Breatharianism, twin flames, ghosts, aliens, near death experience, it's all so very interesting. Every day I get up to a dozen of inquiries about topics of breatharianism, twin flames, aliens and more. I used to answer every question and have long had to stop responding to every inquiry. There just isn't enough time in the day to respond each individual question. I have been taking many of your concerns and created videos out of these heart wrenching topics. In the near future I will create a special “Ask Dr. Cha~zay” video/audio/email series.

This is where you come in. What questions do you have?

Do you want to know about my journey through breatharianism? Do you want to know more about twin flames?* Do you want to know more about aliens or my near death experiences or the upcoming times?**

You can get started right here by visiting our site and then clicking on the “Send Voicemail” button to the right of your screen. You have 90 seconds to leave your question. Please note that if I create an audio out of it, I will use your audio, so feel free to stay anonymous if you'd like. Please do not ask personal questions such as “is he my twin flame,” and don't mention other people's names as we want to protect their identity.

So, what interests you the most: breatharianism, twin souls, aliens, premonitions, ghosts, metaphysics, personal improvement – something else?

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Dr. Cha~zay is working on an eBook with her journey through Breatharianism, stay tuned.