How To Manifest Around The Clock

Completely On Auto-Pilot

I love being a deliberate, intentional manifestor and automating the entire process!

Huh!? How can you be deliberate and intentional when something is on auto-pilot? Isn't that a contradiction?

Isn't the whole purpose of automating something so you no longer have to think about it?

Great questions and very observing of you!

Yes and no. You see, when you come to the realization that you are a most powerful manifesting vessel, a manifesting machine really, even when you're asleep, that's when your manifesting journey of deliberate intent begins. And when the awareness of this power reaches yet another level, you then realize that it is essential – crucial even – to put the bulk of your manifesting techniques on auto-pilot.

Why so?

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Life's Negativity Bombs

Because obstacles, hurdles, hardships and little negativity bombs are being thrown at you from all directions. It's called life. Life has plenty of ‘downers' coming our way. Ain't that the truth!? If you doubt this, just turn on the news…

Positive Manifestations – On Autopilot

There is much to do and let go of in order to become a conscious, aware, attentive, deliberate and intentional manifestor. To fully understand just how powerful we are as manifestors, we would need to understand various Universal laws, such as the law of creation, the law of attraction, including the law of gravity and the law of entrainment. We would need to understand the tree of life, platonic solids, the golden ratio and basic chemistry.

Really!? Are you kidding me?

No, not really. No worries, you don't have to become a chemist or law of attraction expert or a metaphysician. You already are all that. Fundamentally you already know how to manifest and why you are manifesting crappy life situations. What I want to help you with is becoming more aware in manifesting situations you have consciously created with deliberate intent.

Here's just one small way of doing so.

Introducing Auto-Pilot Widgets

I've created what I call the most powerful web widgets on the planet to help not only you, but the world as a whole – to run more purely, more effectively, more efficiently and with a heck of a lot more positivity.

They look like animated pictures reflecting positive words of your choosing. They work like tiny yet powerful manifesting machines infusing the world with your positive requests – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We call this manifesting on auto-pilot. It takes less than fifteen seconds to put them on your own website.

These widgets are placed on people's website, either in a post, page or directly into the sidebar, and from there they do their job. Yes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The widgets are completely customizable. You enter your own wording, choose your own picture and change the colors so they fit your own website.

Power Through Positive Subliminal Messages

Once on your site, they will automatically infuse not only your site but work subliminally in the only the most positive ways to all of your website visitors.

Grab Your Own Widgets – They're FREE

To grab your own widgets just look in the sidebar on THIS PAGE.

If you have questions about how to install them on your own website (it takes all but 15 seconds), visit this page HERE and check the Q&A part at the bottom of the page.

The widgets are free and you are not permitted to charge for them. Once they are on your own website, your site visitors can grab them from your site and put them on their site as well to keep paying-it-forward in a viral way.

Help us by remaining positive in the messages you place in your own widgets!


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