Just How Many ‘Clairs‘ (Intuitive Channels) Are There?

Technically speaking there are probably as many intuitive channels as there are energy strands. Which would make counting those channels virtually impossible. I’ll get back to energy strands in a little bit.

Okay, I know that’s not what you wanted to hear.

You may want to know how many different “faucets” each person has available to tap into, or how many “channels” there are through which unseen energy travels back and forth.

Most people have heard of clair-audience, clair-sentience, clair-cognizance, clair-voyance, etc.. For those that haven’t, “clair” is the French word for “clear.” Hence, clair-audience, means “clear-hearing.” Or “clair-voyance” then means “clear-seeing.”

Why we don’t just use the English word, since we’re already speaking English here, is beyond me. Maybe someone a while back thought that all this intuitive talk sounds more exciting using a French word.

Whatever the case may be…

I decided to help those of you who want to know about your intuitive channels, which are strongest, which you can develop easiest, how to open them, what blocks them, etc.

Here is a short 2 minute video about it.

12 ‘Clairs‘ Course

The 12 Clairs

One day I was trying to explain to a coaching client that when I want this type of information I tune into this type of ‘clair‘ and when I need that type of information I tune into that kind of ‘clair.’

Tuning into whatever ‘clair‘ I need is so automatic and natural to me, that I forget that it’s not at all like this for others sometimes. So I sat down and tried to name of few of these ‘clairs,’ beyond the more commonly known ones, such as clair-audience, etc..

I easily came up with 20 ‘clairs’ and decided to stop. Then I started to wonder why everyone was so attached to the most known ones:

  • Clair-audience
  • Clair-voyance
  • Clair-sentience
  • Clair-cognizance

Clearly it’s because these are the strongest in most people because their physical counter part, vision, hearing, touch, etc., easier relates to the body, the eyes, the ears, and so on.

The others, however, are equally as important and the more intuitive a person is or becomes, the more these lesser known (or unknown) ‘clairs’ become. Eventually the person is so wide open, when many of these ‘clairs’ are fully turned on, that it can become a challenge to function in every-day life.

Perhaps you can relate?

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Do You Want To Increase Your Intuitive Channels?

You may be interested in developing the most common and the less known intuitive channels.

One of my strongest ‘clairs’ is Psychometry. It’s touching something or someone and getting intuitive insights about the object, person, etc.. And the wonderful thing with Psychometry is that it permeates time and space wonderfully. Touching a piece of a meteorite and seeing what the earth looked like way back then is incredible. And so is touching a mother’s hand and by means of proxy seeing her child’s health troubles.

If increasing your clair-audience, clair-sentience, clair-cognizance, clair-voyance or any of the other ‘clairs,’ then visit this page to see what’s available for your specific ‘clair.’

Intuitive Energy Strands

When I ‘read‘ energy or when I get intuitive ‘hits,’ they are often ‘transported‘ by waves of energy. Call it sound waves, energy waves, pulsations, holograms or whatever label you want to put on it. Learning how to read these energies or ‘waves‘ is quite easy once you get the hang of it.

Some people may see actual pictures or hear words, which are more dense forms of the same. In other words, once a picture or sound has been formed into an actual ‘thing‘ that can be labeled, it is a much denser version than when it first appeared in wave format.

Even before the ‘wave’ exists, real intuitive messages don’t travel at all, they’re not created and they don’t float through the Universe per se. The whole of the whole is already a part of us. In other words, “knowing” or “seeing” or “hearing” is not even necessary because it’s already a part of us.

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