It seems like another life time since I've been homeless, sleeping in my car for 7 months. I was in my early 40s when I became homeless, losing everything short of my life. But I might as well have – I felt lifeless, broken, devastated, and most significantly, my faith in humanity was completely shattered. I have finally decided to tell you about my journey in an entire video series. The series was supposed to launch on YouTube this week but after some technical failures I had to start over. I'll tell you about it here.

Also, I have opened my consulting practice due to COVID-19 in an effort to help as many people as possible. Therefore I have also reduced my regular rate by 75%. This is only temporarily! To book your one-on-one session with me, CLICK HERE.

As I taped the videos once more this week I decided to create a free course about it and make it available to everyone (for free). On YouTube I can only publish videos but I can't provided handouts, homework, quizzes and such. So, I will be making the entire series (and then some) available in course-format. I'm also in the process of switching on some functionality inside that particular course area, so everyone taking the series can communicate with one another. Let's support one another!

If you are getting my newsletter then you'll get informed when the ‘course' goes live. Most likely next week. If you are already enrolled in a course with the Core Freedom Academy, then the course will appear in your student dashboard as soon as I release it.

In the meantime, get your coaching session with me through my special COVID-19 consulting page HERE. I look forward to helping you!