew over the railing. What delight!

Wishing you happy pruning.

Cha~zay, Ph.D., C.H.