Apr 15, 2016
I'm Dying, shit! Not Again!

by Cha~zay, Ph.D.​

Three near-death experiences, three near-fatal diagnoses and six years in solitude - a truly extraordinary life-defying journey.
  • Imagine having gotten a glimpse of the 'other side' at the ages of 5, 15 and 25 - and living to tell the world about it.
  • Imagine hearing your doctor tell you: "You have six weeks to six months to live. I suggest you go home and get your affairs in order."
  • Imagine getting your "I" dismantled to a place where even food is no longer necessary...without having to saying "I'm dying."
Dr. Cha~zay moved out of solitude in the Italian Alps to come to the United States with her urgent message: Time is of the essence! Our lives are important, but not a fraction as important as our souls.

Time Is of the Essence

Our lives are important, yes, but not a fraction of as important as our soul.

Soul is Cause, Life is Effect

When you listen to your soul your life is bliss. When you listen and serve your little ego, life is a struggle and generally ends much earlier than it needs to. Use the time you have and connect with your soul's yearning.

Customer Reviews

"I think this is a perfect place for this post, as it pertains to reminders. I have spent the last few days reading and reflecting your books, and I have to say they have brought an incredible peace and comfort to my heart. So thank you, forever thank you! There is a mantra you shared with your readers, "I am divinely guided and protected and always in the right place at the right time. It is a mantra that has really brought me a new heavenly peace I have never felt before. I see purpose in everything, everywhere. It brings me a happiness and joy that brings me to tears. Just yesterday, I found a ring in the shape of angel wings, and it is something I will continue to wear as a reminder of the peace in this mantra. I looked down at it a few times today and it brought me back to the awareness of the Divinity that envelops me in every moment. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!" Ava

"I find your book, I'm Dying, extraordinary. I feel deeply touched by your story, by what you went through, and also I can relate to several things that you were feeling when you were younger: the forest, the fact of knowing things about people, the lack of love, the feeling of being disconnected... And I am so happy, so admirative and proud of how you managed to Love yourself. To me, it is a miracle. You have in you the energy which produces miracles." Jody

"I am so thankful for finding Dr Cha-zay's courses and books! She cuts right to the chase. The information she imparts is straight from the heart, without an ego or agenda. She truly wants to help and enlighten people and you can feel the truth and sincerity in what she says. She has helped me to remember who I truly am. I highly recommend her books and courses!" Sophia

"Very mind expanding and interesting to read about her life and experiences, that she conveys in a straightforward and easy to grasp manner. I definitely recommend this book to everybody!" Andy

"I am not much of a reader, but I read this book in one sitting. I could not put it down. I love how it is full of wisdom, yet still an easy read. I have read the author's other book and will continue to purchase more if they are published. This book has had a positive impact on my life." M.C.

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