Silver Moon
Feb 1, 2020
Dear everyone and Cha~zay Ji,

Hope my email finds you all well, many thanks to Cha ~zay ji first of all to add me on this group.

I am a musician cum banker based in Dubai. It is such a pleasure to connect with souls who are spiritually inclined. I feel life had come a full circle for me personally. I was first introduced to the spiritual world 12 years ago when I visited the oneness university in Chennai and then immediately thereafter I learnt EFT briefly but after seeing Cha~zay ji's sessions recently the quest has begun again to learn this wonderful way to connect with myself.

The universe indeed has a brilliant way of answering our questions, we just need to ask. I've been on a soul searching mode for the last few years and answers are only now showing up.

I really look forward to connecting with you all and learn more about this journey, our purpose here, coz there indeed is a reason for us to meet.

God bless, take care
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