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Oct 24, 2011
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What Does Physical Sexuality Have To Do With Spirituality?

The short answer is: absolutely nothing and everything.

I could write a book about this topic. Maybe I will. For now, this post and podcast are in response to a question posted by one of my students enrolled in the Happy Relationships course. If you are not a part of this course, here is a 50% discount coupon for you.

He is asking:

"Earlier it was mentioned that a truly spiritual person knows how to utilize all the chakras in a balanced way. I know also it has been said in this course that celibate people think of expressing the lower two chakras as a squandering of spiritual energy. My question is, is it really a squandering, or can people who have a full balance of the body's seven chakras be just as spiritual as those who transmute the lower ones?"

There is no other topic than the the one about physical sexuality that confuses people, makes people see 'red' (literally) and makes people do, see and believe the most stupid things. Why? Simple. Physical sexuality has to do with chakra 1, the root chakra, the base chakra, the very chakra that gives us a sense of (tribal) belonging and survival. It's the 'thing' that makes us feel alive and "in the body," that gives us pleasures and sensations that seemingly can't be obtained any other way than reaching climax. It's also the chakra that keeps our legacy or family tree alive and overall - what keeps our human species survive.

The Number 666
Here is part of my answer to my student's question. I decided to share this with my readers because it's such an important topic. Also make sure to listen to the podcast, which goes into platonic solids, the numbers 666, hell, ether and Spirit coming forth into a world of matter.

In order to understand sexuality one really must understand the base platonic solids. Spirit comes forth from Ether (dodecahedron) and descending through Fire (tetrahedron) until its cooling period in Earth (hexahedron). The basis of all creation is carbon (12), which consists of 6 protons, 6 electrons and 6 neutrons. Aka 666, or the world of satan. Satan aka Saturn. Saturn, which rules Capricorn (which rules the bones) and Aquarius (which rules the mind). It is by no coincidence that Saturn rules both the bones (the most dense material of the human body) while at the same time ruling the mind and the zodiac pouring out sound waves. In other words, it is with your thoughts that you create your physical world. And all things created in the physical world first were created in the mind. No exception.

So what does all this have to do with sexuality and spirituality?

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What Is Spirit(D)uality?
There is no judge in who or what is or is not "spiritual." As the word "spirit(d)ualtiy" implies, Spirit having come forth in a world of duality makes all things, Beings and actions spiritual. Having said that, however, a person in touch with Spirit knows that everything has its consequences (beneficial as well as non-beneficial). When it comes to sexual energy, a person truly in touch with Spirit can see through its purpose: to keep the species going. Period. That's it.

Physical sexuality is not spiritual, it's physical.

What makes physical sexuality seem spiritual is whatever is going on in the mind at that time. In other words, there are no beneficial consequences to physical sexuality other than the species continuing. The whole act is only a deception leading to "spiritual disappointment" as it's impossible to participate in spiritual ascension through physical sexuality.

The Rapist And His Victim
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