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For Purpose Driven and Heart Centered Entrepreneurs

Are you ready to work from anywhere in the world?

With just your telephone or laptop?

While earning a generous 5 to 6 figure income?

  • It’s time to live a life that is stress free, especially free of financial worries.
  • To live a life where you have plenty of free time to spend with your family and friends.
  • Experience the life where you get to have authentic conversations about topics you are passionate and knowledgeable about – all while getting paid a 5 to 6 figure income – just for sharing your knowledge!
From: Dr. Cha~zay, Sedona, Arizona, U.S.A., Wednesday, 7:30 a.m.
Namaste Everyone,
Does any of this resonate with you?
  • Your income has reached its ceiling or you are seeing clients face to face and are trading time for dollars. If you are seeing clients face to face and love what you do but you simply want or need to find a way to supplement your income, you’re in the right place.
  • You’re employed and bored, under-appreciated, under-paid and overworked or simply ready to step into what you have come to deliver to this planet (your own message). You’re in the right place if there is a voice within you that keeps telling you that there is just more to life than working for someone else, but you’re not sure how to break free.
  • You are not getting paid 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but have the desire to make passive income even while you sleep. In most cases we get paid when we show up, when we do actual work. If you’re not leveraging your time yet, then you’re in the right place.
  • You want to start your own business and once and for all become your own boss but buying a business or setting up a traditional business simply costs too much money. If you’re looking for an easy to set up and low cost or even no cost way of getting your work out into the world, then you’re in the right place.
I don’t believe in coincidencesand believe that you are divinely guided and protected and always in the right place at the right time.

And right this MOMENT you couldn’t be in a better place than RIGHT HERE!

Boy do I have a surprise for you!

When I became a single mom while at the same time building my company, I was desperate to create a business that would allow me to work from home so I could take my daughter out of public school while focusing on being a stay-home, single mom, all while earning my own, generous 5-6 figure income.
My master mind coach suggested that I’d pick up public speaking. But as with most people, public speaking was my all time biggest fear (today it is my biggest joy). In fact, here is a picture of Robert Kiyosaki and me at one of his Rich Dad Poor Dad events.

So yes, teleseminars definitely had a lot to do with me overcoming my biggest fear! Who knows where it will take you!?
Tele-seminars were a safe alternative to public speaking because they allowed me to spread my message from the safety of my home. Tele-seminars were a safe, easy, and a no-cost way of doing just that. And little did I know that by sharing my expertise with the world, tele-seminars would enable me to enjoy over half a million dollars in income within just a few months’ time. The best part was that I was able to take my daughter out of school and we would be able to spend every day together all the way through her teenage years! We traveled and took trips to Europe, went to the movies in the middle of the day during the week. We went horse back riding and here we are sailing in the San Francisco Bay.

Every parent and every child should have this opportunity…
THIS is what creating tele-seminars offered me as a single mom!

And you deserve the same type of freedom! That’s why I have decided to share my knowledge and golden nuggets with you!

Why You Will Love Tele-Seminars Too!

Here are just a few reasons why I love tele-seminars so much and why you too will quickly see why tele-seminars are a must-have add-on tool, whether you currently have a business or not. If you have a telephone or a laptop and know how to dial a phone number, then you too can easily achieve a 5 to 6 figure income starting as soon as a few days from now!
Reason 1:
Work from anywhere in the world
  • All you need is a telephone or internet access and laptop
  • Tele-seminars allow you to record a call ahead of time and schedule it at your pre-determined hour
  • You must not be physically present to hold your own tele-seminar (this comes in handy if ever you are in a place or situation where you are unable to physically be present for your own tele-seminar (I’ll show you exactly how to do that)
Reason 2:
Work from home – Be FREE
  • No more commuting! No more stress!
  • Save on gas prices
  • No need to dress up, work in your pajamas
  • Sleep in, go for a hike or a movie when you feel like it
  • Work when you are inspired to, not when you have to
  • Pre-record your tele-seminars and deliver them later
Reason 3:
A low to no cost way of getting clients or making sales
  • Use our resources to list your tele-seminars for free
  • We show you dozens of ways to market your tele-seminars for free or low cost
  • You do not need any start-up costs to run your own tele-seminar, all you need is a telephone or a computer and internet access
  • You don’t even need a website to run your own tele-seminars
Reason 4:
Create passive income
  • Set up your tele-seminars so they lead to your sales page or your payment gateway
  • Create income while you sleep
  • Hold tele-seminars even while you are asleep
  • Create your tele-seminars once and schedule them over and over
  • This is the ultimate duplicateable system
Reason 5:
Leverage your clients and your time
  • Stop trading time for dollars – leverage!
  • Say it once and put it on auto-pilot for hundreds or even thousands of clients to benefit from on the future
  • Earn while you sleep
  • Get your most important message out into the world to the masses (not just one client at a time)
  • Capture your wisdom on a tele-seminar and spread your wisdom over and over again so your hearers are enriched for months and years to come!

So What’s My Secret To Making Consistently 6-Figures with Tele-Seminars Mentorship Programs?

The Right Structure and Providing Value – The FREE Call

Let’s face it, your success (or failure) in earning 5-6 figures with tele-seminars lies in you not only getting people to the free call, it lies in you structuring your free call in a way that compels people to buy from you.​
Let’s just look at a few alternatives to tele-seminars:
Social Networking: Way too time consuming!
Webinars: Too expensive!
In-Person Presentations: Way too expensive!

The benefits to using tele-seminars far outweigh

any other advertising method!

Here are just a few reasons:

  • Get your wisdom and message out into the world in a massive way
  • Make quick, easy and massive amounts of money by simply sharing your expertise
  • Leverage your time, clients and your abilities (get off the hamster wheel!)
  • Create info-products out of your tele-seminars and sell them at higher prices
  • Allow tele-seminars to be the tool that bring you high-ticket one-on-one clients
  • Tele-seminars can be used for ALL professions and ALL people who have a message to share with the world
  • Use tele-seminars to grow your list, your fan pages, your future product pool
  • Schedule tele-seminars around YOUR schedule (work when YOU want to, not when you need to)
  • Spend time with your family and pick up the phone to record a tele-seminar when you’re inspired to do so (and share your message with the world later)​
Dr. Cha~zay is a beacon of hope for she radiates truth, authenticity and purpose in her life scenario. She knows who she is and that is her strength. I feel very blessed for having met her for she has opened new portals in my life and for that I am very grateful. Thank you Dr. Cha~zay for being who you are and walking your talk! May you continue to bless the planet with your presence thus blessing all who cross your path. Thank you!
Vesna Perkovic, Croatia​


Cha~zay is masterful at presenting information in a grounded, engaging manner. I learned more from her than I have from many other ‘experts.’ I left feeling encouraged and inspired.
Gail K., Retail Store Owner​


Thanks for the seminar! I couldn’t believe the information you shared! I learned more in a short time at your seminar than what I’ve learned in many other seminars by unnamed people. I’ve recommended your classes to all my associates so that they can get as excited as I am by the possibilities, information and expertise at your seminars. I can’t believe that you don’t charge more for your seminars, I’d easily pay more to gain access to your knowledge.”
Mark Edwards, Reiki Master​

So – What’s The Catch With Preview Calls?
How I Screwed Up My First Tele-Seminar Preview Call

If you’ve listened to my free tele-seminar than you heard me say how I royally screwed up my first free call. I simply decided to put on a free tele-seminar because I was too scared to go in front of a live group to hold a seminar. Tele-seminars seemed like a safe alternative. Which they were indeed! However, I didn’t educate myself about how to structure tele-seminars because I didn’t know that there was such a thing as ‘the right structure’ for a free call or even a tele-seminar series. I had no idea that tele-seminars were NOT just getting on the call and dumping loads of information on people without any structure! Which is exactly what I did. It was a disaster!
Everything That Could Go Wrong Went Wrong!

My very first tele-seminar had 78 participants and I remember being completely nervous and shy about it. I stuttered, I used filler words like ‘uhm’ and ‘uh’ a lot, I spoke way too fast and didn’t stop once to come up for air. I went over the alotted time, and I completely overwhelmed the listeners with way too much information that was impossible to digest, I didn’t mute all 78 callers, which was an absolutely disaster. Gosh, I could go on but I hope you get the point.
It’s actually funny to me now but believe me, back then it wasn’t funny and after the call was over I hung up and went crying on my bed because I felt like such a screw up.
To make a long story short, I don’t want you to go through this school of hard-knocks. I already went through it so I can teach you how to avoid these pitfalls and go straight to success with my 6-Figure Teleseminar Blueprint Intensive.
I am literally giving you 10 years of my hard earned experience and an entire business plan on a silver platter.
Regular Price:
(Save $500)



Turning Your Authentic Ideas and Passions Into a Tele-Seminar
  • Just what is your passion in life?
  • What makes you get up in the morning?
  • What makes you tick?
  • What gets your juices flowing?
  • What do you offer to your listeners?
  • How are your listeners lives changing as a result of them listening to you?
  • Who are you at your most authentic?
You may have many ideas for different tele-seminar topics but let me assure you that nothing makes a ‘sale‘ as much as listeners hearing your passion for what you’re talking about! Unless you can answer these questions above, your tele-seminar success will be short lived. I, however, want you to create a system that is EASY and DUPLICATABLE again and again and again!​
In this module we will get to the bottom of who you are

and craft your initial tele-seminar idea!

We will also cover the following:
  • How to design and assemble your tele-seminars to make an immediate sale (don’t put on any tele-seminars without this nugget of wisdom)!
  • We will brainstorm and go over tele-seminar ideas for those who think that tele-seminars is not for them because they see clients face-to-face.
  • During this call we I will help you with the actual set-up and structure of your free preview call (from beginning to end).
  • Learn the magical formula that helps people buy from you before they get off the free call. Your free preview call is your only chance of getting them to come to your actual tele-seminar series.
  • How to create a crafty, snazzy title for your preview call and your tele-series (don’t bother coming up with a title unless you have heard this!)
How to Design and Structure Your Tele-Seminar Series
It is not enough to just structure and schedule your free preview call. You must be able to offer your listeners something more. People who love hearing what you have to say will be disappointed if you don’t have anything else to offer them. Don’t let them down! Create a tele-seminar series and guide them step-by-step.
Here is what you’ll get:
  • How to structure the entire series from beginning to end to reduce returns and keep your sales
  • How to give value to your clients and listeners so they keep wanting to stick around
  • How to decide how long your tele-seminar series should be (how many calls is too many?)
  • What time format is best for tele-seminar series (how long should each call be?)
  • How to price your series depending on how many calls you have

SPECIAL BONUS: Automated Excel Worksheet

As a special bonus I will send you an Excel spreadsheet where you can simply fill in your own numbers and the spreadsheet will do the rest! In other words, if you want to know how much you would earn given that you have x-number of callers on the call and x-percentage buys from you at x-price, then your overall income for that particular tele-seminar will be ‘X.’ This simple spreadsheet will do that for you automatically! Save time!
Tools and Technology You Need To Create and Manage Your Tele-Seminar
Running tele-seminars as a business tool and marketing solution is probably the most essential tool you can implement to get your word out there! And while I will share with you some no-cost solutions to advertise your actual tele-seminars, you will still need some additional tools to actually create your tele-seminar.
Here is what we will cover during this module:
  • What’s the best way of actually having your tele-seminars (by telephone, cell phone, laptop) and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each?
  • What conference line do you need? What do they cost? Where do you get them? Are there free conference lines? (Yes! there are and I’ll share them with you!)
  • What’s the best way to take payments from people who want to buy your tele-seminar series? Do you need an account with a credit card company? Do you need good credit to be able to accept payments from your clients (No! Don’t worry, I’ll show you how to make this EASY and SIMPLE!)

SPECIAL BONUS: My Little Black Book
I’ll share with you my Little Black Book with all of my resources! Whether you want to create products of your tele-series later, which you can sell for big bucks, or you need a graphic designer, I got it and I will share my resources with you. Whether you want to work with your laptop or your telephone, I will show you where to get free conference call lines. I will also share with you dozens of ways to advertise your tele-seminars.
Create a Marketing & Business Plan for your Tele-Seminar Series
Let’s face it. Businesses are successful (or not) because they have a realistic business plan that they follow (or not). As a business plan consultant with over two decades of start-up expertise, I will roll up my sleeves and help you really think through all of the details needed to help you run a 5 to 6-figure income using tele-seminars. No, you do not need a full fledged business plan to run tele-seminars! However, you should at least have an idea with what the purpose is of your tele-seminars, how much you want to (and can) charge for your tele-series and how many people you need on your calls to meet your goals.
Here is what you will learn in this module:
  • How to calculate how many callers you must have on the call in order to make a sale; I will share with you some nifty ways and formulas to figure out just that!
  • Learn how to earn even more by creating physical products out of your tele-seminars.
  • I will show you how to create free bonuses that will increase the value of your overall product and thus add $$ to your bottom line
  • I will show you when to start to advertise your free preview call including your actual tele-seminar series (if you schedule them too far out, people will forget, if you schedule them too close, people will feel overwhelmed)
  • You will also learn when to schedule your preview calls (what times work best)

SPECIAL BONUS: Three Lists of Positive Words

As a special bonus you will receive my tried and true lists of ‘positive words‘ in alphabetical order. Imagine getting your list of positive adjectives, positive verbs and nouns, so all you have to do is reach for your list and with EASE and certainty you know that your tele-series is created with only the highest vibrations! Use this list for your daily affirmations and all your other marketing material, blog, and so on. As a certified hypnotist I also use kinesiology (muscle testing) and some etymology (study of word origins) to compile my lists. Our “word is law” – this is the basic and first law of the Universe. Hence, why it’s so important that you and I (and everyone) use positive, high vibrating words in our day to day interactions with fellow Beings. Use this list when creating your tele-series!
Q & A Call
Without a doubt you will have questions along the way! This 5-Week 6-Figure Teleseminar Blueprint Intensive is packed with goodies and information that can indeed be overwhelming. One step that I cover may invoke a question within you and another one and another one. This is good! Take the questions you have immediately into the forum (you have 3-month free access to our online forum where I will answer all of your questions). The questions where you need more explanation and perhaps even example, these we will cover during this extra call.

SPECIAL BONUS: Marketing Hypnotic Words and Sentences

As a special bonus I will also send you a list of internet terminology to use. These are terms and sentences and expressions that work for the Internet! All you need to do is use these words on your website or your tele-series descriptions, including your title and you will end up with a fabulous description of your offering that will make your audience want to buy from you immediately! This list is a huge time saver for those of you who feel that putting words with what you want to say does not come so easily. This list is worth gold and people pay big money to get their hands on such a list!
Thanks for the seminar! I couldn’t believe the information you shared! I learned more in a short time at your seminar than what I’ve learned in many other seminars by unnamed people. I’ve recommended your classes to all my associates so that they can get as excited as I am by the possibilities, information and expertise at your seminars. I can’t believe that you don’t charge more for your seminars, I’d easily pay more to gain access to your knowledge. Mark Edwards

Regular Price:
(Save $100)


The Best Investment In Yourself

You are making an investment in yourself. Not in your children, not in your spouse, but in yourself. You ought to be worth the education and the chance to make something of your great ideas. The world is waiting to hear your message and if you have a message to share with the world, I have the blueprint to help you get it out there. If you were to make an investment in yourself and have someone write a business plan for you, your investment would be on average $5000 dollars. That’s what it costs on average to have a business plan written for you. The investment in this 5-Week Tele-Seminar Blueprint Intensive with all of the extra bonuses is only $497 for a very limited time and the value of the bonuses alone are over $1700 hundred dollars.

I know I will see you in my training, not only because I’m a positive thinker and want the best for you, but because you want to be up and running and not only making generous money in just a few weeks from now, you also want your message to get out there into the world.

I have made this such a slam dunk and easy decision for you by making this entire mentorship course affordable, I am also giving you over $1,700 worth in bonuses! Where else can you get a ‘business in a box‘ that can turn your dreams into a reality in just a few weeks from now!? Just imagine yourself having fun with your friends, spending more time with your family or simply traveling the world for a year or two…

Equally as important and urgent – imagine your life’s purpose, your blessing, your gift – finally being shared with the world through this nifty little tool: tele-seminars! Your clients, your hearers, and the world at large is ready to receive your message. It is now time for you to be the leader you are – whatever the message is that you are here to share. And I am accompanying you for a little while to help you get set up and get started. Soon you will get the hang of this tele-seminar business and scratch your head wondering what ever took you so long to implement this amazing tool!

To make it even easier for you to decide I will give you my personal money-back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied by the end of the second call, simply send us the material back in resaleable condition.

I look forward to delivering content-rich material so you do not have to enroll in the school of hard-knocks! I envision you going straight down the river of success and I am giving it my all to accompany you and guide you so you too can experience the success my clients and I have been achieving with ease!

Blessings and success,

PS: Let me give you a big slice of my ‘tough love pie.’ I’m gonna be very honest with you (because I care). You see, to me it doesn’t make a difference if you sign up for this exquisite mentorship training or not. The calls will take place with you or without you. Where it does make a difference, however, is in YOUR life.

You may find yourself where Sandy and I used to be, stuck behind a sales counter or a single mom eager and determined to succeed. And whether your story is similar to mine or to Sandy’s, we took action. We took the outcome of our destiny in our own hands and started to follow the guidance we received from our mentors. You can do the same. So do make a decision. Either say ‘yes‘ or say ‘no‘ but don’t remain on the fence and don’t stay stagnant.
This is a physical product!

You will receive the following items shipped directly to your door. 8 CDs plus 1 DVD with Binder as follows:

  • Modules 1 – 5 (6 CDs)​
  • Free Preview Call (1 CD)​
  • Bonus Call with Client (1 CD)​
  • Support Documents (1 DVD)​
  • 174 page Binder (Script of all calls)​
Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery (depending on where you live).

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I have known Cha~zay for a few years and she has been my go-to business consultant on many important issues. Having watched her go from working for someone else to building her own successful business through delivering her service via teleseminars and workshops peaked my interest as I had always wanted to move to Belize or some other warm climate. I learned the strategies of this program by working with her one-on-one and paid a lot more than what this program costs today - and I'm here to tell you that I am surprise she doesn't sell this for at least two or three times the amount. Thanks to these techniques and having created my own worldwide business offering my services via teleseminars, I have been able to move to Saint Lucia where I've been enjoying the warm climate that I've been longing for all my life (my health has greatly improved too). I highly recommend this program and working with Cha~zay to all those who want to break through the barriers of the illusion that working for someone will bring you riches, especially else while disowning your own purpose in life. Good luck everyone!
I got participated in this live even last year when the shippable product was not available yet, and it has changed my life. I was stuck and hopeless after finding out that I would become a single mom. Money wasn't enough and working long hours already I felt a sense of desperation that I hadn't felt in the my life before. This training gave me hope and rekindled old childhood dreams that I can truly go after my dreams, make them a reality and at the same time be a successful, stay-at-home mom. I have designed and held a few tele-seminars and they have given me so much courage and hope that I am now designing my extended tele-seminars. Thank you for this, thank you for giving me hope when I felt most hopeless! I'm so glad you are putting this here for others to change their lives too.
Dr. Cha~zay
Dr. Cha~zay
Thank you, dearest Wildflower. And yes, you were great and your questions submitted at the end were just awesome and helped so many people! I'm so happy you're having new-found hope, as everyone should! I remember becoming a single mom when my daughter had just turned 11, it was a scary moment to realize that I was suddenly faced with the responsibilities of a two-parent household all alone. But I made it, we made it - with flying colors, thanks to tele-seminars! So good for you for your new start! Keep us posted.