Melissa Marie
Silver Moon
Jun 8, 2018
I'm Melissa, creatrix of The Ministry of Mystery, and I"m grateful to be a part of a truly conscious community where I can share with and support other members on similar paths. I'm an Ordained Metaphysical Minister and am completing studies in the realm of Holistic Life Coaching, I'm a Reiki Master Teacher of the Usui and Sehkem lineages, a Random Acts of Kindness Ambassador, and a wayshower for those who've experienced trauma, abuse, and abandonment. I love working with dowsing and tarot professionally, and Cha~Zay is one of my most favorite mentors. I've learned much more from her than any other person out there in the areas of which she offers instruction and hope to complete all courses she offers, eventually lol. I've been growing through a lot over the last five years and have just plunged deeper into the well of my own being over the past year to really shake what doesn't serve me and establish exactly what does. Many blessings!

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