Are You Afraid Of Becoming Homeless?

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Dr. Cha~zay

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Oct 24, 2011
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Podcast 062, How I Recovered From Homelessness

Today's podcast is all about how I recovered from sleeping in my car for 7 months.

People often ask me how exactly I did it.

Took many of my lessons and wrapped them into the five-star rated course with thousands of students: Prosperity & Metaphysics.
  • What was my motivation to get back on my feet?
  • Did I suddenly have an insight and my life miraculously changed for the better and I lived happily ever after?
No, not even close.

It was a slow and agonizing way and one I don't wish on anyone. And also one I don't regret. I learned more in 7 months of being homeless than all the years I made lots of money. And those lessons are priceless and I wrapped them into my Prosperity & Metaphysics course so you don't have to hit rock bottom like I did.

Hopefully my sharing a little of my path will encourage those of you who are in a similar situation.

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Golden Sun (LT)
Apr 22, 2014
Hi Dr. Cha~Zay, Thank you for sharing this!
How did you recover from losing hope and faith to wanting to help and coach people again?
Any inner transition or steps you took for this psychiatric rehab?


Silver Moon
Sep 2, 2016
How moving and straight to the point about following our intuition this podcast is! Thank you Dr Cha-Zay for sharing your experience! I love the part depicting the conditions of the first course as it shows that however humble the first step may seem, it can be the start of a huge and invigorating adventure...
I was listening to your podcast while working and I was moved because it echoes with what the people I'm working on told me. They went through various painful experiences and it took them years to rebuild an identity, since they say they had lost contact with "who" they used to be at some point in their life. Some of them have started again from scratch. And though the process of building oneself involves a lifetime, they all testify that they didn't turn to other people to reconstruct: they went deep down themselves to get in touch with values they had left behind them while they were busy coping with their career issues. Then they all distanced from their friends and relatives -even the closest ones-, and after a while, they came back to "society", but in a very different way: they set limits to the relationships in order to honour who they feel they are, deep down, and have learnt to discover and love. And all of them have become more acquainted with their intuition (a word they all use) and are now dedicated to others, avoiding fusion and overwhelming emotions that blur their intuition. Furthermore, most of them, in the last minutes of their interview, mention a spiritual opening.
I wanted to share the first results of my research since it resonates so much... and your testimony gives hope when everything seems to crumble down in us and around us. Thank you Dr Cha-Zay!


Golden Sun (LT)
Jul 26, 2017
Thank you Dr.Cha~zey. Such a hopeful message. Love the reassurance about trusting our intuition no matter what.
I became homeless right after the crumbling of my marriage and I lost my business in the process. I am lucky enough to receive government support because of my young child and I am still depending on social housing, living now in a place that I grew to adore but that isn't big enough for the needs of my daughter and I. We feel caged.
I am also lucky enough to have an wonderful job which brings me lots of joy and lessons despite being low paid. It is also extremely convenient for me since I am a single parent and can't really consistently count on my ex for various reasons.
I have learnt to trust the universe and feel grateful and abundant with very little or even just enough. I also took the opportunity to teach my daughter life lessons that she will never learn in school. Homelessness brought me closer to myself and opened the door for me to take a good look inside and see who I was in there hiding under the layers of social conditioning and illusion.
However, I am feeling a shift is necessary. I still have a lot of layers to shed and I am feeling the pressure to take action and take control.
Will definitely be taking the course soon.