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Welcome to our Advertising Page!

Core Freedom is a web based, global community in the field of personal and spiritual development. We believe that everyone is capable of experiencing true freedom at their core. We are a sacred place where real people find real answers to all kinds of questions related to life, where self improvement is encouraged and spiritual, grounded, practical advice helps our souls evolve and expand.

  • We have 102,000 back links to our site
  • We are ranked 554,000 in Alexa
  • We are a PR3 site
  • We get thousands of hits to our site every day
  • Some of our posts get thousands of views on the first day and sometimes within a week
And all this in just a few months' time with no money spent on advertising. People find us because we provide and produce incredible value!

Who Can Advertise Here
  • Like minded organizations in the field of spirituality, personal development, self improvement, relationships and more
  • Coaches
  • Speakers
  • Authors
  • Healers
  • Exhibits and Events
Please leave a voice mail (use button to the right) or send us an email to see whether or not you or your product qualify to advertise on our site.

Advertising Options
  1. Side bar (front page) = max 6 at one time
  2. Slider (front page) = max 4 per day
  3. Newsletter sponsorship (max. once per week)
  4. Marketplace/Classifieds forum = unlimited listings but only one listing per product or service
  5. Directory Listing = unlimited listings
  6. Promote a Post = one product/service/company per post
Side Bar Ads

Side bar ads are visible on the front page only and are there to stay for as long as you are have paid your advertising dues. Please note that there is a 3 month minimum to appear in our front page side bar.

Slider Ads

If you want your ad to appear in our slider on the front page, you must write a post or article, which we then promote for you. We cannot just promote a product or service without creating an actual article or post. To view a sample, click here. Scroll to the bottom where you will see that the post was sponsored by an elite match making service. Their logo appears and when you click on the logo you will get redirected to their site. This article also appeared in the slider for a week.

Please note that at any time we can re-promote a previous article and have it reappear in the slider for another week. Let's say six months ago you sponsored an article with a link to your own site, the article now is no longer appearing on the front page, even though Google still picks it up and the article is still being read by whoever finds the article online. You can re-advertise the post once again down the road and we can re-promote it so that it appears again on the front page in the slider.

Newsletter Sponsorship

You can ask us to place your product or service in our newsletter as the sponsoring agency of our newsletter. We will mention your name and provide a link and say "this newsletter has been proudly sponsored by..." with one to two sentences describing your product or service.


You can promote as many products or services as you would like but no more than once per month per product or service. In other words, we will not tolerate an advertising war in our forum. If you sell 5 different products then you can create 5 different ads per month.

Directory Listing

Create as many directory listings as you would like. For example, you may be a Reiki master and also have some guided visualization tapes that you have for sale. You can create an ad in the section called "healer" and another in the section called "Reiki" and another in the "products" section. If there is a directory listing you would like us to create, please ask. We want your business to grow and expand and if we can help, please ask.

Write your own Post and ask us to Promote it

Promotions can but do not have to appear in the slider. All promoted posts appear on the front page and look like the beginnings of the actual post with the little picture in it, provided there is a picture in the actual post. Promoted posts are exactly like regular posts except that only staff members can 'promote' the actual post and decide to have it appear on our home page. If you want to create a post and pay for it to be promoted and have it appear on our front page, please contact us.

Individual Post Promotion

If you do not want to write your own post you can also choose one of our most popular posts and be a sponsor of that post. Your product or service must be in alignment with the post. As you can see on our most popular posts tab some of our posts are viewed thousands of time. We promote some of our posts to Facebook, Twitter and other sources, including our own membership. Our posts are popular because they speak to the heart of real issues and people love an opportunity to 'get real.' Hence, our posts get re-tweeted like wild fires quite frequently. If you want us to promote your post in such a way, we would be happy to do so at 50 cents per viewed post for the first 24 hour views only. All subsequent clicks are free of charge. Your post may include no more than one link.

Not Permitted on Our Site

The following are NOT permitted on our site. Anything related to diminishing the spirit or health of living bodies, including our planet (this includes topics that affect the mind, psyche and the health of humans, animals and the planet as a whole). Needless to say topics such as drugs, including social drugs, alcohol, weapons, pornography, etc. are not permitted.


Our rates vary start at $147 per month up to $1,000 per month, depending on what medium of advertising you choose and how much you want us to promote your post.
  1. Side bar (front page) = $250 per month (3 month minimum)
  2. Slider (front page) = $100 per week
  3. Newsletter sponsorship = $50 per week
  4. Marketplace/Classifieds forum = $150 per month
  5. Directory Listing = $50 per month
TO GET STARTED SEND US AN EMAIL (click the 'contact us' button at the bottom right) or leave us a voicemail (use the button on the right side of your screen).

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