Podcast 059: Activating Intuition In The Face of Religion

A student asked several questions about increasing his intuition and wanted to know how his fear of heaven and hell play into expanding his intuitive abilities. He also wants to talk to his deceased mother and wants to know how he can distinguish between his mother talking to him and not a demon. Let's examine his questions in this podcast.

How To Create Effective Promo Videos – For Online Course Creators

Are you an Online Course Creator, or would you like to be? Then knowing how to create effective promo videos is essential to your course success! What Is An EFFECTIVE Promo Video? Promo videos don't have to cost a fortune and they certainly don't require professional film makers or paid models. An effective promo video does [...]

From Rags To Riches To Freedom

From Rags To Riches To Freedom In 2006 I lost everything. My business, my reputation, my clients, my assets, my health, millions of dollars and my family. It got so bad that I slept in the car for 7 months. The first week I didn't even have a blanket. Then someone gave me their dog's blanket. [...]

Knowing Your Life Purpose and Mission – with Human Design

Do You Know What Your Life's Purpose and Mission Is? Way too many people are doing things in their life that do not make them happy and are frankly, a waste of their precious time and energy. I know, because I too used to twiddle my thumbs wondering: "What is my life purpose?" "What exactly am [...]

Mental Program: Knowing What You Have To Offer, in 432 Hz

What Is Your Life Purpose and Life Mission? Below is a free mental program helping you program your mind so your life's mission and purpose are being revealed to you. Why Did I Create This Free Mental Program? Too many people are wasting their lives and precious time waiting for some knight in shining armor to [...]

Podcast 058: Living and Working From Anywhere, 8 Steps To Getting Started

Podcast 058: 8 Simple Steps To Getting Started Working From Anywhere In The World Listen to this podcast to learn eight simple steps to follow to help you bag your dead-end job and start doing what you absolutely love. Before you get started, download your free report on how to create your first passive income stream: [...]

How To Create Multiple and Passive Streams of Income

How To Create Multiple and Passive Streams of Income The concept of creating multiple and passive streams of income is appealing to most people and yet very few people know how to create a system that runs on auto-pilot, that will give them residual income, month-after-month, whether they work, are asleep or on vacation. As a [...]

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