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Cha~zay is a former Silicon Valley technology start-up expert who left the corporate world in 2002 to start her own multi-million dollar real estate development and coaching company. A tragedy in 2006 propelled her to embark on a seven year inward journey. Coming out of the Swiss and Italian alps she now shares a most urgent message with the world, while drawing from her three near death experiences and near-fatal diagnosis. As a metaphysician and International spiritual business consultant she works with torch bearers and highly influential individuals and entrepreneurs. Her specialties are failure (no kidding), transmutation and transformation, energy, mind alchemy, personal development, metaphysics and spirituality. She holds a PhD in metaphysical science, a PhD in holistic life coaching and a bachelor in business management. She is a speaker and published author of three books. She speaks seven languages, has lived in half dozen countries and is currently living the mobile life style dividing her time between Switzerland, Italy, Sedona and San Francisco. To hire Dr. Cha~zay as a speaker or one-on-one consultant, use the 'contact us' tab on this website.

Free Webinar For Energy Healers, Dowsers, EFT Practitioners

Spiritual Protection For Those Working With ENERGY CLICK TO ENROLL FOR FREE With over 30,000 students worldwide you can imagine that there is bound to be a certain theme of recurring questions. "How do I protect myself and my clients spiritually? Do I even need protection?" One of the most frequently asked questions [...]

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Spiritual Protection For Those Working With Energy

Why Do We Need Protection? For Energy Workers, Dowsers, Reiki Masters, Intuitives, etc. ​One of the most asked questions in all of my courses combined has been: "How do I protect myself and my clients from unseen dark energies?" This question has come from students that do dowsing, EFT, intuition work, and even those [...]

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Podcast 072: Special Message about Dark Side (contains Free Gift)

Special Message about Dark Side Podcast 072 (contains Free Gift) Today's podcast follows a different format than my usual podcast. First, today's podcast is only available in audio format (no video). Secondly, today's message is a continuation from the previous podcast (071) where Erin asked the wonderful question if the dark side is becoming [...]

Podcast 071: Is The Dark Side Getting More Sophisticated?

Is The Dark Side Getting More Sophisticated? Podcast 071 Today's question comes from Erin who asked one of the most interesting questions: "Is the dark side getting more sophisticated as there are more light workers in the world?" The shorter answer is, yes, the dark side is growing and expanding and becoming more 'sophisticated,' [...]

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7 Practical Steps To Living a Productive Life

7 Practical Steps To Living a Productive Life Can you believe the first quarter of this year is already coming to a close? It seems like just yesterday I sent you an email about New Year's Resolutions - and how they statistically have been proven not to work. So, let's take a quick Q1 [...]

Podcast 070: Stopping the Reincarnation Cycle

'Help Me Stop My Reincarnation Cycle' Podcast 070 Today's podcast is all about the cycle of life and death, and then life again, or how to get off the roller coaster of the seeming ongoing cycle of reincarnation. One of our audience members asked how to stop coming back to this world where [...]

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Thousands of Udemy Students Each Month – On Auto-Pilot

Thousands of Udemy Students Each Month On Auto-Pilot What would 1,500 new students do for your wallet? More importantly, how would 1,500 students' lives be changed as a result of you sharing your knowledge and expertise? When I first started out with Udemy many years ago, I didn't like the fact that I would be building [...]