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Book: I'm Dying - shit! Not Again! (soft cover) Version 3, May 11, 2013

Energy Exchange For This Book
Subliminal Messages
Table of Contents
New Versions
Legal Disclaimer
Rights and Copyright
About the Author
Introduction - Message from the Author
Grammatical Errors and Typos
An Urgent Message
I'm Not Your Guru
Religious Comments
Nuggets of Wisdom
Premonitions and Psychic Work
Do You Ever Feel Like You're Death Is Near?
Time Line
1971: First Near Death Experience (5)
1971: Spiritual Experience (5)
1973: Felt Called To Vegetarianism (7)
1978: Lost Interest in Life (12)
1981: Second Near Death Experience (15)
1984: Decided to Live (18)
1989: Moved to the United States (23)
1991: Third Near Death Experience (25)
1993: Birth of our Daughter (27)
1996: Lymphoma (30)
2000: Spiritual Unfolding Continues (34)
2004: Separation from Husband (38)
2005: Lemurians
2006: Giving Over Life
2007: Dying Again
2008: Looking For Aneurism
2008-2009: 'Get Out'
2010: Moving to Italy
2011: Moving to Switzerland
February 2012: Moving Back to the U.S.
May 2012: Moved to Sedona, Arizona
August 2012: Last Meal
September 2012: Barefoot Hiking
October 2012: No Water
December 21, 2012:
2013 - 2017:
2017 - 2022:
Early Childhood
First Near Death Experience
Paths of the Forest
I'm Gonna Marry a Farmer
Imbalance In Our World
Disconnecting From Life
An Astrological Beating
My Soul Is Disconnecting
'Psychiatrists Need Psychiatrists'
A Butterfly's Broken Wings
My Exit Strategy
An Experience To Die For
Urgent Information About Suicide
Death by Overdose:
Death by Aspirin:
Death by Tylenol:
Jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge:
Pulling the Trigger:
A Few Facts About Suicide
Second Near Death Experience
Back In the Body
Life Continues and Turns Normal
I Want To Live!
Life's Hurdles
Heeding Spirit's Interference
My Third Near Death Experience
Being In Touch With Your Mortality
Stop Chasing The Skirts, Drugs and Other Nonsense
The Light That You Are
Allow Your Soul To Speak and Expand
Major Decisions
Marriage and Family
Impacting Time and Space
The Ability to Read Thoughts
Be Careful What You Ask For
Learning How To Read the Universe's 'Thoughts'
Learning To 'See'
Ghost Dividing Itself
Everyone Is a Teacher
Dying Again
The Tragedy of Divorce
Giving Life Over to Source
The Biggest Decision of My Life
Finally - She's Ready!
Which Side Is Talking?
Karma versus Cause and Effect
My New Assignments - My New Life
Groups, Tribes and Reading Books
Living Without Food
Earth Changes
What You Can Do
Your Future Higher Self
Getting Your Life Together
Facing And Mastering Fear
Powerful Mantras
Get Support and Become Your Own Guru
Finding Freedom At Your Core
Speaking and Appearances