The Joy of Giving – Micro-Entrepreneurship For The Less Fortunate

It seems almost like a paradox to say Micro-Entrepreneurship and ‘less fortunate‘ in the same sentence. After all, there are countless people leaving their homes early in the morning only to sit in a cubicle all day, who would consider themselves most fortunate if they could work for themselves, or at least work when they want to, with whom they want to, and doing something they love, even if it meant to work for peanuts.

The hunger for freedom has a strange way to reset our perspective at times. And so does this.

What I mean by Micro-Entrepreneurship for the less fortunate is giving those a chance who live in countries that are not yet as advanced with social services, as some Western cultures are.

  • Take Niuia from Samoa, for example. A 72 year old woman supporting six children, still working hard to making ends meet.
  • Or 64 year old Lidia from Ecuador, whose business it is to make and sell traditional french fries.

While most of the Western world was stuck in Christmas traffic rushing to stores to buy their last minute (and mostly useless) gifts, some people around the world want nothing more than to have a chance to support their husbands or wives or children.

In March of 2016 we created the Core Freedom Kiva Team to huddle together our combined efforts in bringing hope to those who work so hard in far corners of the world. While I don’t actively broadcast our team efforts, we have been growing and our effort is felt across the globe. Together we have made 170 loans, supporting micro-entrepreneurship to the less fortunate in 82 countries.

Why I Don’t Donate Money

Personally I think most people who donate money to “good causes” are doing so primarily to feel better about themselves. Yes, while it may sound noble for the cancer patient to donate his funds to cancer research, if he or she really did their research they would discover that less than 8% of their donations are allocated to actual cancer research. The majority of their funds are used for marketing purposes to sell the very drug they just supported to the people they are marketing their drug to. What a head-spin! And if they really did their research they could discover that the cure for most cancers may already exist. It just may not exist within the pharmaceutical world.

Nothing speaks lack of spiritual common sense than to pay for the rat wheel to keep its momentum than a person who can’t think basic terms of cause-and-effect.

If I was independently wealthy I would create brick-and-mortar businesses that would provide jobs. But even that is an effect. Perhaps a better way is to help people feel empowered so they have the confidence and know-how to bringing their own dreams and inspirations into the world. Which is exactly what Kiva does by providing a platform for such micro-entrepreneurs to come and share their dream and ask others to support them.

This is not crowd-funding. With crowd-funding you are getting something in exchange for your support. With Kiva you’re not getting anything in return other than repayments of the loan you made.

You’re also not donating money. You’re investing in someone’s dream in themselves and provide them with micro loans as little as $25. When their business returns enough profit they repay the $25 to you and you can reinvest and support another micro-entrepreneur with the same $25.

And so the wheel of support and empowerment continues.

Which Is The Better Investment?

If I give $25 to cancer research, the funds are gone and only contribute to the very deep pockets of pharmaceutical giants, while at the same time entraining the unsuspecting audience that if all else fails there is always a pill to pop. Nothing speaks of disempowerment and lack of self-responsibility as this very system.

If I loan $25 to a person who truly wants to change their life for the better, my belief in them empowers them and gives them exactly what they need to succeed. Not only from a financial point of view, but especially from an energetic point of view. $25 may not be a big deal to you and I but it can make all the difference in a person’s life when they live in a third-world country.

The wonderful thing about the Kiva system is that the $25 you loan is not wasted or given away, it’s not lost. It’ll come back to you as the person repays their loan to you. When you have your $25 back, you recycle it and support another needy micro-entrepreneur with it.

It’s a wonderful cycle that empowers not only the receiver but the team that can make it happen.

Whom Do We Support?

Our team is supporting micro-entrepreneurs from all over the world and for many different causes. The wonderful thing about Kiva is that you can sort your available loan opportunities by many different categories, including gender, age group, category, countries, and so on.

The screenshots on this page are copies from our actual impact page, which you can view directly on Kiva here.

Personally I like to support single moms, youth and the elderly – and those in the food category. Hunger should not be a struggle in this world and I support the elderly and single moms wanting to assure their families and communities have plenty to eat.

There are also some categories I do not support. I don’t support the killing of life, period. This includes anything related to meat, cattle raising or slaughtering, fishing, etc.. It’s just a personal choice that works for me.

I also don’t support personal debt, even if it’s for medical reasons. While I’ve had my own fair share of medical debts in the past, I understand the pressure of debt in general. Because my aim is to support the hard work for a micro-entrepreneur that wants to better the life of their families and community, loaning someone $25 for personal debt, even if related to health issues, is not in alignment with my goal. If someone wants to readjust their business activity because of a medical issue and they’re asking for a business loan to get them started in their new business, that’s a whole other issue. But their debt can’t be paid from a business loan. It must be repayed from the proceeds of their own business efforts.

You see the difference?

Join The Core Free Kiva Team

To join the Core Freedom Kiva Team is as easy as creating a login. There are no membership costs and you choose whom you want to support with the funds you upload into your account. When a receiver pays you back you can even withdraw those funds back to into your checking account. Or you can choose to recycle those returned funds to the next micro-entrepreneur that is patiently and eagerly awaiting your support.

I look forward to welcoming you to our official Core Freedom Kiva Team! Please send a message after you join us so I can personally welcome you.

I wish you a wonderful year ahead and may all your good dreams and wishes come to you at the perfect time and in the most fun ways.