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Oct 24, 2011
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What Makes Us Attracted To Each Other?

A podcast listener asked: "What's the common denominator that makes us attracted to some and not others?"

He called back a second time reiterate that he wasn't just interested from a romantic perspective, but wanted to know what the thing is that makes us choose to get to know some and not others.

It's a great question because we have nearly 8 billion people on this planet and while it's impossible to get to know all of our 8 billion fellow travelers, what is it exactly that makes us resonate with some and not others.

Today's podcast is brought to you by Sacred Relationships.


Why It's Important To Know
This is an important question because when you know the answer to this question, you will never look at yourself or your fellow man the same. In fact, you will never look at Nature the same way either. Knowing what exactly makes us attracted or repelled is a knowledge that can set you free from getting sucked into sense-oriented living. Seeing through the illusion of this reality can help you in finding inner peace and getting sacred contracts resolved at high speeds, rather than going from relationship to relationship to working things out the slow and painful way.

Karmic Lessons?

Unresolved issues do need to get worked out. That's why we're here. But there is no reason to do things slowly and to stay in relationships that make us suffer unnecessarily and for prolonged periods of time.

Knowing why we are attracted to another person, whether it's for physical, financial, emotional, mental or spiritual reasons, is important because it gives us the ticket to resolving what needs to be resolved, which in turn helps us evolve on our own journey.

Chemistry, Pheromones or Something Else?

A chemist would say we're attract to others because of chemistry. A biologist may say it's pheromones. An astrologer may say it's all in the stars. Some may say it's karma. Others may say it's the law of attraction. And you may have yet another view point of what this common denominator is that draws us to some and repels us from others.

The Not-So Empty Space

In this podcast I will share about the 'empty space' between the material world, the things you can see. I'll talk about the field of passion and desire. And I'll talk about the difference of what attracts our body temple and the soul.

We'll also talk about reactiveness versus responsiveness. The two things you must understand to stop attracting those with whom you have painful karma to resolve.



Today's podcast is brought to you by Sacred Relationships.
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