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Oct 24, 2011
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Do Time and Space Have an Equation?

Podcast 069

Edmond asked a wonderful question in response to a previous podcast about What Is Time & Space?

Today's podcast is in response and is all about self inquiry, timelessness, silence and solitude.

Where does wisdom come from?

From much talk or from silence?

Listen or watch today's podcast and make sure you stay tuned to the end where I'll give you a 1-week challenge.

Below, please comment on what you think time and space are and whether or not they have an equation.

Is it important that you and I know the equation?

If yes, why?

If not, what is important?



Golden Sun (LT)
Apr 22, 2014
I have been talking less for quite a while. I intentionally avoided most of the chit chatting with friends or colleagues.

It was uncomfortable at the beginning that I was feeling surppressed. After a while, the desires to speak are greatly reduced.

As a result, my desires to meet or hang out with friends are greatly reduced too. I can talk to nobody for days or even longer...This is not hard to me tho, as I am naturally introverted. I had to push myself to be social and "practice" small talks, and now I found no reason to continue doing so.

I expected solitude would have improved my well-being, but I feel I am weighting down by dark energies sometimes. It's harder to exert energies to make voice now.

These are some of the changes I experienced.