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Oct 24, 2011
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Lina asked the fabulous questions: "What is time and space? And why do children have such a hard time understanding the concept of time?"

In this podcast we are discussing the basic principles of alchemy.


When you understand the journey of Spirit having come from ether into this material world we call 'matter,' you also understand the spiritual journey that each and everyone of us is undertaking to return Spirit from the world of matter to the world of ether by means of rising up through the chakra system.

We will discuss basic chemistry to help us understand this alchemical journey Spirit is undertaking while riding the waves of what we know as time and space.

We talk about unfolding the hexahedron to help us understand some misconceptions, such as the number 666. And I will tell you exactly what these numbers stand for and that there is nothing to fear - other than the addiction to matter.


You will get a few Aha moments as the pieces of what time and space really are, and how we can crucify our own addictions to the flesh, by turning the hexahedron inside out to getting to the template of time and space, which is nothing more than the cross.

Wishing you a wonderful journey!

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Golden Sun (LT)
Apr 22, 2014
Thanks Dr. ChaZay. This is a great podcast! Yes I look forward to a course of spirituality...:love: I would like to learn about how to ascend from the 4 densest bodies in more depth and details.
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Allyria Lai

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Apr 4, 2016
Taipei, Taiwan
How do the sacred geometric shapes relate to and influence our lives?
How do you balance the chakras?
How do you know when your mind is creating instead of observing?
What does being authentic mean?
What are the laws of the universe?

I'm seeking answers to those questions. They could be covered in a spirituality course.
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Golden Sun (LT)
Jul 18, 2014
Thank you so much for doing this Dr. Cha~Zay!!!!

It certainly answered some fundamental questions that I had and brought peace to my core.
How great it would be if the majority of us broke/renounced the pattern of fabricated "time-frame" and lived in rhythm instead.
It takes a paradigm shift I suppose.
And this is what we are doing here, I suppose. Energetically contributing to the paradigm shift by changing the perspective in our own personal coordinates in space-time, which, then, is communicated as information and potential to the rest of the universe.

Thank you again Dr. Cha~Zay, and it's always an immense pleasure seeing you and listening to you, no matter what the topic is.


P.S. Andrea, yes, that was me :)