Dowsing – 30 Do's and Don'ts

by Cha~zay Sandhriel, Ph.D.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced dowser, here is a list of dowsing do's and don'ts that can help you become a more accurate and more effective dowser.

Dowsing Do's

  1. Choose a simple dowsing pendulum that is not programmed by someone else's energy.
  2. Your dowsing pendulum should have a fine tip (and not be round or odd shaped), not too light and not too heavy.
  3. Keep your dowsing pendulum's chain simple (metal makes for easier energy transmission over string, thread or leather).
  4. Cleanse your pendulum, especially when you first get it and after someone else has used it or it has been exposed to too much electro-magnetic frequencies.
  5. Store your pendulum appropriately and keep it away from electronic influences.
  6. Charge your pendulum periodically in sun and moonlight. Use your intuition to show you when and for how long your pendulum needs recharging.
  7. Program your dowsing pendulum to the correct yes, no and maybe directions. Almost every student that takes my dowsing lesson has learned this the wrong way. Once they fix this one issue their dowsing results increase dramatically.
  8. Get in a neutral and detached position when doing a dowsing session. Clouded and wishful thinking questions influence your dowsing outcome.
  9. Ask one thing per dowsing question.
  10. Formulate your dowsing question correctly!
  11. When too close to the issue, ask a dowser friend to dowse for you.
  12. Be realistic when asking dowsing questions and use discernment when applying dowsing. Dowsing is not the holy grail and must be used as a supplemental guidance tool only. Dowsing should never replace the sound advice from a medical professional or financial advisor.
  13. Strive to do good with your pendulum. This includes the questions you are asking and what your overall goal is for using a dowsing pendulum in the first place.
  14. Always honor and respect the free will of others. This means that we never, ever ask a dowsing question about another person who did not give us the explicit, verbal permission to do so. No, it's not enough to ask their spirit or their soul for permission!
  15. Practice daily!

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Dowsing Dont's

  1. Never buy or use a pendulum that has been programmed or blessed by someone else. Sorry, this includes Reiki attunements. Your pendulum is first and foremost a measuring tool, not a transmission tool. When a pendulum is programmed with someone else's energy, it makes it much harder for your pendulum to sift through all of the energy.
  2. Stay away from fancy-shaped pendulums such as Merkabah pendulums, odd-shaped pendulums without a tip, triangular pendulums and pendulums that your intuition is guiding you away from. There are some exceptions but for the most part it is best to work with a simple pendulum.
  3. Do not use a pendulum chain that is also worn as a necklace or a bracelet during the day. For an emergency this is fine, but make your main pendulum one that is stored safely and correctly as instructed in The Art of Dowsing (available on Amazon). Your pendulum chain should be free from added on charms and dangly things.
  4. Do not let others touch and work with your pendulum.
  5. Do not place your pendulum next to TVs, loud speakers and other electronic devices, including microwaves, etc.
  6. Uncharged pendulums that are flat, energetically speaking, have a much harder time to gain momentum during your pendulum sessions. If your pendulum barely moves and gives you only ‘tiny' responses, it could be related to an uncharged or unprogrammed pendulum or to asking an incorrect or misleading question.
  7. Do not work with an unprogrammed pendulum and never ask your pendulum to show you what your yes, no or maybe is. Doing so contradicts the law of entrainment. Work with this law, instead of against it (refer to The Art of Dowsing to learn about this energetic law).
  8. Being attached to a specific situation will almost always give you an unbiased and incorrect dowsing answer. You must practice neutrality and detachment.
  9. Never ask two or more things in one dowsing question. It's impossible for your pendulum to give you one accurate answer when you are really asking two or more things.
  10. Stay away from leading, assumptive and incomplete questioning.
  11. Don't expect to use your pendulum once every few months and give you correct answers. Practice daily!
  12. Do not ask questions that have significant consequences! Questions related to health, finances, home purchases and sales, etc., should first be consulted with a licensed medical or financial professional.
  13. Never, ever overstep the boundary of free will by asking a question about another person for which you have not received the explicit and verbal permission to do so!
  14. Do not use dowsing to do harm onto another.
  15. Do not dowse unprepared. Protect yourself, rise above the Earth's grids for extra neutrality, ask in third-person for extra neutrality, even if you are asking about yourself.

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About The Author

Cha~zay is the author of The Art of Dowsing, The Art of Percentage Dowsing and The Art of Transcendental Dowsing. She has been dowsing since she was a teenager. Today she is a best-selling online facilitator with over 60,000 students from 166 countries. She teaches healing modalities such as dowsing, EFT and intuition development courses as the head instructor at the Core Freedom Academy. She has a Ph.D. in Metaphysical Science and Holistic Life Coaching, is a certified Hypnotist, a Reiki Master and a trained Grief and Suicide Hotline counselor.

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