Pretending It's Not There Doesn't Make It So

As an intuitive consultant I’ve had countless discussions with people about seeing the ‘dark side’ of life. It is quite rare to meet someone who wants to see ‘all sides’ of life, the good, the bad, the light and the dark side of Beings. People are deathly afraid of the dark. They prefer to look away or deny its existence all together. Which sadly, only makes that part stronger and bigger.

Eyes Wide Open

earth in handI remember being in primary school while playing volleyball with my classmates. The ball came over the net and was heading straight for me. I was scared, pulled my arms over my head to protect myself, and of course the ball hit me right on my head. My volleyball coach came up to me and said:

“Always keep your eyes open, look right at the ball; only then are you're able to catch it and play the game.”

To face things and look things in the eye instantly become a majorly important philosophy about life's challenges.

Elizabeth's Paradigm Shift

Elizabeth was no different, until she experienced a startling switch to her gripping fear. You see, Elizabeth had a traumatic experience that made her terribly afraid of the dark side. In my course Increase Your Intuitive Abilities Using EFT, lecture 20 is all about preparing or fine tuning your ability to see ‘all sides,’ including the dark side of things. She wrote in the student discussion area:

“Why would anyone want to see the dark side!?”

It made no sense to her. Perhaps you can relate?

elephant with butterfly earsSo she skipped the lesson and finished the course without completing lecture 20. Fair enough. She moved on to take the Basic Dowsing course and then the Advanced Dowsing course, which is all about tapping into the energetic flows this Universe uses to construct and deconstruct matter, including feelings, situations and circumstances. The whole point of using Advanced Dowsing techniques is to see the whole for what it is, in all its glory and its gory. When we are fully aware of what causes us pain we can transmute non-beneficial energies into beneficial energies.

Once enrolled in Advanced Dowsing, Elizabeth experienced a major paradigm shift as she writes:

“I think that you are going to smile. You may recall that I mentioned being psychically attacked at one time. It happened because I could not discern between what was true and what was false. I have lived with this crippling fear about it happening again. I listened to lecture 20 again in your Increase Your Intuition With EFT course again and received my answer: I would want to be able to recognize the dark side and know it for what it is. It is about reaching a state of discernment. What a powerful EFT experience! I feel like I have reclaimed my personal power and I have choices. THANK YOU!”

Clear Vision

My coaching tip for today to all of you reading this is simply this:

“To make wise choices we must know what the dark side looks like, what it wants and how it shows up. Only then can we make healthy choices for ourselves and others. In this physical world we call this making an educated decision.”

Hopefully you can share in Elizabeth’s newly found empowered state of mind.

Do Not Fear The Dark Side of Things

The dark side is not to be feared. It is merely the part that makes the whole. Ignoring negativity or darkness by sticking your head in the sand doesn’t make your life filled with more light or more positivity. On the contrary. By pushing so fervently against the dark or by ignoring it or refusing to acknowledge or understand it, you are actually giving it even more power.

To Love Fully Means To Love The Whole

Freedom potential and the power of determination as a business and life concept with a green tree growing open wings and flying off to success as a metaphor for evolving to find opportunity.

Freedom potential and the power of determination as a business and life concept with a green tree growing open wings and flying off to success as a metaphor for evolving to find opportunity.

If you doubt this, think of one of your closest relationships. This person is probably closest to you because they’ve seen your dark side and they still love you, in all your glory and gory. Imagine if everyone left you the moment they saw you struggle. How shallow would our relationships be then. Dark and light energies are no different. They are their own entities with their own purposes, deserving your understanding and acceptance, and most of all, your love.

This doesn't mean you believe the dark, buy into its lies or worse, worship it. It simply means you see right through it. Only then are you able to make educated decisions for your own life.

Your True Place of Power

When you embrace the whole you place yourself in a position of choice, and consequently you find yourself in a place of power. By not being able to recognize dark energy you are inadvertently feeding it. By being willing to look at it you will put yourself in a position of understanding, acceptance and ultimately you will have the ability to transmute its energies to whatever you choose. Of course, I hope you will choose love always.

If you’re still on the fence, remember Wayne Dyer’s words of wisdom:

“The greatest form of ignorance is to reject that which we don’t know anything about.”

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