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Oct 24, 2011
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Financial Integrity for Online Course Creators

Podcast 074

Online course creators run a digital content business and financial integrity for taking student funds for not-yet created courses is of paramount importance.
  • Should you let students pre-enroll for courses you haven't even created yet?
  • What if you can't deliver and run into personal or technical difficulties?
  • How far in advance is open-enrollment appropriate?
  • When and on what should you use funds from pre-enrolled students?
  • If you have to issue refunds for any reasons, what will you do?
Let's discuss matters of energy and how your levels of integrity permeate through your courses, adding and affecting your student's experience.

As a best-selling online course creator with nearly 40,000 students from 164 countries and over 40 courses, let me share with you some of my ground rules as they apply to ethics and integrity when it comes to online course creation.