Avada – My Website Theme

People ask me often: “Who does your website?”

I do! I love the Avada theme!

When I had wanted to start a blog many years ago, I chose Blogger, because it was so simple and all my brain could handle. I soon outgrew Blogger but didn't know the slightest thing about websites, so I hired a full time web developer to create my sites for me. You can imagine it cost quite a penny to have a full time graphic designer and web developer on staff. After two years I decided to jump into WordPress themes. I have bought many themes, returned many of them, been frustrated with most of them, not because they were bad but because of my limited technological experience – until I found this theme that are you are looking at now: Avada.

Avada Customer Support

I have found Avada not only to be easy for me but the support team behind Avada is stellar and incredibly thorough. The theme costs less than $50! Free updates, free support too. Give it a try here.