Reason #1 Healers and Coaches Don't Earn Passive Income

Because I see clients face-to-face.

This is an issue of mindset and limited belief, not an actual reality. I want to share with you a few ideas of how you can create passive income streams.

Monica's Story: Going From Trading Time For Money To Earning Passive Income

From $0 Passive Income To $104,025 Per Year – Passively and Automatically!

Spa scene with natural cosmeticsTake Monica, a healer working with essential oils. She frequently gives workshops to her local community where she invites her fellow citizens for an educational, free workshop. During the workshop she lets people smell the essential oils, which they then buy. They also sign up for one-on-one time with her for specific issues they want to discuss. Once they buy from here, they tend to become repeat buyers, which is great all in all. However, Monica became increasingly stressed because this process is a lot of work because she has to constantly book the meeting room, invite new members, and in order for the cycle of finding new clients she has to trade time for money. It's a bottomless pit!

She decided to create a digital “how to” ebook that would get people into a sales funnel by online means. Once they were on her newsletter she gifted them with an ebook with some general tips and tricks of how to use essential oils. Because they were on her mailing list she was able to pre-write and consistently mail out a newsletter with enriching success stories of how to use this oil for which type of situation. People continued to call her for one-on-one coaching sessions, even long distance and eventually from other parts of the world. Once she realized that people are her clients not because of the essential oil but because of her (because they trusted her knowledge), she found the courage to organize an online webinar during which she gave the same presentation that she gives to her local community.

Who would have thought that a topic like essential oils could be taught via online methods even though no one could actually smell the oils!?

create-your-first-passive-income-stream-book-cover-2I've created a free step-by-step guide to show you exactly how to set up your first passive income stream. Click here to get your guide.

We continued to work on putting her next strategy in place, which is to create several courses for different markets while setting up the entire machine completely on auto-pilot.

  • She created a class for parents on how to use essential oils for their children.
  • She created a course for massage therapists on what types of oils to use for their massage clients.
  • She created a course for nurses and caregivers on how to use essential oils for the elderly population.

She sold each of her courses for $95. If you do the math and you calculate one new student per day @ $95 for each of the three courses, she now earned $285 per day completely on auto-pilot. If you multiply that by 365 days per year you'll arrive at $104,025.

What Would You Do With $104,025 Per Year Completely On Auto-Pilot?

moneyThe whole thing was created only one time and then set up so the mechanics of getting her students into her classes became completely automatic! Those interested signed up on her website to get a free essential oils report. From there they were kept up to date on her next webinar, which was also set-up on auto-pilot, and from there she funneled people into the right courses.

Monica's stress level decreased, her time to be able to spend with her family and friends increased and before she knew it she had created multiple and passive streams of income that would bring her a generous income whether she was asleep, awake, on vacation, with a one-on-one client or traveling the world.

Reason #2 Healers and Coaches Don't Earn Passive Income

I'm not a technical person.

Thankfully this is the easy part! At least for me it is and that's why I want to help you. Make sure you get your free download of how to start setting up your automatic sales funnel!

The best part about setting up a passive income stream is that you set it up one time. I love the philosophy that goes like this:

Say it once. Set it. Forget it.

A Student's Story: Too Sick To See Face-to-Face Clients

key-in-puzzleJust recently I found out that a student of mine had become more and more ill. Her lack of health made it difficult for her to continue to see her clients face-to-face. She was deathly afraid of technology and just didn't feel like she was wired to understand any of it. Perhaps you can relate?

Once I showed her just how simple the process was of setting it up one time, she quickly became encouraged and hopeful. It took her less than a week to set up her automatic funnel and she was on her way to getting subscribers!

Here is what she did:

She took advantage of one of what she learned in the free guide (click here to get your own), and created a simple but effective funnel that would allow her to continue being a healer and coach in spite of her body often not cooperating. She used a similar set-up that Monica used but amended it to fit her personality:

  1. She created a freebie.
  2. Because she didn't type and didn't like to write much, she offered a free telephone course instead, which she had pre-recorded with her computer and then uploaded to a free service.
  3. She then announced this free call to her mailing list. She wasn't well enough to hold the course live because she never knew when she fell sick. So automating even this process was a must for her.
  4. During this automated and pre-recorded telephone course she offered people to get into a 3-part series that she sold for $45.
  5. Once they were in the 3-part series she offered them a 7-part series that she sold for $125.

All of these ‘series' were pre-recorded and they built on each other. She went from offering something for free to offering another free introductory course, to offering a basic course and an advanced version. It was as simple as writing a few bullet points, pre-recording her material, uploading it to a free service and then marketing it to her audience completely on auto-pilot.

rat-raceNow instead of agonizing through a one-on-one session with an aching body, she was able to focus on putting her healing business on auto-pilot, thanks to today's technology. And this in turn allowed her to wake up with money in the bank every morning. She answers a few inquiries by email each day from people with pre-enrollment questions and then goes back to taking care of herself. She can take a nap in the middle of the day knowing that when she wakes up she has made more sales.

Her students get to profit from her experience thanks to her being able to set up the entire funnel automatically and in such a way that the entire process runs without her having to push any buttons.

When Life Changes – Are You Ready?

No matter who you are, no matter what type of healing service or product you offer, if you do not have a passive income stream then you're trading time for money. I'm not saying to give up your one-on-one healing sessions. Some of the greatest healing takes place in person. By all means continue seeing clients face-to-face if that is what you want. I would like to see you spread your healing business to a broader audience because in a world of technology there is no reason the whole world shouldn't have access to your healing words, your healing presence and your rays of healing radiation. Give it to them!

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