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Dowsing Course No. 1 – with Cha~zay, Ph.D., C.H.

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Learn How to CLEANCHARGE and PROGRAM Your Pendulum

The Right Way


Most importantly, every new and seasoned dowser wants to get accurate and consistent answers during their dowsing sessions.

Just what exactly promotes accuracy and consistency when dowsing?

What can block the pendulum from responding with the highest possible levels of accuracy and consistently again and again?


Understanding the steps to take before you even begin your dowsing session can greatly reduce temperamental (hit-or-miss), inconsistent or inaccurate response rates.

Learn how to properly cleanse, care for and store your pendulum and how and when to charge your pendulum so you can enjoy your dowsing sessions and proceed with confidence.

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  • Most of all, at the end of this basic dowsing course you will know how to properly clean, store, charge, program and use your dowsing pendulum.

  • Most of all, at the end of this dowsing course you will know how to communicate with your dowsing pendulum properly in order to get accurate dowsing answers.

  • As a result of what you'll learn, you will know how to care for your dowsing pendulum and how to properly store your pendulum.

  • Do's and Don'ts of dowsing and how to troubleshoot your sessions.

  • There are plenty of dowsing practice exercises too!



Whether you want to learn how to use dowsing for business or you're an energy worker wanting to learn how to integrate pendulum use in your practice, this course certainly gets you started on how to use a pendulum the right way.


This course is also ideal for those who have been dowsing on and off still lack the confidence to dowsing daily. This course will answer any questions that you may have about how to improve your dowsing skills.


Finally, countless seasoned dowsers have taken this course and found that their dowsing accuracy and consistency levels have increased dramatically as a result of going back to set up their dowsing foundation correctly.





“Very easy to understand well explained course. I like the practice projects very AWESOME and helps to build your confidence.

The pendulum really does work if you follow her instructions.”

Gary Peglow


“Dr. Cha~zay's instructions are always so clear and detailed. Even though I have been dowsing for a few years, I found Dr Cha~zay to have a different approach and this course, so far, has been so helpful. I am looking forward to taking the next levels.”

Nadia Wrobel


“I am full of gratitude for this course and how well put together and informative it is. I am a beginner so I am open and receptive to the lessons.

I am happy and grateful I am able to attract these lessons for my own personal growth.”

Tomonte Biggers



It is certainly helpful to have a dowsing pendulum. It does not matter what material your pendulum is (crystal, brass, wood, etc.). If you do not have a pendulum, a string and pendant or key will also suffice to take this course.


Although any pendulum will do to help you get started with this course, to help you choose the right pendulum, I will send you a sign-up bonus, which is my eBook about choosing the right crystal for your pendulum.


To prepare your pendulum you will also need a tablespoon of sea salt. While it does not matter what color and consistency the sea salt is (pink, white, grey, etc.), fine or medium fine is preferred. Finally, do not use table salt.


How To Choose Your Pendulum Material

When you register for this basic dowsing course, I'll send you my guide to choosing the right pendulum material so you can choose the dowsing pendulum that you resonate with.



“I am far from an experienced dowser, but I have met a few and after learning from Cha-zay the proper way to “clean” (clear), program and care for the pendulum I've realized that most dowsers are doing it wrong. Especially the programming part, which is essential due to the negative implications of doing it differently.

If you are starting with dowsing, look no further. If you are experienced but have learned to ask the pendulum for the yes/no/maybe, please be humble enough to take this starter course, you won't regret it!

I have loved every bit of it and I am loving every other course she's created. They are incredible! Cha-zay's expertise and kind guidance every step of the way is beyond words! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Eva Tua


“Dowsing was introduced to me approximately a year ago however I really didn't have much to do with it other than ‘having fun', and the reason for this remark is that there were a few of us sitting around a table one day saying ‘give me a go' and we were sharing around a beautiful pendulum and asking different questions – amazed with the answers. WOW, has this subject made me realize the naivety of all us on that particular day, and future ‘Dowsing' episodes. And to be honest, I didn't even know it was called ‘Dowsing' until now!

If there is anybody wanting to learn about Dowsing, you have certainly come to the right course. And for anybody who has been Dowsing for some time, you too have come to the right course. I cannot speak highly enough of Cha-zay and the Core Freedom Academy.”

Nicola Gill

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About Your Instructor

I've been using a pendulum to practice my dowsing skills since I was a teenager and absolutely love this tool. Dowsing has been a wonderful and easy-to-use tool to help expand my intuitive channels and I'm pleased to pass this wonderful, practical skill on to you.

I have been a dowsing instructor for over ten years. I've presented at local dowsing chapters in the US and teach several online dowsing courses, including dowsing certification courses to thousands of students from across the world. My courses are taught in over 150 countries! I also teach intuitive training courses that complement dowsing in the most practical way.

Whether you're a beginner or seasoned dowser, the courses here can help you take your dowsing skills to the next level. Whether you want to learn how to cleanse, charge or program your pendulum, or you want to discover the power of transcendental dowsing – you will find it here. You will also find deviceless dowsing courses and muscle testing and kinesiology courses. All to help you take your intuitive skills to the next level.

I look forward to welcome you to class!

Cha~zay, Ph.D., C.H.

Dowsing and EFT Instructor, Reiki Master

The Art of Dowsing

by Cha~zay Sandhriel, Ph.D.



“Easy-to-understand lessons on setting up and properly using your pendulum. I previously had taken a 4-hour course on using a pendulum which covered very little of what this course explains. I now feel certain that my pendulum has been cleansed and charged properly and is being stored as it should be. I've also learned to program my pendulum for yes, no and maybe responses and how to show gratitude to the pendulum for clearly setting up accurately. Use of a pendulum really resonates with me as I work to strengthen my skills and this course is 100 percent responsible for making me feel more open and confident. I plan to take the rest of the courses on pendulum use and can't wait to continue to grow.”

Meg Laidlaw


“I've been dowsing around nine years and have read many books about the subject. I honestly have to say that this is the best, most accurate, and well organized dowsing information that I have come across. I am very happy I took this course. Thank you Dr. Cha~zay for lighting the way, for sharing, and for giving me an understanding of the science.”

Al  Duarte


“I enjoyed this course greatly! I look forward to delving in further with the next Dowsing Course.

Cha~zay's courses are filled with great information and it is laid out in realistic and real life explanations. I highly recommend this course!”

Grace Calderon

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Launches Any Day – Seats Are Limited!

The Core Freedom Academy 30-Day Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied, send us a refund request within 30 days of enrollment and we will send you a full refund.*

*Restrictions: Full refunds are granted provided you make your refund request within the 30 day time limit and you have not consumed more than 50% of the the entire course material or more than 50% of any individual course within the bundle.

Example: This bundle consists of 12 courses. If within the first 30 days you watched 60% of course 4 and 0% of the remaining courses, you would receive a full refund minus the full course price of course 4. Since the course rate of course 4 is $127, and after making your first installment payment of $143, you would receive a refund of $16 for your first installment payment and we would stop the remaining installments. If you viewed more than 50% of course 6, which is a $197 course, you would be responsible to pay the difference of $54, which we would bill to your credit card on file, while stopping subsequent installment payments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, and we encourage everyone with a big list or social networking platform to apply. We pay 30% commission to begin and up to 50% for super affiliates. You can visit THIS LINK to find out more and to apply. It does not cost anything to become an affiliate. We are selective of whom we choose to be our affiliates. For restrictions visit the previous link to find out more.

Do you offer a guarantee?2020-05-13T08:34:33+02:00

Yes. If you are not happy with the course you can request a full refund within 30 days from the date of registration, provided you have not consumed more than 50% of the course material. Please note that refunds for bundle deals are handled differently.

Example: If you purchase a bundle course deal with 3 courses and you complete the first course but only a small portion of the second course, you would not be eligible to receive a complete refund. The course of which you consumed more than 50% would then be calculated at its regular individual course rate and this amount would be deducted from the bundle price you paid. Any refund remaining will be calculated based on the 30-day guarantee, provided you did not consume more than 50% of the course material.

I'm an experienced dowser and want to enroll in the Transcendental Dowsing course, can I skip Dowsing Courses No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3?2018-12-26T11:15:10+01:00

No. We have found in particular with those who have been dowsing for a long time, that programming their pendulum in sync with their body takes more time than for those who are brand new to dowsing. To assure the highest rate of success, accuracy and consistency for all students, and in our dedication to helping you become an even more confident dowser, each student is required to start with Dowsing Course No. 1 before continuing to Dowsing Course No. 2. Each course completion opens the door to the next dowsing course in the series. The invitation to the Transcendental Dowsing course is only extended after completion of each pre-requisite course has been verified.

I've already taking your pre-requisite dowsing courses on another platform, can I enroll in the Transcendental Dowsing course?2018-12-26T11:04:00+01:00

No. The only place where the complete version of Dr. Cha~zay's dowsing courses are offered is the Core Freedom Academy. Therefore all of the pre-requisite courses must be completed on the Core Freedom Academy platform, in order to be granted the personal invite to the Transcendental Dowsing course.

Why are your courses so expensive?2020-05-10T17:51:24+02:00

It's a matter of perception. Dr. Cha~zay is a world renowned dowsing instructor and the author of The Art of Dowsing. With over 60,000 students enrolled from 166 countries, with real instructor support, life time access, and additional bonuses, her courses are some of the most reasonable on the market.

What if I have questions during the course?2020-05-13T08:34:49+02:00

All courses are instructor supported. Each course you are enrolled in you can ask your questions by clicking the ‘discussion‘ link inside your student dashboard area. You can also connect with other students and help each other succeed. Your instructor answers student questions 7 days a week. Answers are usually posted within 12-24 hours.

Will I receive a certificate for completing this course?2018-12-26T10:49:51+01:00

Yes, all dowsing courses are certification courses but certificates are only issued after you have completed all dowsing courses, including the Transcendental dowsing course. This assures you plenty of time to learn and practice your dowsing skill before making your request for certification.

What do I need to take this course?2018-12-26T10:46:30+01:00

In order to take this course you will need the following:

  • A pendulum
  • Internet access
  • Your login details (which you receive after you have registered for this course)

This course is ideally suited for computer screens, laptops and iPads. You can watch this course on your cell phones as well but because we're taking a look at pendulum work you may find looking at your small cell phone screen too cumbersome.

I'm not a technical person, is this course difficult to navigate?2020-05-10T18:01:45+02:00

No worries, you are guided through each lecture with clear instruction. If you can read and push a few buttons, such as “play this video” and “next lecture,” then you're all set.

Do I pay each time this course gets improved?2020-05-13T08:35:14+02:00

No. Your enrollment fee is a one-time fee unless you have chosen a multi-payment schedule. You have life time access to the course material, including any future updates. We reserve the right to increase course rates for new students but once you are enrolled you will never pay a penny more to get access to new course lectures.

Does this course get updated?2020-05-13T08:35:25+02:00

Yes, all courses on the Core Freedom Academy are periodically reviewed and updated to deliver the most up to date information.

Is the course downloadable?2020-05-13T08:35:36+02:00

All lectures, handouts and any homework that are downloadable will be clearly marked with a “print this” message. Videos are too large in file size and are not downloadable. Please note that all courses and material on the Core Freedom site are copyright protected and not permitted to be downloaded or shared, except when clearly marked.

Does my enrollment expire?2020-05-13T08:35:45+02:00

No. Once enrolled you have life time access to your course material. Review each lecture as often as you would like.

Do I have to participate on specific dates or times or can I learn at my own pace?2020-05-13T08:36:10+02:00

You can learn at your own pace. You can start, stop and replay each lecture as often as you'd like. You can also speed up and slow down each lecture to assure you are grasping each concept before moving on to the next lecture.

Can I enroll in all of your dowsing courses now and get started immediately?2020-04-02T15:59:45+02:00

Yes. For the most serious of students who purchase all courses in the series, you can scroll to the bottom of this page to see your bundle options. Bundle registrations forego the open enrollment period and grant immediate access to the courses inside the bundle.

Are you courses available cheaper elsewhere?2020-04-02T13:14:46+02:00

The only place where you can get any of Dr. Cha~zay's complete courses is here on the Core Freedom Academy. If you have seen this course on another platform, it is either an incomplete sample version of this course or you're looking at a pirated version.

Do you offer and discounts or coupons?2018-12-26T10:17:35+01:00

The only discount available is when you purchase all dowsing courses as a bundle. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see your bundle options.

When does this course start?2020-05-13T08:50:26+02:00

Each course in the series starts approximately once a month, depending on the number of students on the waiting list.

Why is this course not open for enrollment all the time?2018-12-26T10:13:43+01:00

With over 40,000 students enrolled from 166 countries you can imagine that planning and efficiency make for a great student experience. Because you get 1-on-1 instructor support for any questions you may have during the course, we run our dowsing courses in segments. Rather than having open enrollment for all dowsing courses, we focus on one course before opening enrollment to the next course in the series.