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Join Thousands in Helping Spread ♪ LoveOne Ring At a Time

Healing Ringtones are Reiki attuned and rendered 428 Hz, the frequency of love and nature.



31 Ringtones at 30 seconds each*

Regular Rate: $39.99

On Sale: $14.97

*most ringtones are 30 seconds, very few differ by a couple of seconds.


  • Instrumental music only, such as piano, harp, chimes, etc.

  • 428 Hz attunement, the frequency of love and nature.

  • No spoken words of any kind.

  • No subliminal messages.

  • No binaural beats.





Healing Ringtones offer upbeat ringtones that make it the perfect companion ring for all professions, whether you're in banking, technology, construction, education, or any other field, Healing Ringtones are appropriate for all situations. What about a board meeting, a client luncheon, or an interview?



Healing Ringtones are ideal for those who see clients one-on-one or in group settings. If you need to keep your cell phone turned on during your sessions, our ringtones will work to keep your client at ease. Whether you're a massage therapist, Reiki master, beautician, minister, coach or any other field, you'll love Healing Ringtones.



Healing Ringtones is great for when you're on the road and around people a lot. Whether you're sitting on a train or bus, or you're in a grocery store or sitting at a cafe with your friends, Healing Ringtones is bound to spread some joy, love and healing. You'll most likely hear this a lot: “Where did you get this beautiful ringtone?”


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have an Affiliate Program?2020-05-10T17:57:55+02:00

Yes, and we encourage everyone with a big list or social networking platform to apply. We pay 30% commission to begin and up to 50% for super affiliates. You can visit THIS LINK to find out more and to apply. It does not cost anything to become an affiliate. We are selective of whom we choose to be our affiliates. For restrictions visit the previous link to find out more.

Do Your Healing Ringtones and Reiki Music Spread Reiki Every Time The Music Can Be Heard?2019-02-01T07:40:52+01:00

Yes it does. However, it's important to know that I have programmed my Reiki Music and my Healing Ringtones to send Reiki to only those who are willing and receptive to receiving the healing. I'm a huge proponent for respecting free will. This includes the transmitting of any healing frequencies. In other words, anyone who hears the Healing Ringtone and is not receptive and/or willing to receiving healing – will not receive the healing. The frequency of healing is always being sent, but is only received by the listener provide that person is ready to receive the healing.

Some Of The Ringtones Sound Similar, Why Is That?2019-01-24T18:20:30+01:00

Great ear! That's because some ringtones were cut from the same cloth. Meaning that I managed to take different parts of the same music to create a new ringtone. I can assure you that the tune itself is different, it just sounds similar because the overall ambiance of the music is the same.

Can I Buy Your Ringtones Elsewhere?2019-01-24T11:46:36+01:00

You may find Healing Ringtones in various outlet stores, such as Amazon, iTunes, etc.. Please note that individual ringtones can be purchased from those outlet stores at approximately $1.29 per ringtone. This amounts to $39.99 for all 31 ringtones.

The cheapest place to get the entire album is right here on the Core Freedom site. You can even get the entire album for free when you get the entire Reiki 3 + 5 Series. Click here for more details.

Do You Own Your Music and Ringtones?2019-01-24T11:43:02+01:00

Yes, all music is protected by International copyright laws. All music pieces, including ringtones, contain audio-fingerprints and ISRC codes. This includes each individual ringtone.

Did You Record The Windchime Ringtone?2019-01-24T11:39:46+01:00

Yes, I recorded windchime when I lived in Sedona, Arizona, and turned it into a ringtone. My time in Sedona holds fond memories and I wanted to pass those healing rays on to you.

Can I Only Purchase One Ringtone Instead of The Entire Album?2019-01-24T11:37:55+01:00

At this time through this site you can only purchase the entire album. However, you can check on Amazon or iTunes to see if you can find the Healing Ringtones album, where you may have the option to purchase ringtones individually.

Please note that outlet stores, such as Amazon or iTunes, charge $1.29 per ringtone. 31 ringtones at $1.29 amounts to $39.99 for the entire album. This is why you can purchase Healing Ringtones here for a fraction of the cost or even get it for free when you get the Reiki Music 3 + 5 Series.

Click here to find out more.

What Other Music Do You Offer?2019-01-24T11:48:19+01:00

In additiona to the Reiki series you can also purchase the same music as downloadable ringtones. The series is called Healing Ringtones. You can read more about Healing Ringtones here.

New Reiki music is continually being produced and will be added to the music library when it becomes available for purchase. When you purchase a Reiki music piece or you are a student of the Core Freedom Academy, you will be kept up to date on new releases.

Do You Have An Affiliate Program?2020-04-02T13:21:13+02:00

Yes, we do. And we would love for you to sign up and spread the word. Please note that we have an affiliate program that covers all of the courses available in the Core Freedom Academy as well. Contact us here and tell us about your list, who your audience is and how you plan to advertise your affiliate link.

Can I Share My Purchased Music With Friends or Fellow Reiki Masters?2019-01-24T11:51:08+01:00

While in a digital world it certainly is technically speaking possible to give away music and ringtones, or any digital product for that matter, it is certainly not ethical. As digital content providers we work hard to bring you products, music and courses that you enjoy. You can help us continue to produce great work by helping us stop piracy.

Additionally, our music has been copyright protected and each music piece contains a special audio fingerprint, which is monitored by special services that scan the Internet for downloads, uploads and illegal sharing. The music you pay for is for you and you only. You may listen to the music yourself or use with your clients but you are not permitted to give it away, sell it, copy it, or make it available to others, in any shape or form.

We've made it easy for you to share the music by making available for you to become an affiliate so you can freely share your personal affiliate link with your friends, family and clients, and earn up to 40% of each sale. Click here to contact us to find out more.

Do You Offer Refunds?2020-05-13T08:47:05+02:00

Due to the digital nature of our music we do not offer refunds for purchased Reiki Music. If your mp3 does not download completely you can re-download your file again. And of course you can contact us if you have any technical difficulties.

When Do I Receive My Music?2019-01-24T11:51:49+01:00

Immediately after you place your order you will have access to download your mp3. If you already have a student account with the Core Freedom Account, please login first before placing your order.


Healing Ringtones was born as a result of my Reiki Music Series 3 + 5.

When I moved to Switzerland, a country with some of the best public transportation system in the world, I found myself irritated having to listen to cell phones going off on trains, in buses or any other public place for that matter.

I remember thinking to myself: “If only the ringtones were pleasant…”

Rather than complain I decided to take my current background music, which I use in my guided visualizations that are frequently a part of my courses, and turned them into Healing Ringtones.

Because my Reiki Music is already attuned to 428 Hz, the frequency of love and nature, Healing Ringtones get the same benefit.

According to Statista cell phones worldwide are to reach 4.68 billion by 2019. We may not be able to turn off all 4.68 billion cell phones, but each of us can control the ringtone that emanates from our phones.

Imagine if just a fraction of these 4.68 billion cell phones would have ringtone Love (#15) installed on their phone!

Help me spread the love by sending your friends and family here to download Healing Ringtones. Together we can help heal the world – one ringtone at a time.

As an added benefit and to make sure that I cover every letter in the alphabet, quite literally, I made a list of all the things that I wish for you and everyone living on this planet. I gave each ringtone the name of a much needed energy at this time. Whether you are looking for hope or integrity, more zeal or nobility, integrity or clarity – whatever it is that is good in this world – it is my wish that you shall have it, and then some.


31 Ringtones at 30 seconds each*

Regular Rate: $39.99

On Sale: $14.97


  • Already have an account with the Core Freedom Academy? Login first and then make your purchase.
  • After your purchase is complete you will have immediate access to all 31 ringtones (mp3 files).
  • Simply drop and drag them to your cell phone ringtones folder and then choose your new, favorite healing ringtone.
  • If you're purchasing Healing Ringtones with a computer or laptop, you'll have the option to download a zip file containing all 31 ringtones. Simply unzip the file and drop and drag them to your cell phone's ringtones folder.
  • If you need more help, more detailed instructions are given after you've placed your order.