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Oct 24, 2011
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Did you know that by 2020 there are 4.78 billion cell phones in the world? (Source: Statista)

Imagine the tremendous electromagnetic 'noise' these cell phones, towers and satellites orbiting the planet are creating....It can't be good for the planet or our health. And while we may not be able to turn off all 4+ billion cell phones, each of us can control the ringtone that emanates from our phones.

Spread The ♪ Love - One Ring at a Time

Imagine if just a fraction of these 4+ billion cell phones would have ringtone ♪ Love installed on their phone, emanating the frequency of love and nature (428 Hz), while spreading healing energy - one ring at a time!

♪ Love is not the only energy needed to heal this world and its inhabitants. When I created Healing Ringtones I made a list of all the things I wished for you and the people and animals living on this planet, including the planet itself. I sorted the list alphabetically, which is why there are 31 ringtones, each covering one alphabet of the English language along with covering all 31 days in a month.

Frankly, my list of wishes for you was much longer than just 31 frequencies. I will release the additional vibrations at a future time.

For now what I want you to do is download the remaining 30 ringtones. You already have one. Now is the time to download the others so you have a choice to set your ringtones for various people, situations and your alarms as well. Yes, your ringtones can be set as alarms!

How do I use the remaining ringtones?
  • I use the more upbeat, business-like ringtones for my professional callers.
  • I use the ringtone called ♪ Spirit Calling as my alarm during the day to alert me of a personal appointment.
  • To wake me up in the morning I use ♪ Peace.
  • To alert me of a business appointment I use ♪ Magnificence.
  • Of course I use ♪ Love and countless others to alert me of various phone calls.
  • And special someones in my life get their own special ringtone. My mother was assigned ♪ Awakening, because it's what I wish the most for her.
  • If I have an important appointment coming up I set my alarm to ♪ Wisdom. I can always use more wisdom...
And no matter where I go, if my cell phone rings it never fails that someone says: "Wow, what a beautiful ringtone!"

When people have such a reaction (rather than "shut that thing off already!"), then people are inadvertently receiving the healing contained within each ringtone.

Try it for yourself.


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