From Rags To Riches To Freedom

In 2006 I lost everything. My business, my reputation, my clients, my assets, my health, millions of dollars and my family. It got so bad that I slept in the car for 7 months. The first week I didn't even have a blanket. Then someone gave me their dog's blanket.

It was an awful time.

I decided to share my story in the hopes to encourage others who may be in the same boat now. Things will get better – I promise. The sooner you are willing to do what you've really come here to do, the sooner your agonies can be over.

This is how important you are. Rumi once said:

“When you came here you brought a light with you that wasn't here before.”

It's your time to let your light shine.

This video below is a part of the course, 20 Ways To Generate Passive Income Streams.