Jan 30, 2019
Montréal, Québec
Hi, Cha-Zay,

In the Podcast nr. 68 you talk about protecting yourself from being read energetically. And you mentioned the possibility to create a guided visualization about the discrumbled unit we should create in order to protect ourselves, and you also mentioned the importance of creating this protective shield in the right way.

So this is to express my interest and desire to have access to such guided visualization. I don't know if it already was created (if so, please tell me how I can have access to it. Is it included in one of your courses? I am enrolled in many of them, but didn't find anythinng like this so far). If it was not yet created, please do so, It would be very usefull, And please let me know how I can have access to it.

In life in general, it would be great not to be caught off guard by mean and disrespectful people, but I think it would also be useful for the T-dowsing sessions and also for some deep meditations, I would absolutely need to learn such technique.

All the best and many thanks for considering this.
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