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Do NOT Get Chipped!

The Problem with Implantable Chips Those of you who have been around our community for a decade or so, and you know my material, you know that I have talked much about the RFID chip. You’ve heard me say over and over again: “Do not get chipped!” I've always wondered if the bible's reference to “the devil’s mark” [...]

Beat Procrastination and Become Productive

Productivity vs Procrastination Whether you have been hit hard by the effects of COVID-19 or your job or business are still going strong, productivity and procrastination can affect us all. When we  have a roadmap to help us see all that we want to do, it becomes easier to getting things done and the right tool may just [...]

Life Matters…

In light of the recent events that have been causing so much uproar in the United States, I have been asked by many of my readers to respond about these sad and disturbing events. Before I do, it is important that you know that I’m a Caucasian woman, a slight mixed breed myself, which gave my sister and [...]

When Re-Invention is Scary, Painful or Just Uncomfortable

The Illusion of Following Your Bliss So many people in the new-thought world have been taught to turn away from anything and anyone that is making them feel uncomfortable. Sadly, when it comes to professional and personal re-invention, the term bliss is an after-effect, not necessarily a guiding light. Yes, it is important to know what one’s bliss [...]

Uncertain or Certain Future Ahead?

A Snippet of Intuition Today is June 16, 2020 and I am circling back to some articles and newsletters I wrote in 2019 and 2020, announcing the shake-up that we are finding ourselves in right now. I do not call myself a psychic, I don't even like the word, but I am fairly intuitive. Near-death experiences can have [...]

Professional Re-Invention – My Tool of Choice

Professional Re-Invention – My Tool of Choice We are finding ourselves in an unprecedented time of uncertainty and upheaval and most people are scrambling to start over and re-invent themselves personally and professionally. As a person who was forced to re-invent myself eight times (I’m not kidding), and as a person who taught business plan writing courses to [...]

Professional Re-Invention Time – What Next?

Starting over doesn't have to be difficult or complicated. There has never been a better time to professionally re-invent yourself and start over than right now. COVID-19 has not only brought governments, businesses and individuals to their knees, it has caused many businesses and employers to cease to exist. This means that even when we as a global [...]

Is it Possible to Get a 246% Yearly Stock Market Return – Using Only Intuition?

I have never talked about the stock market and I doubt I ever will again, unless I decide to write a follow-up article some time in the future. This article is also not about the stock market but about intuition and how to use intuition to invest in the stock market as a person who doesn't know the [...]

Why I Started an Online Business After Being Homeless

Today I want to share with you how I recovered from homelessness and show you the steps I took to get out from sleeping in the car to being able to rent a safe space once again. This took place in my early 40s, after the complete loss of my business and losing faith in humanity. Right now [...]

So Concerned…

My heart has been heavy these days, especially because I feel like there is nothing I can do to help "fix" the challenge the world is facing right now. I've created the EFT course for COVID-19, I've reduced my hourly rate by 75% and have reduced all of my other courses prices between 50-75%, but is that enough? [...]