Membership Site – Wishlist

Membership sites are essential to anyone wanting to work from home. If you've been on my newsletter for a while, then you know that I travel a lot. And I mean, a LOT! One of my most important filters is ‘freedom.' Can I pack up and leave tomorrow and enjoy the summer in Tuscany if I so choose? Yes, I can! But only because I have set myself and my business up so that I am free to go whenever I please. I have no physical products to ship (except the 6-Figure Teleseminar Blueprint Intensive comes as a shippable product, which is sent by a fulfillment center, and my books, which are sent by Amazon). All my teleseminars are recorded and then turned into a digital product, downloadable right here from this website.

Membership Site – How to Protect your Material

But just how do I protect the content from being taken and accessed by just anyone? Anyone who has the link can pass on that url and you lose out on sales and worse, anyone can take your material and repackage it. A membership site, however, such as Wishlist, will protect your pages from unauthorized access. Do a test, click on my 6-Figure Teleseminar course materials right now, right here. You will get to a page that says “We love your Enthusiasm.” It then asks you to first buy the product, which will grant you immediate access to the course materials.

Membership Site – Set It and Forget It

And yes, Wishlist membership site is completely programmable so that everything happens automatically. I record the teleseminar, upload it to my site, create a post with the course material, which I then protect behind Wishlist membership site, and then create a sales page for the public. As soon as payment is received, Wishlist membership site ‘opens' and unlocks the material for the buyer. Automatically.

Membership Site – The Ultimate Freedom Tool

This means no customer service, no returns, no defective products, no hassle. And it doesn't matter where I am, where my server is, where my client is – my products are accessible from anywhere on the planet. In fact, did you know that only 35% of my clients are from the U.S.? Europe carries my other big chunk of the market and the rest comes from countries all around the globe.

Yes, with Wishlist membership site I can also protect posts, pages, digital audios, videos, even pictures. This means that I can have a ‘basic' level and a ‘premium' level and charge people for premium content. I can create courses and add as many levels I want to. Your imagination is your limit with this tool! The tool is not cheap but it is my bread and butter and I've been using it on several sites and for many years. I have tried other membership sites, free ones, and my advice is – you get what you pay for. Unfortunately with free membership site software you always have the hackers that are busy trying to write code to break into the firewall of your membership site. With Wishlist membership site I don't have these challenges. I get free support and free updates too.

Membership Site – Take it for a Test Drive

Wishlist membership site has a 3-part course that will teach you exactly how to build a business using membership site software, theirs of course. You can take the course here.