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World Watch Out - When a Total Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon and Blue Moon Coincide

In just two days the world is experiencing a total lunar eclipse, a super moon and also a blue moon. This hasn't happened in 150 years and it's a big deal, not only from an astronomy's point of view.

Many of my dowsing students have asked if they should put their crystals and pendulums out this full moon, since it's a total lunar eclipse an all, and I'm glad they asked.

But before I answer that question, here are some links for those who are interested in the facts and figures of this rare total lunar eclipse.

What's a Blue Moon?

By the way, you know the saying: "Once upon a rare blue moon?"

We call a full moon a blue moon when there are two full moons in one month. The last full moon was January 1st. This upcoming full moon will be January 31st. Hence the term, blue moon.

What's a Super Moon?

A full moon at its closest orbital point to Earth is called a super moon. This particular one can appear 14-30% larger than a regular full moon.

Where Can I See The Total Lunar Eclipse?

Here are a few sites for those who want to know more:
  • NASA about the super moon trilogy. Yep, this upcoming super moon is the last of 3. The previous two were December 3rd, January 1st and this upcoming one on January 31st.
  • YouTube has a video where you can watch the total lunar eclipse online.
  • This Lunar Calendar page will show you exactly if and when you can watch the total lunar eclipse where you live. Just enter your country at the top right and then choose your city. It will give you the exact time and degree of all the phases of the moon.

How Do Eclipses Affect Us?

Everyone is affected differently by solar and lunar eclipses. The word 'lunatic' comes from the word luna, which is Italian for moon. Ask any ER doctor or nurse and they'll confirm that any full moon brings out the 'ugly' in people. You can dismiss the power of the moon in people all together or you can acknowledge that the moon rules ebb and flow for this entire planet. Given that our body is mostly water (some more than others), wouldn't any person with a shred of common sense realize that a rock as large as the moon affecting a body as large as Earth's oceans would also affect the little bit of water inside our bodies?

Now that we have this out of the way, let's talk full moon, eclipses and energy.

You may want to start an "eclipse diary" of sorts and write down what big things you are dealing with and then keep tabs of what's happening to those things a few days, weeks and months later. Over time you will find a pattern and it will most likely be a pattern of drastic changes that are instigated but perhaps are not coming to fruition until a little later. That moment in time, however, of that particular change, was usually "caused" by an eclipse.

Look at the word: ECLIPSE

E-CLIPS - as in energy is getting clipped.

We can kick and scream and refuse to let go or we can come to peace that whatever is worn out and ready to be tossed away can now be transmuted, transcended or transformed. Whatever the case, clipping away energy can be uncomfortable when we're not ready to say 'good bye' just yet. Change, good or bad, always brings with it some bitter sweetness and also brand new opportunities.

How Do Solar Eclipses Differ from Lunar Eclipses?

Energetically speaking we can look at the sun and moon as masculine and feminine or inner (moon) and outer (sun) or the persona you show to the world (sun) and the person you truly are within (moon). We can look at the sun as the 'doing' part of you and the moon the 'being' part of you. Astrologically speaking the sun may be the persona we show to the world and the moon is where our heart's treasures are, our emotions, our longings. Some might say the sun has to do with men and the moon with women.

Whatever you resonate with, apply the solar eclipse to that part and the lunar eclipse to the other part. Energies in those areas are ready to be let go of, transmuted, transcended, transformed. You have a unique chance and opportunity to work with the energies of the Universe (quite literally) to help you get rid of unwanted, outworn and useless energies and situations in your life.

If you're willingly making this change, you can learn to tap into these energies on a bi-weekly basis and ride the wave of all of the phases of the moon and the sun. In doing so you can become a manifestor on super drive.

If you're not willing to let go, your changes will bring discomfort and pain and probably some tears.

Astrology and Eclipses - Taking a Historic View

I spent these past few months working with a new astrologer looking over all of the significant situations in my life. I'm in my 50s now and the great thing about being "over the hill," as the saying goes, is that hindsight brings with it a different perspective. We discovered that every time a significant event happened in my life, it was due to a new moon, full moon, or an eclipse.

We can't say that every lunar eclipse affects everyone in this way or that way. It's not that easy. While the entire world is effected by the eclipse per se, it's also important to look and see what planets these eclipses affect in our personal template. A total lunar eclipse affect your Pluto may be completely different than the same lunar eclipse affecting someone else's Saturn. A good astrologer can help you make sense of the specific areas that each eclipse causes in your personal life.

Or, you can tune in, get in touch with the sun (via neutrinos) and the moon (via your body's water) and get the information directly from them. Don't forget to tune into the others as well (Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, Mercury, Venus, Neptune, etc.). If you're intuitive enough this shouldn't be a problem. Rise above the grids of this planet as it's just too dense, and you'll have unrestricted access to the waves that surround this planet.

These stellar events carry with them some form of magic wand that everyone is exposed to, whether you're aware of it or not.

As I said before, eclipse means to clip energy. To clip something away that is no longer of use is essential to our journey here as human beings. You can also look at this process as a pruning process. Just like the tree may be hurting to have its branches trimmed, it is essential in order for it to bear fruit next year around.
The same applies to us.

What To Do During an Eclipse

Now that you have a different outlook on eclipses you can choose to work with the eclipse to bring about positive change or you can be like everyone else - just watch the event in the sky and unbeknownst to you line up for a celestial pruning session. The choice is yours.

Personally I am so sensitive to energies already that going among people is not without difficulty. For those that have been in my EFT courses and Dowsing courses, you've heard me share about how to expand and protect your intuition. The moon and the sun are key players in developing and protecting your intuition. So, no, I do not go outside to watch a solar or lunar eclipse and I do not put my crystals or pendulums out in the moon light during an eclipse. The only exception would be the pendulum I use for transcendental dowsing and one that is meant to cleanse and remove energies.

There are a few things I do to catch a ride of this very power wave.

Become a Deliberate Creator

Eclipses are powerful celestial times to helping you become a deliberate creator, especially for things you are ready to let go of.

You know the wrecking ball that construction workers bring in to demolish an old house? I must be destroyed before a new one can be built. Look at the lunar and solar eclipse as a giant 'wrecking ball' to helping you clear the slate, remove obstacles and outworn attitudes and character traits. This is the perfect time to get rid of what's no longer serving you, especially as it relates to character traits, lack of confidence, bad attitudes, fear of loss, fear of poverty, lack of love, unforgiveness and other energies that have been holding you back. This also includes people and relationships.

Remember that the sun is related to your outer personality and to 'doing' and the moon is related to your inner personality, your feelings and emotions and your 'being' personality.

I write a small list of things I no longer need or want in my life. I always leave a blank line in between each item so later on I can write down what became of this situation. This makes for interesting reading time down the road.

I start the list with "I am ready to clip away..." and I end the list with "and so it is, so it is, so it is." I place this list outside on my balcony table where it can catch the moonlight. If no direct moon light reaches your list, no worries. It's not about direct exposure as much as it's about your readiness to acknowledge the powers that are available to you.

I fix the list under a pyramid to make sure it doesn't fly away at night (which happened before). If it's raining I place the list in a sealable plastic baggie.

The next morning choose what you do with this list. Tuck it away in a box and review it a few years down the road. Keep it handy and write down any changes that happen along the way. You'll be amazed...
  • Have a relationship that is no longer serving all involved?
  • Have unwanted excess weight or water that won't let go?
  • Any debts you're ready to pay off once and for all (or be forgiven)?
  • Any housemates or neighbors or landlords you've outgrown?
  • Are you renting and ready to buy a house?
  • Working for someone else and ready to let that go to start your own business?
  • Ready to let go of a worn-out or abusive relationship?
  • Health related issues, allergies or other physical issues you're ready to kick to the curb?
  • Any technological items you are ready to trade in (including your car)?
  • Any personality traits you don't like about yourself?
  • Any issues with anger, patience, lack of kindness?
  • Any dietary changes you want to make or foods/drinks you no longer want in your life?
  • Any grudges to let go of?
Whatever you can think of, eclipses are like giant pruning clippers with lots of celestial power to helping you bring about a radical, and often permanent change.

Be Patient

If you've never worked with the sun or the moon to bringing you things and helping you 'get rid' of things, this may feel weird and it may take a time or two before you see the changes appear swiftly and surprisingly. As soon as you get the hang of it, these two (sun and moon) will work so fast in your life that you will think not once, not twice, not even three times, but dozens of times before you put something or someone on that list.

Why? Because these removal of energies are permanent.

Be patient because if I know one thing from my own experience with these two power bodies, it's that the bigger the change request you are making, the more your entire life is getting rattled and shifted permanently. So much so that people you haven't seen in a long time may look at you and wonder where the 'old' you went. Even remnants of the old you seem to get completely transmuted.

The good news is that you can choose to mold yourself into whomever you want and create the life that YOU want.

Be Careful What You Ask For

Lastly, you must be utterly careful what you ask for. Your word is law and if you haven't seen any evidence of this yet, it's because you have been waving your magic wands like a mad-man or mad-woman. You're shooting blanks - without aim, focus or concentration. Not knowing the slightest bit about manifesting with the powers available to you is what's causing us not to be able to create what we long for. Once you do, you create with deliberate intent and ever-so carefully because you know that not just your life is about to change, but the lives of those whom you influence.

Your list cannot just be about your own selfish needs as that would show ignorance and lack of vision and wisdom. When you are truly ready to work with the powers available to you, more is given to you at a much quicker pace and sometimes your manifestations come to you so quickly that even you are surprised. Don't be. It's your new way of living and existing.

Rule wisely and with love and kindness - this is your life and your kingdom. And your reign affects everyone around you.

Happy clipping!

Work With Energies

For those that are ready to take your work with energy to the next level, you may be interested in the following courses. Each course has an introductory video:
See you in class!

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If you're willingly making this change, you can learn to tap into these energies on a bi-weekly basis and ride the wave of all of the phases of the moon and the sun. In doing so you can become a manifestor on super drive.
I'm ready. There's a lunar eclipse tonight in my hemisphere. I'll see you on the other side.

Or, you can tune in, get in touch with the sun (via neutrinos) and the moon (via your body's water) and get the information directly from them. Don't forget to tune into the others as well (Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, Mercury, Venus, Neptune, etc.). If you're intuitive enough this shouldn't be a problem. Rise above the grids of this planet as it's just too dense, and you'll have unrestricted access to the waves that surround this planet.
I will do this.
Rising above all of them, too, when needed.

I appreciate this post so much. A list will be put out tonight.
Thank you.

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