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What Are Insightful Intelligence Readings?

Insightful Intelligence is my way of conducting intuitive consulting based on my inner senses. My clients call me an under-cover intuitive. I use my extra-sensory perceptions to bring you intel about people, corporations, locations or situations, that you may otherwise not be privied to.

You can read some sample readings HERE.

How does Insightful Intelligence work alchemically speaking?

All that you see with your outer eyes was first created within, in the unseen realm of the ether. Ether has no substance and no boundary compared to the rest. Consider ether the planter box of the Universe. What gets planted there are our thoughts, words, actions, dreams, visions, feelings, etc.. In order for these to become materialized physical and receive physical boundaries so we can see, touch and taste the creation, each has to pass through an alchemical process.

In simple terms, the steps are:

  1. Ether
  2. Fire (photon)
  3. Air (gas)
  4. Water (liquid)
  5. Earth (solid)

Everything starts with the Ether and ends with Earth (and then returns to Ether). The materializing process for this to happen is the alchemical process of going from ‘unseen‘ to ‘seen.'

To be more specific, all major five platonic solids of creation are found right here:

  1. Ether = Dodecahedron
  2. Fire = Tetrahedron (Nitrogen – Photon)
  3. Air = Octahedron (Oxygen – Gas)
  4. Water = Icosahedron (Hydrogen – Liquid)
  5. Earth = Hexahedron (Carbon – Solid)

People who only believe in what they see are merely attached to the final alchemical stage of the product, the coagulation of all components in order to become matter (carbon). Carbon is the hardening of the process of matter. Most fail to see that there were countless alchemical steps that took place to give birth to the thought that created the final physical product in the first place. Whether it's the chair you are sitting on, or the body you live in.

Insightful Intelligence is where I gather my intel from, by seeing through the process and witnessing what's really there, rather than what appears to be there.

Who benefits from your Insightful Intelligence report and what can the intel be used for?

People from all walks of life are requesting Insightful Intelligence reporting. This includes government agencies, businesses, corporations, executives, human resources personnel and recruiters, business partners, even celebrities.

The main reason for a consult is to obtain intel that lies beneath the surface than what meets the eye. Here are a few examples:

Example 1:

  • Last week a high-level executive of a $40 million dollar company needed intel on a well-known billionaire he wanted to contact for collaboration. He knew he would get only one shot and before doing so he wanted to get the full picture of this individual, his mission here and the overall situation. Without knowing this person or anything about them, other than their name, my report gave him the confirmation he needed to move forward confidentially with his proposal. You can read the actual report HERE.

Example 2:

  • A recruiting department has done all their due diligence on potential candidates but wants to know how each of their potential candidates may affect the company in the future. Using Insightful Intelligence reporting sheds light on the person's overall character, hidden areas such as depression, insecurities, confidence, or questionable intentions, and ultimately whether or not this employee is best suited and capable of performing long term. Please note that I spent many years in human resources and recruiting myself and have hired hundreds of individuals from all walks of life, mainly in the tech industry. I have a 1% turn-over rate (industry average is 10-20%), all due to using Insightful Intelligence. Better hire right from the get-go than having to throw out a ‘bad apple' later.

Example 3:

  • A woman considered going into business with a specific person. Before accepting the offer she wanted to know more about this person. My report described him precisely and gave her the guidance to hold off until he revealed his full character as I saw him hiding something. When he revealed his true character she discovered that everything in my report had come to the surface for her to see and validate and it saved her from going into a business with someone that had a hidden agenda.

Additionally, you can read several medical intuitive readings HERE. Please remember that I don't officially do medical intuitive readings. They are here so you can see how my intuitive intel comes in. Having said that, depending on the nature of the question it is often normal for medical issues to arise, in which case I pass them on unless you choose not to know.

How do you get your information?

Simply put I tune into Source. I call the unseen world ‘Spirit.' Not to be confused with spirit (lower case ‘s'). I don't call guides or angels or helpers, I don't use tools such as tarot cards or crystal balls. I simply draw within and return to the center to the stillness of Source to reconnect with the person, object, subject or situation for which I am searching intel for. Everything and everyone exists all at once, in one place, in this moment in time. This includes other dimensions and other Beings. In this place there is no past, no future, and in the bigger picture of things, even the present does not exist.

Have you always been able to do Insightful Intelligence readings?

I was born intuitive and come from a long line of intuitives on both sides of my parents. Additionally, I've had three near-death experiences at the ages of 5, 15 and 25. Each added to increase various intuitive channels. I hear, see, sense, feel and know things.

What exactly do you ‘read?'

To you this may look like some sort of ‘psychic reading.' I don't like the word ‘psychic' nor would I ever call myself that. I merely read the energy template of the situation or person at hand. All life has an energy template, think of a constantly changing mandala created out of strands of energy. It sometimes looks like a complex, morphing architectural plan with countless energy strands that pulsate, emanate, retract and expand. I merely observe what's being presented. I don't attach to the person, situation, object or subject. Neither do I attach to the outcome. My ego remains out of the picture and I don't let my personal feelings get involved. There is no judgment, no expectation or personal agenda. I'm simply an observer and then pass that information on to you without filters.

Do you read past lives?

If your question specifically asks to dig in past lives then the answer is ‘no.' I'm interested in helping you with your life here and now. However, if you have an issue in this life and I am shown a previous life time, which may have been the inception of the challenge you are facing, then I will tell you.

Because time and space do not exist in that dimension it is also possible that something can look like it's a past life issue to me when in fact it's occurring right now. For example, I did a reading for a woman about a man she was considering partnering with in business. I got the strong sense of being transported into a time hundreds of years ago and clearly saw him working with iron. I saw the way he looked, the fire, the molten iron he was hammering, including the protective leather gear to protect him from the heat. During our follow up call my client revealed to me that he is indeed a metal smith working with cast iron fences in this life. It is entirely possible that he has been working with iron over several life times.

What information do you need to do an Insightful Intelligence reading?

The less I know the better! Insightful Intelligence shines more brightly without the hang-up of my own ego or your wishful thinking. All it takes is one or two pieces of information. This could be a first name and the initial of a last name. It could be a photograph but without the name. It could be coordinates, a question, or even a symbol. The less I know the more accurate the intel will be. After you place your Insightful Intelligence order you will be redirected to a page where you can enter information about your specific case.

Can the person be dead or alive?

Yes. Insightful Intelligence permeates time and space. Please note that I do not summon the dead nor will I do readings for those who want to consult a specific person who may have past away. This doesn't mean I won't pass on information from someone whose past away, but he or she will have to come through on their own accord, without being summoned.

Can you give specific time frames?

No. Time frames are more difficult for me to hone in on. I may say “soon” but can't give you specific dates, only approximations. I may get “within a few weeks” or “within the next 5 years.” I will get visions of what you or the situation looks like at that time and can describe that, but no dates.

What is your accuracy rate?

Some clients have bragged about 100% of my reporting to be correct, while others say that 95% of it was right and the remaining 5% they simply didn't know enough about. Just today a client sent an email telling me that I was right after all, even though he was convinced that the facts he knew were right, which were different from what the intel I received. I don't question my intel and my ego doesn't bruise when I miss some information. I remain unattached at all times, which is also the key to why intel flows so freely. It's important that you remain realistic and know that I don't walk on water. I'm not God nor do I claim to see everything. It's important that you take the necessary steps to verify my Insightful Intelligence report findings and ultimately follow your own intuition and research.

Do you gather information about the future?

Yes and no. The future is merely your current ‘sum total of energy‘ projected into a specific point in time on what we call a time line. This bundle of energy can come from your previous actions, hopes, wishful thinking, consistent thought patterns, interference of another's energy, and more. Time and space don't exist when I enter the vastness of space within the holographic world of energy. Add to that free will of those that affect your path, including your own desire to change, and the future becomes illusive and a constantly changing field of potentials. Having said that, future scenarios do show up at times in various degrees of densities. The more dense the energy, the more likely of an occurrence on the material plane. The less dense, the more easily the situation can change. See the comment above about the alchemical process to understand each step.

Do you give world predictions?

Not anymore. I keep those to myself. I don't do readings that rob you of your free will or paint sad and depressing pictures.

Can you tell me if my relationship is going to last?

Yes but I won't. The fact that you would have to ask such a question tells me that you subconsciously know that it probably won't. Instead ask yourself what steps you can take to assure that you have done everything possible so your relationship will become stronger over time.

Can you assist with financial predictions such as the stock market or real estate values?

I only use the stock market to test my own abilities and concentration levels from time to time. I have zero interested in the stock market and therefore it provides the perfect practice ground for me.

Are there any situations you do not provide consulting for?


  • I don't do readings for people who are trying to find out what their next 12 months will look like.
  • I don't read for people asking if they'll be married or divorced or pregnant within the next few months.
  • I don't entertain people wanting to know when they will meet the love of their life.
  • I can't predict when or if you will win the lottery.
  • I won't give you intel on your neighbors or otherwise satisfy your nosy personality.
  • I also don't offer medical intuitive readings to the public. I'm not a medical doctor. However, you will find sample medical intuitive readings HERE merely to show you a variety of sample symbols that may be shown to me. The only medical intuitive consults I do are for inner-circle friends.
  • I never, ever give you information that will take away the path of your own evolution and unfolding. It is your job to walk your life's path. I can simply lend a hand to point to another direction, if so desired.

There are a few additional requests that I may decline. Please use the contact us page to contact my assistant to inquire if you need more info. Please remember not to give any specific details and no background is needed. Simply ask the question.

Who do you work with?

I work with men and women from all walks of life, companies, organizations, government agencies, even celebrities.

How do I order an Insightful Intelligence report?

You can order your Insightful Intelligence report by clicking the order button at the end of this page. Select the quantity of reports you need and make the appropriate selection. If you are asking for a report on three potential employees, you would order three reports. If you're unsure, please contact my assistant here.

How long does it take for me to receive my report?

Information presents itself the moment I am made aware of your order. However, I rarely deliver an order on the same day it was received. The time frame also depends on how many I have in the queue and how big of a situation I am reading. The reading of the billionaire above took several days and took several hours because the individual has such an important role on this planet that the information came flooding in over a period of several days and by means of several channels.

It's also important for you to know that some of these readings are quite taxing on my system (depending on what and whom I am gaining intel for). Something that affects a large group of people or humanity at large is a lot more energy consuming than other readings may be. I only do one reading per day!

How do I get the reading?

All readings are done in writing. The reason for this is that information doesn't always present itself in one sessions. Sometimes information comes through when I'm driving, dreaming, meditating or when I'm walking down the street. It's important that all of the information can come through to give you the most detailed report possible. After your order is received my assistant will look at my schedule and send me your information. I will do a quick-scan of your target and start gathering intel immediately and let my assistant know by when I will have your report completed.

Can I talk to you after I receive the report?

Yes. You will receive a 30 minute follow up conversation via telephone, Skype or via email if you so choose, to talk about the reading and to share additional information that comes through after I submit the report to you (this happens quite frequently). You can then reveal to me what the reading was all about, if you so choose. This is also the time to ask additional questions about the case.

Confidentiality, Ethics & Integrity

All of the readings remain confidential and between you, your company and myself. Please note that I do not use my abilities for you to snoop into someone else's life or business in order for you to do harm on them.

When you are asking me to read another person I am not reading them per se, I am reading you and how you are connected to them. Remember that all things are contained within ourselves. There is no separation of you, them or myself. It's all one.

Having said that, I will never overstep someone else's energetic boundaries, invade their thoughts and divulge information that could be used against another person or living being. To do so would be irresponsible, unethical and injurious to the person or situation I am reading, including you.

My Insightful Intelligence report is of the highest vibration and comes from a place of purity and is intended to be used only to benefit life everywhere.

I see you too: Please know that I am also seeing your energy template the moment I see your order come through. If I sense that your intentions are unethical, my assistant will refund your money and I will not be able to fulfill your order. I reserve the right to refuse any requests with or without reason.

How much does an Insightful Intelligence report cost?

Each case, person, reading, situation starts at $300. This includes a 30 minute telephone follow up or Skype session. To order scroll to the bottom.

Cancellation Policy

You have 24 hours to cancel your order and request a refund from the time you placed your order. Once you have past this 24 hour threshold your order becomes non-refundable because I will have started to work on your order already. To cancel your order within 24 hours contact my assistant here.

Do you give refunds?

You only pay if your order is accepted and you are given intel. If your specific situation prevents me from offering you Intelligence Consulting, you will receive a full refund. Once you are given intel your order becomes non-refundable.

Place Your Order

I you are a recruiter and need intel on three potential employees, order three reports. If you have two completely unrelated issues that require two separate reports, order two reports. If you're unsure about your order, please contact my assistant here but remember not to tell her about your situation. Simply ask her the questions/topics you are interested in.

How Many Reports Are You Ordering?