By Far the Best!

“As a seasoned dowser with decades of experience I have read many books on the subject. This is by far the best, most accurate, and well-organized dowsing information I have come across.”


Sal B., Satisfied Reader

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The Art of Dowsing

by Cha~zay Sandhriel, Ph.D.

The Art of Dowsing is a book written for the left-brained individual who requires an in-depth explanation about what dowsing is, what it is not, why dowsing works and how specific energetic interferences can prevent the pendulum from working properly.

Beginning Dowsers: If you want to learn how to properly set-up your dowsing foundation, then this is the book for you.

Experienced Dowsers: If you want to increase your consistency and accuracy levels when dowsing, you will enjoy the reprogramming section and the special section about the laws of nature that make dowsing possible in the first place.


  • Properly cleanse, charge, store and program your pendulum for maximum consistency and accuracy.
  • Correctly formulate questions, including multiple-choice questions.
  • Avoid questions that are impossible for your pendulum to answer with accuracy.
  • Rise above the grids to assist with neutrality and detachment.
  • Remain in absolute integrity when making inquiries.

This book contains a special dowsing testing area and explains the difference between asking test questions and testing Spirit.

Also contained is a section about the influence of polarity, entrainment, and much more.

  • Over 80 student questions are answered.
  • Contains 37 illustrations.
  • Contains dowsing programming charts.


  • What dowsing is.
  • Why dowsing works.
  • When dowsing does not work.
  • How to choose a pendulum.
  • How to cleanse your pendulum.
  • How to charge your pendulum.
  • How to program your pendulum.
  • How to store your pendulum.
  • How to ask yes-no-maybe
  • How to ask multiple-choice
  • How to correctly formulate your dowsing questions.
  • How to avoid asking leading, incomplete, or assumptive questions that are impossible for energy to answer correctly.


  • Dowsing History
  • Programming Charts
  • Dowsing and Integrity
  • Dowsing Practice Exercises
  • Dowsing and the Law of Entrainment
  • List of Global Dowsing Associations
  • Answers to over 80 questions from dowsing students
  • 37 illustrations
  • Includes dowsing charts

The Art of Percentage Dowsing

by Cha~zay Sandhriel, Ph.D.

The Art of Percentage Dowsing is for intermediate dowsers who require accuracy and precision when dowsing. It is perfect for those who prefer a more analytical approach to dowsing, and those who want more than just yes, no, or maybe answers.

  • Percentage Dowsing is about getting exact accuracy rates to any question or statement.
  • Percentage Dowsing is about discovering success or failure rates for your idea, plan, investments and more

No matter the question or topic, by the end of this book you will know the exact accuracy rate or success or failure rate by using a percentage scale.

  • If you knew that your investment or new project will yield only a 5% success rate, would you move forward?
  • If you knew that asking for a promotion today would result in a 50% failure rate, would you wait for a more auspicious time to ask for a promotion?

Know before you ever get involved or spend a dime!

Percentage Dowsing is great for those who work with numbers, finances, real estate, stock markets or those who prefer to approach dowsing in a left-brained, logical manner.

The techniques taught in this book can also be applied by healers and those in the medical field or any other health-related field where accuracy and precision matters.


  • Scientists and Doctors
  • Professionals and Entrepreneurs
  • Government and Military
  • Water and Electricity Companies
  • Hedge Fund and Stock Market Investors
  • Banks and Real Estate Investors
  • Authors and Coaches
  • Artists and Musicians
  • Energy Healers and Nutritionists
  • And many others


  • 350+ pages
  • 32 chapters
  • 70+ illustrations
  • List of Global Dowsing Associations
  • Answers to questions from dowsing students
  • Includes percentage dowsing charts

A Must-Read!

“I thought I knew everything about dowsing. This book alone taught me more about dowsing than what I learned in my entire life. A must-read.


Stephen Coldwell, Satisfied Reader

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The Art of Transcendental Dowsing

by Cha~zay Sandhriel, Ph.D.

The Art of Transcendental Dowsing

Transcendental dowsing is like flipping a switch that shines brightly into the nooks and crannies of our soul’s essence. This is a tool that allows us to work with non-tangible realities in a more tangible way. This is not just tool not only to help us expand our intuition, it is a highly potent and creative tool that permeates time and space and allows us to tap into and adjust the fabric of the unseen realm of our material Universe. Transcendental dowsing promotes harmonious re-balancing on a most fundamental level. With it we can heal the energy of a current or past event, or let it help us create a desirable future outcome, by knowingly tapping into electric and magnetic forces that Nature uses to construct and de-construct her creations. Transcendental dowsing is for those who are ready to step into a deliberate co-creator role.


This book is for the intermediate dowser who has read The Art of Dowsing and The Art of Percentage Dowsing, and is ready to embark on the ultimate path of inner healing and transformation. Requirements are an open mind and a willingness to consider all things.


  • 498 pages
  • 26 chapters
  • 75 illustrations
  • List of Global Dowsing Associations
  • Answers to over 100 questions from dowsing students
  • Includes transcendental dowsing charts
The Art of Transcendental Dowsing, by Cha~zay Sandhriel, Ph.D.


Even though I have been dowsing for decades, this specialty form of dowsing is nothing short of miraculous. I’m surprised the author has made this information public.”


Gary B., Satisfied Reader

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Shit! Not Again!

Three near-death experiences, three near-fatal diagnoses and seven years in solitude. A truly extraordinary life-defying journey.

  • Imagine having gotten a glimpse of the ‘other side' at the ages of 5, 15 and 25 – and living to tell the world about it.
  • Imagine hearing your doctor tell you: “You have six weeks to six months to live. I suggest you go home and get your affairs in order.” 

Dr. Cha~zay moved out of solitude in the Italian Alps to come to the United States with her urgent message: Time is of the essence! Our lives are important, but not a fraction as important as our souls.

Available on Amazon in print and Kindle format.

Well Worth My Time!

I am not much of a reader, but I read this book in one sitting. I could not put it down. I love how it is full of wisdom, yet still an easy read. I have read the author's other book and will continue to purchase more if they are published. This book has had a positive impact on my life.


Great Book!

Very mind expanding and interesting to read about her life and experiences, that she conveys in a straightforward and easy to grasp manner. I definitely recommend this book to everybody!

The 4 Gateways

Living The Inspired and Influential Life

The Four Gateways is a book about ancient Mayan wisdom that teaches us the four doors each and every human being needs to walk through, no matter their goals or life status.

These four gateways must be walked through in the right sequence if we are to experience peace, clarity, love, inner power and finally, elder wisdom. The lives of most humans prove that people's lives are in shambles, discombobulated and scattered.

If you've ever asked questions such as these:

  • “Who am I?”
  • “What is my life's mission”
  • “Who is my life partner?”
  • “Should I start my own business?”
  • “Should I move to another country?”
  • “Is now the time to build a family?”

Then you are standing before gateway number two, which is the gateway of clarity. The reason we do not have clarity is because we not yet walked through gateway number one.

Most people would rather skip gateways one and two and head straight for gateway number three: the gateway of power.

We see this frequently with those who must have wealth and power over others at any cost. Sadly, gateway number three, although the door to power, is not talking about power achieved by force. This gateway is about inner power and strength of character.

There is a way for all human beings to live a life filled with love, without fear but filled with crystal clarity that can lead to true inner power and

eventually elder wisdom.

The individual who embarks on their life journey following these four gateways is the human being that exudes a strength and power and a charm that is irresistible and truly powerful. These are the people for whom everything just seems to go right. They seem to always be in the right place at the right time and they seem as though they're luck's favorite. This type of success has nothing to do with luck or having been born with a platinum spoon in their mouth, it has everything to do with these four gateways, which polish and strengthen one's character.

If you're ready to do roll up your sleeves and do the work, this book will give you the step-by-step plan to living a brilliantly successful life.

Available on Amazon in print format and Kindle.


I am so thankful for finding Dr Cha-zay's courses and books! She cuts right to the chase. The information she imparts is straight from the heart, without an ego or agenda. She truly wants to help and enlighten people and you can feel the truth and sincerity in what she says. She has helped me to remember who I truly am. I highly recommend her books and courses!

Sofia Ambrosio, Verified Amazon Buyer

Synchronicities and Affirmations

Definitely would recommend this book to family and friends! I read this book in one day, I could feel my vibration raise as I reached a certain part in the book, it happened immediately. Being able to relate on several levels of Cha~Zay's life including many synchronicities and affirmations of visions I have had along with premonitions Dr. Cha~Zay has had. Also, it brought back many memories for me and has helped me to view my life in a different point of view. This was the affirmation that I needed! I Loved it!

Alicia Merritt, Verified Amazon Buyer