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By Cha~zay Sandhriel, Ph.D.
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Heads-up – if you area easily depressed or discouraged by facts, or excessively worried about the unknown future ahead, then you may not want to read this article. If, however, you are interested in finding a spark of inspiration in the face of a world bracing itself for what’s to come, then keep reading.

If you are anything like me, then you are not surprised at all to hear of yet another strain of flu that is killing the elderly and the sick. I don’t usually write about these things but given that this Corona Virus has become a pandemic and is about to blow up in humanity’s face, and will be affecting millions of people in just a few weeks’ and month’s time, it is the perfect moment to write about not only this virus, but the ones to come. At the same time, we must also look at the facts and realize that the media is doing a pretty darn good job in scaring the living daylights out of unassuming people. I'm hoping that I can help you reduce some of that fear, while at the same time help you take a look at the bigger picture.

Some Stats and Facts

First a few stats about viruses, pollution and global death tolls. Then we’ll bring the puzzle pieces together to get a more complete bird’s eye view.

Did you know that every year 7 million people die from the pollution related causes?

Main top 5 causes for air pollution are:

  • Industry
  • Transportation
  • Forest Fires
  • Radiation
  • Aerosols (spray bottles and spray cans)

Main effects (on humans) of air pollution are:

  • Hair damage (radiation)
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Anxiety
  • Eye and Mucous Membrane Irritation
  • Nervous System Damage
  • Respiratory Diseases
  • Cardiovascular Damage
  • Liver Damage
  • Spleen Damage
  • Blood Damage
  • Skin Damage
  • Bone Damage
  • Intestinal Damage
  • Reproductive System Damage

The article might as well have stated: the entire human being is negatively affected by pollution.

These damages are caused by Troposepheric Ozone, Particulate Matter, Sulfur Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Benzopyrene, etc.

Looking at the worlds most populated countries in the world:

  1. China (30%)
  2. United States (15%)
  3. India (7%)
  4. Russia (5%)
  5. Japan* (4%)

*According to ActiveSustainability, Japan is the biggest consumer of fossil fuels in the world.

To see a list of all countries’ emissions, click here.

According to the WorldPopulationReview, Europe is the third largest area responsible for pollution. However, each country within Europe has its own laws and therefore varies in degree. To see the full list of ‘most pollution’ to ‘least pollution,’ click here.

Some wonderful maps showing ‘highest and least’ in terms of pollution, deaths caused by pollution, etc., can be viewed here.

The Virus Cycle on a Global Basis

Back to the Corona Virus and China. It should come to no one’s surprise that this strain of flu has come out of China, the country with the most people, strange eating habits and questionable hygiene practices. Intuitively I do see the next deadly virus to come from China as well, somewhere between 2022 and 2025. This strand will be more deadly than any of the previous viruses, unless someone is coming up with a cure in time. Even then, we keep delaying the inevitable.

Historically speaking, the world has always had cycles of epidemics and pandemics, each time wiping out a significant part of the population. By the way, a Pandemic, such as the Corona virus, is an Epidemic that spreads throughout the world. An Epidemic is an outbreak of a disease throughout several communities. An Endemic, such as Malaria, is a disease that affects only a certain region.

Here is just a small list of some of the largest population reductions humanity has experienced over the last 2,000 years.

  • 5-10 million died from the Antonine plague (possibly smallpox) between 165-180 (Roman Empire)
  • 25-50 million (40% of the population) died from the Justinian plague (Bubonic Plague) between 541-542 (Europe, Egypt, West Asia)
  • 75-200 million (30-60% of the population) died from the ‘Black Death’ (Bubonic Plague) between 1331-1353 (Europe, Asia, North Africa)
  • 5-15 million (80% of the population) died from the Cocoliztli epidemic (possibly Salmonella) between 1545-1548 (Mexico)
  • 2-2.5 million (50% of population) died from Cocoliztli epidemic (possibly Salmonella) between 1576-1580 in Mexico.
  • 30-90% of the population died from the ‘1616 New England Epidemic’ between 1616-1619 (Southern New England)
  • 2 million died from the ‘1772 Persia Plague’ in 1772 (Persia)
  • 1 million died from ‘Cholera’ between 1852-1860 (originating in India, spreading to Asia, Europe, Africa and America)
  • 1 million died from the ‘Flue Pandemic’ between 1889-1890 (worldwide)
  • 800,000 died from ‘Cholera’ between 1910-1911 (originating in India, spreading to the Middle East, North Africa, Easter Europe and Russia)
  • 5 million died from ‘Encephalitis’ between 1915-1926 (worldwide)
  • Nearly 100 million died from the ‘Spanish Flu’ between 1918-1920 (worldwide)
  • 2 million died from the ‘Asian Flu’ between 1957-1958 (worldwide)
  • 1 million died from the ‘Hong Kong Flu’ between 1968-1969 (worldwide)
  • Since 1976 over 36 million have died from the HIV/AIDS pandemic (worldwide); it is estimated that an additional 31-32 million are currently HIV infected.
  • 203,000 died of the ‘2009 Flu Pandemic’ in 2009 (worldwide)

This list obviously does not contain the hundreds of millions that have died at the hands of war and genocide. That’s an entirely differently topic, although very much related to Nature’s cycle of life as well.

There are countless more diseases that have spread throughout the world over the centuries and you can view the list here. I have listed only those with the largest death toll to give you an overview and to make a point. Pay in particular attention to the words in parenthesis and you will notice that these pandemics first were localized to a specific region of the world and then turned to ‘worldwide’ events.

1928 – Discovery of Antibiotics

Although it is believed that ancient Egyptians placed moldy bread on infected wounds, pointing towards their understanding of the healing powers of fermentation, it was not until 1928 that the first antibiotics (Penicillin) was not discovered by Alexander Fleming, Professor of Bacteriology at St. Mary's Hospital in London.

Viruses SpreadWorldwide

If you go back over the list above, you will notice two things. The locations (in parenthesis) change from region to worldwide around 1915. This also happens to be the time the first passenger flights were scheduled. I found somewhat conflicting information about what is actually considered the first commercial flight, so I am listing three of the sources here:

  • January 1, 1914: The world’s first scheduled commercial passenger flight took place when Antony Habersack Jannus piloted a St. Petersburg–Tampa Airboat Line Benoist Type XIV flying boat from St. Petersburg to Tampa, Florida. The passenger was St. Petersburg’s mayor, Abraham C. Pheil. (Source: This Day in Aviation)
  • February 25, 1914: Demonstration flight with 16 passengers onboard (Elliot Air Service). (Source: Wikipedia)
  • On 25 August 1919, AT&T began the world's first daily international passenger air service launched, from London to Paris. (Source: Aerosociety)

Travel by Ocean Liners

Before people traveled Internationally by plane, they traveled by passenger ship and cruise liners. An ocean liner is a passenger ship used primarily to transport people across seas and oceans. The first ocean liners were built in the mid-19th century. Before large ocean liners transported people across oceans, however, there was something called the ‘Black Ball Line,’ which started in 1818 and was a fleet of sailing ships that offered passenger services, primarily between England and the United States. (Source: Wikipedia)

Tying Together The Puzzle Pieces

If you go back over the list of Pandemics above, you will notice a direct correlation between region-based epidemics and the switch from epidemic (regional) to pandemic (worldwide). You will also see a direct correlation between the high number of deaths to the drastic reduction in the death toll related to epidemics, which was the result of the discovery of Penicillin in 1928.

While historically speaking the world has seen a population increase and then a natural periodic, yet massive decrease in its population, humanity’s interference in Nature’s natural cycle has brought a seeming end to the massive death toll through natural causes. This is an illusion, however, since Nature will ultimately always triumph over her creations and much like water will find a way to get through it, over it, under it or around any obstacles, Nature will create new strains of viruses and bacteria to reduce her creations in an effort to maintain her balance.

Corona Virus vs Ebola Virus

One of the reasons I don't want you to get overly paranoid about the Corona Virus is the actual death rate of the Corona Virus, which is between 1% and 4%, depending on who is reporting the still unknown facts (CBS News). Whereas the death rate of the Ebola Virus is up to 90% according to the African World Health Organization (WHO). No matter how much the media is blowing the Corona Virus out of proportion, we must keep in mind that the Corona Virus is just another strand of the flu, which has a mortality rate of less somewhere between 1% and 2%, and statistically speaking affects the elderly or those with underlying health challenges. If you are not an elderly person and/or do not suffer from an underlying health issue, even if you do get the flu or the Corona Virus, your immune system will most likely fight the condition like any other flu. This doesn't mean that you need to be careless, prudence and safety precautions are still necessary as with any other ailment that is contagious.

Finding the Purpose of the Human Journey

I know, I know, as people we want to throw up our hands and combat aging and illness, and there are few who can accept that the body does not belong to us but to Nature herself. It is Spirit and our Soul that we carry with us when our body has run its course, at least for this particular life time. Any men and women of true, inner power has always guided humanity towards its inner wisdom and the evolution of the soul, not the evolution of the body, which belongs not to us but to Nature.

China's One-Child Policy

Although China implemented its one-child policy in 1979 to prevent the 970 million people (at that time) to grow out of control, it was initially set in place as a temporary measure, which has prevented approximately 400 million births since enforcement of this policy. However, in October 29th, 2015, this policy was ended, mostly due to the fact that 30% of the Chinese population is now over 50 years of age and there are too few young people to replace and aid the older generation. As a result of this policy change in 2015, China’s population today has grown to a staggering 1.38 billion people. (Source: Investopedia)

With China definitely not making the most hygienic places to live in the world, and the fact that it has been rated ‘most polluted country of the world,’ it is no wonder that countless diseases are coming, and continue to come, from China.

There is also the possibility that countries combating such population growth will take active steps to reduce its population. I am in no way saying that it is so, I am merely stating that some do believe that China knew of the Corona virus before it ever broke out. You can read this article here, which was generously sent by one of my readers. Also consider the staggering number of people over 50 years of age in China, and the fact that the Corona virus seems to target the elderly and those with existing health conditions. Coincidence or by design? Maybe, maybe not. When you research these things always consider the source and their goal. If the source is of questionable quality and the goal is to spread fear or anger only, without also giving suggestions on how to make the best of a terrible situation, then you may want to think twice about allowing unjustified fear to creep into your mind. In general I don't subscribe to conspiracy theories, not because I don't believe that they hold some truth, but because it's often times speculation and therefore a waste of my precious time, and because ultimately it's just more ‘noise‘ and a distraction that keeps me from doing my work.

This article could be considered such a distraction, if it were not for the intent to help you ask deeper questions and by also giving you a heads-up and some solutions (see below).

Taking Nature by the Scruff of the Neck

Sadly, much like humanity has attempted to take Nature by the scruff of the neck by combating her cycles with Pencillin and other medications, these chemical and pharmaceutical companies are only adding insult to injury by taking Nature into the laboratory in a vain attempt to dissect her and then to reassemble her in a ‘much improved’ way. The level of human arrogance and disrespect knows no boundaries, and Nature is adjusting her ways to reclaim her creations by inventing more resistant bugs, more resistant viruses and by defrosting her ice caps, under which lie dormant a number of deadly viruses. No matter how long it takes her, she will triumph.

The control of over-population has been in the steady hands of Nature. But with humanity having taken over the steering wheel, society has no idea of the fury that it has unleashed. We may be scared to death of viruses such as Ebola, AIDS or the Corona virus, we have yet to brace ourselves to what’s getting ready to be unleashed that lies beneath the frozen sheets of ice in the ice capped regions of the world. Ebola and the Corona virus are Nature’s mild heads-up announcement of what’s to come.

What I See Ahead

Whenever you read predictions, premonitions or anything related to a possible future outcome, it is always important to take the information with a big bolder of salt. The information I'm about to share with you is no exception. I see potential strands of energy and paths ahead, usually with the most likely scenario being the most dense and in some case the most likely scenario also being illuminated. However, because we are talking about the future, which involves other people, all of whom have free will, any prediction can change, for the better or worse, or not come to pass at all. Do not get hung up on dates, places, names or anything else that is directly tied to linear time and space, which does not exist in the ethereal realm of reality. Your job is to consider the information and then to let it go while focusing on your current reality, which is the only indicative needed to determine your future, which will arrive all by itself when the time is right.

  1. I have shared in my book, I’m Dying, that I see more viruses to come. I see that this particular Corona virus will affect nearly 100 million people before a vaccine will be found, later this year or next year. Shortly after, around 2023-2025 (?) a new strain of virus will come out of China, one that will make the Corona virus look like a simple nose sniffle. Again, the date could change or a new decision and change of heart could prevent the next outbreak. Don't get hung up on dates, they're not important in actuality.
  2. There is another virus rising up that currently lies beneath the second ocean underneath the Pacific. A massive oceanic earthquake will be sufficient to crack the crust, leaving deadly gases to pierce the ocean floor, causing massive deaths to ocean life. This event causes the fumes of this hidden virus to rise to the surface and when coming in contact with our atmosphere humanity will suffer greatly. I do not have a time line but this does feel very much like an extinction level situation, one my generation will most likely not live to experience.
  3. There is another airborne virus that I see being created that will cause even more deaths than anything the world has seen before, but this one is related to an accidental event happening between a solar flare, the world’s ozone layer, the world’s pollution and some virus that has been brought to Earth from outer space (Mars?) The effects of the virus look like snow crystals on the ground and its spores are poisoning people's lungs everywhere. I see two test tubes, one in the US and one in Northern Russia, maybe Siberia. I don’t see which one will ‘crack’ and cause the devastation, but I’m sensing a massive earthquake involved, which leads me to logically believe that this event may get initiated in the US. There are several paths still visible for the unfolding of this particular unfolding. Whatever is happening here is not anyone’s fault, except the fact that these outer-worldly ‘samples’ should never have made it to this world to begin with. I wish people would stop visiting Mars and taking things from Mars back. There is something so incredibly toxic on Mars – toxic to life on our planet – that nothing good can come from it. Again, perhaps in the bigger picture of things this is all part of maintaining population control on Earth.

We Must Know the ‘Cause

Although I have taken my book off the shelf for the time being, because there really is no point in scaring people, perhaps this article can make people think about the bigger picture of life. This is an article about ‘Cause and Effect,’ not about viruses and the deaths they cause.

Humanity is by and large an arrogant species whose been given two magic wands: the ability to think and the ability to choose – which is hopefully based on our ability to think. With these two gifts the two most difficult things for humans to do is to choose right and to live with the consequences when we do not. Sadly, giving these two magic wands to humans is like giving a scalpel and a gun to a toddler. Alternately placing one hand in its mouth and waving the other hand without the ability to aim is how humanity is behaving towards each other, animals, plants, our water and air supply and the world itself – without regard for anything or anyone except themselves, and even that is questionable.

Ascension, Descension, Lateral Moves, Stagnation

Few people realize that this planet and this third dimension is one big playground where humans at this time have come to sharpen their skills, to think and choose right and to practice compassion and understanding, which is what the next dimension is all about, at least for those who move on. Remember, just like we can move up in a job, we can also make a lateral move or no move at all. We can also be demoted, get laid off or even fired. The same, and more, apply to life after death. Your next move depends entirely on how you live this life and how you treat your body, mind and each other, which you have been entrusted with for this particular journey.

Finding Compassion Within

There are too few people on this planet who have true compassion for all life on earth. Some are compassionate towards other humans or specific groups within the whole race, such as children, the elderly, the handicapped or the less fortunate. But they still eat meat and fish and can’t comprehend that our fellow travelers are just as much in the process of becoming as we are. Still others neither give a darn about anyone else or themselves, which is shown by the increase in drug intake, alcohol and medication intake, including social drugs.

Life – The Great Buffet of Choices

Your life is like a buffet of experiences, offered to you by the world at large. We get to have any and all experiences we so choose. Like with a regular food-based buffet, most will overeat on this buffet as well and then complain when life doesn’t go right for them. They throw themselves into unclean living, waste resources, share themselves in the most degrading ways, and pollute their own bodies because they do not have the ability to think of their actions’ consequences ahead. And they completely forget that Nature has the final say by holding the final string that makes us live out the consequences of our own actions. This goes for humanity as a collective and for each and every single one of us as individuals.

Let's not forget that the consequences of ‘cause and effect’ permeate time and space. If you think you or someone else dodged a bullet this time, think again. The bullets (outcome) of our own weapons (actions) are always flying back towards us. Sometimes we have to wait a lifetime or two, before the bullet boomerangs back to us.

Nature's Right to Respond

The precious gift of free will permits us to act as we choose. However, it is Nature’s right to react and respond to our choices; and she does so sometimes slowly and gracefully, always giving us time to course-re-direct; and other times she responds swiftly and painfully.

Some have learned a long time ago not to defy Nature but to work with her. She’s our body’s great mother; she knows her own creations. The more you align with her cycles and rhythms, the more intuitive you become and the more answers and solutions you will be given.

We may not be able to prevent these viruses from breaking out and we may not be able to save the whole world. Perhaps this is not even our job at all. We do have the power, however, to change and save ourselves, even though at times it may be too late for the body we wear for this particular life time. Remember, life goes on, even without body. And by doing so, we silently and yet powerfully affect those whose lives we touch and give them permission to do the same. You don’t have to lead a revolution or invent the next cure – you just have to decide to make some subtle (or radical) changes in your own life.

Making a Personal Choice

I was heart-broken when I first moved to the United States and for the first time heard the term “landfill.” I didn’t understand the concept until someone drove me there to see an actual landfill. I stood there crying while smelling the toxic air around the landfill area where massive tractors were shoving trash underneath the soil. I asked the person who brought me there:

“Where are your cities’ burn facilities?”

“What about the health of the earth?”

“What about the future consequences on the planet and our health?”

The person just asked:

“What do you mean?”

I said:

“A country so progressive and yet it doesn’t even have burn facilities. Why not?”

After a few decades in the US, I decided to sell my car and move to the mountains of Switzerland. Public transportation is bar-none one of the best in the world. No car needed, although because of where I live, I did get a scooter. I spend roughly $8 a month on gas. If in the future I need another car, hopefully by then a more environmentally friendly solution will be available.

I also haven’t eaten meat in decades and prefer the raw food, 99% vegan diet. I say 99% because I don’t mind the local mountain honey and I also don’t reject the occasional gift box of chocolate, which contains milk and butter.

Of course, there are other ways that I can help keep my economic foot print low. Instead of harsh chemicals I use apple cider vinegar and baking soda to clean my house (and my hair.) I use essential oils and cell salts instead of pharmaceuticals and I use coconut oil on my skin. All products must be cruelty-free, no exceptions.

What About You?

Find your own ways to live your life freely and responsibly. Know that diseases are not ‘bad’ from Nature’s perspective. We only consider her cycles ‘bad’ when people or livestock are negatively affected. These are necessary and natural events that keep her creations in balance – the strongest vehicles survive, the weakest are ready to transition and move on. Do your part, be kind to all and remember that our next evolutionary step of unfolding is about compassion for all. Activate your levels of empathy, understanding and acceptance for all creations, which will open the door to true compassion. In doing so, the more inner peace you will experience. Peace and inner freedom in turn promote a happy person, which in turn promotes kindness towards all. And kindness, after all, is love in action.

Happy journeying!

Additional links to research and interviews regarding the Biological Weapons, Corona Virus, etc.:

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