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Oct 24, 2011
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One of the many complaints I get from people getting readings or 'about' people doing readings is that there is often not enough information given or the information is not accurate, not even by a long shot. Why is this?

More often then not it has to do with the reader's lack of self-esteem and confidence in his or her own reading. We've talked about the chakra system before and you have learned that your ego sits in the third chakra (solar plexus), which is also responsible for your confidence and self-esteem (or lack thereof) as well as the one-on-one relationship you have with yourself. This chakra carries the color yellow, the color found least in stores when you go shop for clothing. To wear yellow means: "Hey, look at me glow!" That's just a bit too much attention for the person with low self-esteem.

There are many other reasons that readings are not accurate or complete enough. Listen to the podcast below to get more insight.

To read some of my sample (blind) readings, click here.

Another major reason is that the ego gets involved when reading something or someone else. Let me give you an actual example of someone who sent me a reading they received through an online source. The woman's name is Alex (Alexanda), which is all her reader was requesting. He did not want to know her age, her gender and he didn't know what she looked like. This was requested via online platform. Here is a portion of the actual reading she received in return:

"Hi Alex, it shows that you will be introduced to a woman who you are going to meet through a dinner invite. Go to this because this is where you will meet your soul mate...She's very attractive, but at this point she will take an honest man over looks any day of the week...She is the one...She is rather beautiful and you may find yourself jealous of the attention she does get. She's looking for a man that will treat her right and somebody she can trust. It does show that she's younger than you and it shows she's 35."

The problem with this reading is that the reader assumed that Alex was a man, which was not the case at all. This woman likes men and she is also a very feminine woman. Everything in the reading was completely inaccurate.

I asked her what she did with the reading and she said that she went back to the person and told him that she was not a male but a female who loved men. He responded to her that the reading still applied since all he was doing was read the energy of the situation.

In theory this would be correct as intuitives sometimes read energy but in this case he clearly described clair-voyance abilities. It clearly shows that he was not able to read energy at all or he would not have mistaken her energy for a man and he would not have seen this woman at the age of 35. Where is this 35 year old, beautiful woman, who smiles a lot, coming from??

So what went wrong with the reading?

He assumed that because of the name Alex that she was a man. His ego got involved and his ego then took things from there.

This brings me to 'blind readings.' Blind readings are when you don't know anything other than perhaps the first name and last name initial and perhaps the gender. Or perhaps you disguise the name with initials. This also works for reading companies. Instead of revealing the entire company name, abbreviate the company name. Instead of choosing cities, countries or States, use the first letter only or make it a choice between 1, 2 or 3; or A, B or C.

You can also leave all pertinent information out completely and only look at a picture. I like those the best but this doesn't work if you are reading a person who is well-known. Remember, the moment you know the person your ego gets in the way with its own personal likes and dislikes.

Disguising your readings where you as the reader know nothing or very little, are the best and will leave your ego completely out of the picture.

To read some of my sample (blind) readings, click here.

If you are wanting to go get a reading from someone else, don't give them the full name of the person you are interested in, or the business you want to get into, or the city you want to move to. Simply have the reader share their visions with you. Yes, give them a little bit of information such as: "I want to move. Is location A, B, or C best?" Then make sure that one of these choices means "other."

In other words, if A represents San Francisco, B represents New York and C represents London, then you have put your reader in a corner and not given him the choice of "another city" all together. What if you are not meant to be in either of these cities but you're supposed to move to Italy instead?

So make sure when you get or give blind readings that you always leave the door a bit cracked so the energy can show you all that it sees.

You can also disguise your readings all together. Here is an example.

A couple of days ago I did an Insightful Intelligence Report for an International executive of a multi-million dollar company who asked me this simple question:

"What does [this] look like by [this date]?"

I changed 'this' and left the date blank. The point of this reading is to disguise 'this' into something that makes no sense to me whatsoever but makes all the sense to the person making the request. I had no idea what I was reading other than a symbol of sorts and a 'by-date.'

After I submitted my report and we had our follow-up call, he responded saying:

"Thanks again so much for an amazing reading! The reading was multi-layered and detailed. It wove together different strands that on the surface were unrelated into a cohesive whole. By doing so, it revealed connections and interrelatedness that was not apparent before. Brilliant work."

During the follow-up call he revealed to me what I was reading and my own visions started to make sense and I could connect the dots. Now that the reading had already been done previously without my ego involved, my ego now had no interest or way of putting its own two cents into the mix. I was able to fill in even more blank areas once I understood what the reading was all about.

You can do the same!

If you are interested in reading some of my blind readings visit my Sample Readings here. If you are interested in getting your own Insightful Intelligence Report, you can order it here. I only do one Insightful Intelligence Report per day, so book yours here.

Enjoy today's podcast!

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Thank you so much, Cha~say! These podcasts being me to new heights each time I re-listen to them! There is so much useful, practical, helpful information. Each time there is a new jewel of insight & truth. Blessings.