Podcast 004: Interview with J.D. Meier (Sources of Insight) About Freedom

Dr. Cha~zay

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Oct 24, 2011
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Today I have the pleasure of talking to a true heart-centered leader, J.D., Meier, the creator of Sources of Insight.

In addition to being an internet entrepreneur and leader of Sources of Insight, J.D. is not only an amazing internet entrepreneur helping a worldwide audience of hundreds of thousands of subscribers with personal and professional development, he is also the Principal Program Manager on the Microsoft Enterprise Strategy team.

J.D. Meier has authored several technical books and is the best-selling author of Getting Results The Agile Way. You can find it here at Sources of Insight.

I love J.D.’s simple life rules, which I so resonate with. For example, he believes that…
  • Life’s not a spectator’s sport.
  • Absorb what’s useful; reject the rest.
  • It’s not what’s on your plate, it’s how you eat it.
  • Don’t take life too seriously, or you’ll never get out alive.
  • Don’t seek to be better than others; seek to be better than yourself.
Today I have the pleasure to talk to J.D. about what true freedom means to him. Working as a leader for Microsoft and leading his own global community of hundreds of thousands - how does he experience freedom at his core?

J.D. shares with us his life frame and how he balances mind, body, emotions, career, finances, relationships and fun. To get in touch with him, contact him via Sources of Insight.