Assisted Suicide – Humane or No?

assisted suicideI had a great conversation with my mom this morning. Exit (in Switzerland), an assisted suicide program, ruled this week that not only terminally ill people but also old people can now exercise their membership rights (commit suicide).

The Swiss are a practical and logical bunch and the country is space restricted. Most of all, they think of the well being of the nation as a whole. They understand that a person who is ill and well along in years no longer contributes to society but instead costs the nation a small fortune. Most everyone thinks that way, it’s part of the Swiss upbringing and perhaps engrained within the DNA of the Swiss. A person who is in a nursing home begging to die because they are bound to a bed and with no prognosis left for a better, self sustaining life, should have the option to leave this life and move on, that’s the logic behind Exit‘s assisted suicide program.

My mom wanted my support, should she needed assisted suicide down the road, and that is exactly what I gave her. Who am I to refuse her path in life? My mom is way too logical and practical for me to know better. My family (both sides) have been Exit members for years (although so far all died without the help of Exit’s assisted suicide program).

There are so many questions to the topic of assisted suicide! What’s important for you to know, in the case of Exit, is that the person exercising their right has to be evaluated by two independent physicians who verify that the person is terminally ill. The person also needs to be of sound mind and able to pick up the glass without assistance. The glass cannot be administered by anyone else. The assisted suicide guidelines are clear.

Assisted Suicide – Your Turn: What Do You Think?

What do you think of assisted suicide? Is it the easy way out? A necessity? Humane or not? Who is anyone else to determine when or whether or not a person gets to die or not? We abhor murder because the ‘victim’ didn’t actively ask to be murdered. Isn’t holding someone back from wanting to die the same thing, only in reverse? Who are we to control the life and death flow of another human being?

For those who want to know more, here is their 10 minute video (in English). Their website is here.

Avoiding Assisted Suicide: What You Can Do Now

The most loving act any of us can do as we get older, is to have the ‘dying talk’ with our loved ones. Assisted suicide may not be legal in the U.S., at least not in most States, but there is still a lot you can do to help your family.

Take care of your affairs BEFORE you get to a place where you are sick or incoherent. That’s loving your loved ones. You take care of your affairs so they don’t have to figure things out. Losing you is hard enough on them. The last thing they need is trying to figure out what you want, how you want it, how to divide things up and who to give what to. Take care of this NOW and have this discussion, the sooner the better. Clearing this type of energy leaves everyone knowing exactly what you want and there will be no surprises. Everyone knows what to expect and everyone will be okay with it when that time comes. And remember, it’s not a matter of “if” – it is a matter of “when.” So have the courage and spiritual common sense NOW to have this discussion and face your mortality. Once you’ve had this talk you will feel better and so does everyone around you.

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