Are you an Online Course Creator, or would you like to be?

Then knowing how to create effective promo videos is essential to your course success!

What Is An EFFECTIVE Promo Video?

Promo videos don’t have to cost a fortune and they certainly don’t require professional film makers or paid models.

An effective promo video does one thing and one thing only:

It gets the right student to enroll in your course.

More often than not your promo video will never even be watched to the end. So it’s important to sift the right from the wrong student to join your course.

You may not care about what type of student clicks the enroll button, as long as you’re making the sale.

I beg to differ!

An Online Instructor’s Worst Nightmare

The wrong student will not only be disappointed that he or she enrolled in a course that didn’t meet their expectations, they will ask for a refund, leave a bad review and they will never sign up for another one of your courses, let alone tell their friends about it.

Oh, and no, they will not complete your course either!

I decided to create a free course to help all new and would-be online instructors to create effective promo videos that convert the right students. To join the free course, click here.

The Wonderful Results of an Effective Promo Video

If you want to become a best-selling online instructor then your courses need the following items:

  • High sales conversion rate (from visitor to enrolled student)
  • Active students who interact with the instructor
  • Happy students who leave 5-star reviews
  • Satisfied students who want to refer others to you
  • Ambitious students who can’t wait to complete your course
  • Eager students who are ready to sign up for your next course
  • Generous students who tell others about your course

If your courses are not attracting the right students and you find that your students don’t complete your courses or are asking for a refund or even leave bad reviews, then creating effective promo videos is for you!

An effective promo video sifts the wrong student right from the get-go and assures that the right student enrolls in your course.

It’s FREE!

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