Annie, Cha~zay, Ballynoe, Ireland, 5-3-16Dreaming of Scotland and Horses

I have been called to visit Ireland and Scotland (amongst some other places) and just returned from visiting the beautiful country of Ireland. I met up with a few of my students and community members. What a pleasure it was to ride in Annie's carriage to explore the wonderful country side!

Here is a picture of Annie and myself standing by the Ballynoe stone circle in the Dundrum region. And below is a picture of the castle of Dundrum in the Newcastle region. You can read more about our trip to Ireland here in our community.

Finding What You're Looking For – With The Help Of Your Dreams

Yes, I found what I was looking for in Ireland. I had been guided there by Spirit but didn't know why until I got there. Sometimes we are guided to an area or a person because we think that there is something there for us when it's just the opposite. Sometimes the land or person needs something from you! If it's always about ‘me, me, me,' we tend to miss what life is really about. The evolution of the soul and the expansion of life everywhere. You play an important role in other people's journey, including the human journey as a whole.

I love being guided without seeing the end goal or even without knowing why I'm guided to some area in the first place. Like it was with Armagh. I felt like I had been there before and innately knew the direction of where we needed to go. Applying psychometry as I often do, I felt overwhelmed to ‘remember' what the land wanted to show me. It's even more awesome to later find the visions to be true after doing research on the area.

A journey guided by Spirit makes for exciting pit stops and detours along the way, all containing amazing treasures along the way. This trip was no exception. In fact, I was so open to receiving whatever guidance came my way, that I was willing to relocate to Ireland if that was the guidance I would receive. Out of my head and into the realm of Spirit.

Surrender and Finding Fullness Within Emptiness

I call this my ultimate surrender – staying in the flow of ‘not my will be done but yours.' I have so far to go in this endeavor. Whatever that may mean to you as well. To merge those two wills into one is all it takes to multiply its power so any of your soul's ambitions come to pass. If it's your wish alone, you'll be spinning your wheels. If you combine your wish with a desire that serves the greater good of life everywhere (in all dimensions), you have everything you need to do what you've come here to do. Without any competition, only lots of collaborators helping you get there. Just be silent and empty enough to hear, see, feel, and be guided to each divine moment in time, moment to moment, no matter where that may be.

Stay Put For Now

Dundrum Castle Ireland 3, 5-3-16, 614x346As it turns out, the day I returned from Ireland my Dad found out that the cancer is back and has spread. He'll have surgery next week and I'm not guided to leave just yet. He's gone through a hellish last 5 years and I've lived abroad most of my life. I am not feeling right to relocate to Ireland, and the feeling to do so ‘went away' after I had found why I needed to go there in the first place. I found it in Armagh.

Is Your Life Sweet or Bitter?

The question is: would I have found what I was looking for if I hadn't been completely empty and receptive to Spirit's guidance with no agenda of my own? If I had my own agenda going there, would I have been guided to go look where Spirit called me? Probably not. For the simple reason that my cup would have been full and when our cup is full we are not receptive to anything new. Even if something or someone new is coming into our life, we can't see, hear or receive them because our heart is occupied with other things that compete for our attention. It's much more fulfilling to find fullness within your own emptiness. Ponder that for a while.

To me, I call this divine guidance and protection while being in the right place at the right time.

My life is truly a perpetual miracle zone. It's been like this for over a decade and I love every minute of it, including the minutes that taste rather bitter. Sweetness seems to always take over and be the predominant flavor of my life these days.

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What Next – Scotland

Cha~zay and Quazy, 10-4-09When I returned from Ireland I asked Spirit: “What next?”

That night I had a dream of the Scottish Highlands. What made this dream different from some other dreams was that while I was awake for most of it (lucid dreaming) it was so detailed and crisp as if I saw the entire journey through a magnifying glass. I could feel the rain on my face and the wind in my hair. I felt the temperature and the sound of my horse' hoofs treading in the mud and over nature's beautiful, raw carpet of Scotland. Within the dream I rested on the ground while leaning on a tree while feeling and witnessing the history of the land. Applying psychometry within a dream, now this brings lucid dreaming to a whole new level! I must do this more often. I'm a big fan of going around the ego whenever possible to get the real story of anything. I can't find a better way to do so than within a dream when the rational mind is uninterested in interfering.

I had bought a horse to spend several months on horse back riding through the Highlands, while sleeping in a tent when it rained or under the stars next to a tree when it didn't. The saddle bags were filled with food for the horse, I ate an apple and a carrot a day and shared the rest with my horse. Once a month I would connect with someone to refill my saddle bags with grain for the horse. I didn't speak to anyone except to the horse and the spirits and memories of the land.

I woke up several times because the dream was so real and detailed. More like a memory of a past or future event. Every time I fell asleep again I would continue the dream and the journey where I had left off. The dream seemed to take all night. Perhaps because it wasn't a dream at all…

When I awoke I knew that I didn't need to turn the dream into a reality, and it wasn't a premonition either. I had just taken the trip with my horse as if I was there in ‘reality.' In other words, the dream was the reality and everything I needed to do was done in the dream. In order to do the final work, however, the ‘strings' of energy need to be woven together and activated. So whatever journey I took on horseback, I do need to go there to connect and ground the dots, per se. My trip to Scotland shall be an interesting one indeed.

Are Dreams Just Dreams?

dreamingI know many reading this may dismiss all this and say: “It's just a dream.” You're certainly free to dismiss your dreams as “just a dream.” And some dreams are by all means – “just a dream.” There are dreams our higher self uses to resolve challenges we face in this reality and then there are dreams which contain guidance from Spirit. Having gone for a prolonged period of not eating I can also tell from experience that dreams are related to food, mainly to those who have been involved in bringing us our food. To not eat means to not dream. Of course it takes quite a while for food to be completely out of our system. Please do not attempt to test this theory at home, it's just too dangerous.

To know the difference between which dreams to take as Spirit's guidance and which once are just your soul working through issues is perhaps the beginning of wisdom. And then there are dreams that serve as gateways for the ‘dead' to come visit and other dreams are premonitions. With so many possibilities, which dreams are which?

My Gift To You

wayne dyer quote on ignoranceI know if you're reading this, you may or may not understand what I'm saying about all this dream and energy ‘stuff.' The English language has 26 vowels and consonants, which is hardly sufficient to accurately describe the world of energy, let alone other dimensions that don't even use verbal language. The moment we open our mouth we create Swiss Cheese scenarios, leaving way too many holes and too much room for misinterpretations, misunderstandings and inference that leads no where but to confusion. My suggestion, take it all with a big bolder of salt and most of all – take it to Spirit for clarification. Trust your soul, it knows the way.

May your dreams be activated into the realm of reality beyond this tiny part of reality. You're eternal. You contain eternity and infinity all within each cell contained within your body. Whether you can consciously conceive of such magnitude or not, that's why you're dreaming… May you tie these realms into one and know that you are the one of me as I am the one of you, as all of us are one with the one master architecture that breathes life into all. I wish you dreams that help you on your journey, no matter where you've been, where are you are now, and where you're headed to next.

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