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Dr. Cha~zay

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Oct 24, 2011
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Stopping the Reincarnation Cycle

Podcast 070

Or watch the podcast below.

Today's podcast is all about the cycle of life and death, and then life again, or how to get off the roller coaster of the seeming ongoing cycle of reincarnation.

One of our audience members asked how to stop coming back to this world where there seems to be so much suffering.

As a person with three near-death experiences, one of which was an attempted suicide, my version of life-and-death is perhaps a bit different than most people who base their opinions on beliefs and what they were taught in Sunday school. My sharing comes from my experiences, not that my experiences are the holy grail of what's to come after this life is over. It's not. My sharing is simply that - me sharing my experiences - in the hopes that you can think of your own experience here on Earth, and what you would like to see for yourself as you make your exit, hopefully not before you've lived a long, happy, healthy, and productive life.

What I can tell you about the life-death-life cycle is that for as long as you are tired, fed up, defeated, hurt, angry, spent and depleted of this seeming existence here on this planet, you have not yet understood your life's curriculum. Yes, I'm talking about the lessons you've designed for yourself, prior to showing up here.

You are armed with all the skills, tools, and have at your disposals all of the helpers that you need, in order to graduate from this time here with flying colors - as the saying goes.

The only reason your life, and this world, feels like it's not going anywhere, what's this about anyways, why is there so much suffering, and on and on go the never-ending questions, is because you haven't found all of the unique gems (skills) you have come to share with a very hungry and desperate world.

The fact that you ask questions about life-death-life cycles is that you innately know that there is 'something' after you leave your body behind, and you want to know not only that you'll free yourself from this four-layered body suit with a job well done, but that you can spare yourself another turn here in this fairly 'primitive' dimension.

Listen to this podcast or watch the video below and let's see what can be done about making this turn the last one, or at least, a more pleasant one.
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Golden Sun (LT)
Jul 18, 2014
Me, I like it very much here on Earth.
It's a BEAUTIFUL planet, and it has potatoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!