Mary Ann

Silver Moon
Aug 9, 2015
Hi guys!

There is a whole Earth Protect movement going on now because it seems like we are no longer experiencing climate change but climate crisis. Here is the video and I hope I can leave this link here for you guys, I feel it's important. Let me know what you think and feel about this.



Golden Sun (LT)
Dec 23, 2011
The Netherlands
Climate is always a fickle thing to talk about in my opinion because it's such a vast thing that it's impossible to see all the variables that are in play.

The main argument being that people are saying that the Co2 levels have risen drastically (ice cores up to 800.000 years old have shown this) that it's all man-made and therefore our responsibility to do something about it. However, 800.000 years is just a fraction of Earth's 4.7billion year history and next to that, modern man has been living in a warming climate for over 10.000 years, otherwise North America and Europe would be under a 1km ice-sheet.

Yes, we're cutting down large swathes of rainforests in especially Central and Southern America which is going to impact a lot of the Co2 levels in the air due to less plants to store it in but at the same time the alternatives that are being proposed, such as electric cars aren't in any way environmentally-sound. The resources required for electric car batteries are very scarce and require large mining facilities to get them.

I wouldn't go so far as to proclaim it a climate crisis and if it's already happening there's very little that we can do about it. If climate is out of whack then we'll have to weather the storm until Mother Earth has balanced herself out. Next to that, I might be one of the few people that see a warming climate as something positive. Think about it; 70-80% of all wildlife on Earth sits in the Equatorial regions for very simple reason. It's a warm climate. Warm climates allow for a larger biodiversity in both plants and animals, which is why the animal and plantlife in cold climates such as the arctic and high altitudes is so scarce.

I do agree that plants and animals going extinct is a bad thing but it also opens up the door for animals and plants to rediversify themselves into new species. I also agree that this is not something that will happen overnight. In that regards we're in the, perhaps unique, situation of experiencing such a global event in a day-to-day basis whereas all geological evidence of previous extinction events comes from sediments lain down millions of years ago where we can't distinguish between january 1st 1931 or april 2nd 2451. We only know that species stopped occuring and that new species pop up. We have no day-to-day knowhow on what happened and how they came to be and I can understand that not-knowing this on a global scale is scary for a lot of people, because a lot of animals and plants are indeed in danger of becoming extinct. But looking at the larger global geological picture, it's quite normal.

So do we have to really do something about it or is it all hogwash and should we let it be? Offcourse we will need to do something. We've known for 50 years that fossil fuels will run out eventually and that there are various sources of "clean" energy available such as wind, solar, thermo, hydro but all require resources, not always clean, and not all energy sources are readily available everywhere. It's difficult to put a hydro-electric plant in a desert or a thermo-electric plant in a place without vulcanic activities.
Next to that it makes little sense to cut down trees and plants considering we're oxygen-based organisms and they're the ones producing all the oxygen for us. All the polution that we put into the earth and sea aren't going to help us either in the long run because it'll dwindle our food resources to the point that famines may become a very serious issue in the upcoming future.

Can we fully stop this changing climate? I doubt it. Like I've mentioned, modern man has been living in a warming climate for thousands of years. We've experienced animal and plantlife going extinct for thousands of years, either by us or through natural selection. We've seen new species arise throughout those thousands of years, both through natural selection and selective breeding (most often not a good thing when you look at a lot of dogs born with deficiencies due to our selectiveness) so in a way it's just the natural state of things.

There's so much going on in ecosystems and climate and the atmosphere. It's too easy to say that fossil fuels and Co2 levels are the one defining trait of a warming climate. Otherwise the next time a vulcano erupts we're doomed. Fossil fuels, for what they're worth, can help us get to the place of clean and sustainable energy.

Allyria Lai

Golden Sun (LT)
Apr 4, 2016
Taipei, Taiwan
I haven't watched the video you posted, nor other videos posted around many places.

It feels like people are fed up with the way things are & how things have been going. They're rallying up in many protests besides climate, such as the protests against control from the Chinese government in one of my home countries, Hong Kong. There seems to be an increase in protests & marches in recent years -- same-sex marriage, the Sunflower Movement, the Umbrella Movement, to name a few.

People want change and are banding together to rise up & push against the status quo.

It's undeniable that the climate is changing. Are the Earth's resources finite?

Somehow, I don't think Mother Earth/Nature will allow the human species to destroy the planet. I don't see it happening, but of course I can be wrong about this outcome. Focusing on the present, I can do my part in caring for this planet & staying aware.

Because this is a dimension of duality, there will always be 2 sides.