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Oct 24, 2011
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Just what do we do with anger? Should we give in? Should we blow a fuse? What about transmuting the anger into something more beneficial? Or perhaps it's best to just ignore it all together?

Listen to Dr. Cha~zay as she talks about dealign with anger from a completely different angle. There is no need to fear anger and there is no need to give into it. There is a middle path that allows you to honor anger as the great teacher it is.

Listen to this podcast now before you blow another fuse.

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Guy Girard

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Oct 10, 2014
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:rolleyes: Well I know anger and frustration very well.... and they are a huge red flag to go look inside at all the stinky stuff that has been accumulating in there :sick:. You are 100% right Cha~zay they are good teachers when you can calm down enough to look inside objectively
it literally took me years after the shocking stuff that hit me in my divorce to do just that part which is calming down

<-------Stress & anxiety chart : Low....Normal.... High.....Extreme.....................................Me that is where I was for a few years like 4 years actually :confused:

Great show Cheers LOL