Golden Sun (LT)
Nov 24, 2019
Hello! I honor you. My story is started a few years ago on my birthday I asked the universe to restore the gifts I had forsaken this lifetime, Since then my life was forever changed with various teachers showing up sharing spiritual information that has never been taught in this 5th aspect of humans living on mother Earth, these teachings were followed by my falling 11' onto the back of my head, known as the 'mouth of God' onto a concrete block, knocking me out of my body for 11 months, traveling through the 13th dimensions until a Hopi medicine woman did a 'soul retrieval' that restored my etheric body with my physical body. As I travel down the proverbial rabbit hole I seek teachers who can help me connect the dots. My intention for being here is I was led to Cha-zay and I have learned to follow the path where Spirit takes me ~ Namaste <3

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